Thursday, May 14, 2009

free chocolate! (oh, and i do still run)

i know i just posted yesterday about avoiding sugar... but you have to indulge in a treat once in awhile. every friday through 9/29/9, mars is giving out 250,000 coupons for a free candy bar (though personally i recommend m&m's). just head over to after 9:00am (est) tomorrow to claim one!

(unlike those kfc ones a week ago, these will be mailed to you. limit four per household throughout entire promotional period. that's why i was so kind enough to share - i know you can't steal all the m&m's from me.)

alright enough about m&m's. i've actually cut back if you can believe it. my life has been pretty boring 'cause all i do is run, work, eat, sleep, but it's been crazy busy. well, not busy like most of you who accomplish 19,428 things per day, but full-busy i guess. i'm working a lot, running a decent amount of miles, and only averaging 5 hours of sleep. i am definitely feeling the effects on my body (especially the bad knots i get in my shoulders). my two goals for this weekend are to sleep in and sleep a lot. now that's a mission i can accomplish.

one of the guys i work with runs and asked me on tuesday if i knew of any training plans online. i directed him to the runner's world smartcoach and he was excited to start his plan. he jumped right in with the wednesday speed workout, but when he got to work that morning he said he was going to kill me. :) i did warn him he shouldn't start with the hardest day of the week, but he didn't listen.

running is going well, but unfortunately all on the hotel tm so far. what's even worse is the "gym" is practically a sauna. the a/c does not work and there are no controls to adjust it. blech. i've learned of some places to run nearby from the guy at work, but have been too lazy to drive and find them after work 'cause i am exhausted by the time i get back to town and just want to lay on the bed.

monday (5/11) am run: 5.25 miles, 46:27 (avg pace 8:51)
tuesday (5/12) am run: 5.10 miles, 44:59 (avg pace 8:49)
wednesday (5/13) am run: 3.50 miles, 29:56 (avg pace 8:33)
(felt tired and legs were heavy, and quite frankly i was not in the mood to run)
thursday (5/14) am run: 5 miles, 43:58 (avg pace 8:48)

nothing impressive there, just chugging away towards my 35-ish mile goal for the week. i haven't ran in the wee hours of the morning in so long, so i'm just proud of myself for stumbling out of bed at 4-something and plopping on the treadmill.

time to lay on the floor with a golf ball under my shoulder. hurts so good.


  1. You are your M&Ms, girl! You are silly ;)

    I hope you get TONS of sleep this need/deserve it! 5 hours is not enough...I would be a hot cranky mess.

    At least tomorrow's Friday! One more day and you're freeee to relax.

  2. Hmpf... I thought you were my friend. How could you tell me of free chocolate every Friday?

    Oh, and four per household? I am not above making up children.

    Not even a tiny bit above that.

    When I weigh in at 200 pounds at IM guess who I blaming?

    Just guess!

    Woo Hoo! on 35 miles this week. AND ALL on a sauna-like treadmill? I bow to thee!

  3. It may be hard to believe, but I'm a little jealous of your hotel lifestyle. Certainly I'd try to head out more and spend less time on the treadmill, but having nothing to do but eat, sleep, work and run sounds pretty good. Of course, I'm a sap and I'd totally miss the family after about a week.

  4. get LOTS of sleep this weekend!! good job on the runs too... i know its not easy getting on a TM after a long day of work.

  5. Oh and one more thing: The duct tape will sometimes tear the blister when it comes off, but it's not painful at all. It burns a little during the first shower, though.

    In fairness, I gave Alice the choice of my method vs your method. She readily chose the duct tape over stabbing her blister multiple times with a hotel sewing kit.

    Actually her response was, "Hotels have sewing kits? Are they free?"

  6. Woooo! Free chocolate! Hell yes! And hey, way to go on getting those runs in--I am super impressed because I tend to get suicidal if I step on the treadmill more than once or twice a week.

    Get some rest this weekend, chica!

  7. Free chocolate... just when I've decided to cool down on the choc!

    Still, surely when it's free it doesn't count?

    good work on your mileage this week. Make sure you find some time to relax a bit though :)

  8. Yay for sleep. I think I should make that a goal for myself as well. Hey, it's totally gotta be part of taper right?

  9. Your dedication is impressive. You deserve lots of sleep and all the M&Ms (free or not) you want:) Ana-Maria

  10. Get some sleep! You body will thank you. Sounds like work has been keeping you busy. Enjoy the weekend.

  11. great job on the why are they all on the treadmill? i don't know if i could do that..

    thanks for the tip on the chocolate...i love chocolate...

  12. boooo, the free chocolate is only for US residents. lol. great job on the runs, and hope you can accomplish your mission of lots of sleep this weekend :)

  13. You've been getting up at 4am to hi the treadmill?! Kudos!!!

    Enjoy your sleep, sleep and more sleep this weekend.

    Thanks for the chocolate link!

  14. I prefer the foam roller to get those knots out, but golf balls work it out as well. Ouch!

  15. woohoo thanks for the chocolate link!!! hope you have a great weekend and get lots of sleep ... i am TERRIBLE at sleeping in myself.

  16. I know - it is so tough to run while travelling and in a hotel. I really hate it. I'll take a week off rather than run in a hotel gym.

    You rowed? My daughter was a rower at UC Davis. My youngest son alo rowed for a couple of years. He got to spend part of last spring in Spain rowing with their National Team. Plus we've been all over the East Coast rowing - US Club Nationals, Royal Canadian Henley, etc.

  17. totally rocks on the free chocolate!

    and nice job on getting the runs done on the dreamill. Keep up the consistent work.

    and hey, dont work so much, it cuts into training.. haha.


  18. You enabler you! I just signed up for my free chocolate...just hate that you have to wait 6 weeks for it to come in the snail mail!

  19. Thanks for the chocolate link!

    Way to go on the runs. All treadmill is tough enough without the gym being like a sauna. Ugh!

  20. It's great Badwater training! I'm not even going to bother clicking on that link...bad influence Lindsay. Baaaad.

  21. I think you're sluggish because you're not getting enough of your rocket fuel M&Ms...

    Work, eat, sleep, run is my kind of schedule...except for me it's usually, work a lot, eat, maybe sleep, and occasionally run.

  22. You better believe I clicked on that link and filled out the form before I even finished reading your post!

    Yes, I sooo need to relax. I am very good about "listening to my body," but I listen much too closely. It's something I'm trying to work on.

  23. Free anything is always good! I wouldn't like running on a treadmill everyday either, hopefully you'll find something better.

    At least you're still being consistent about running everyday. Keep it up!

  24. Sigh...I wish I loved in the US still sometimes! No free chocolate for us in Canada. I guess they must figure we don't need it here. :(

    Wow...I can't believe he jumped in at speedwork! I hope you have a good weekend. Good luck catching up on sleep. Something I definitely need to do! (No wonder my body rebelled last night and I crashed out at 8 pm.)

  25. I got free M&M's yesterday! Actually it was buy one, get one free. No...I wasn't getting 2 for myself, I was sharing. But how cool, there was in in store coupon. Gotta love that!

  26. Free chocolate...groan! Why do they make it so easy???

    Glad things are becoming more regular; and you are not only running well, but also listening to your body and getting rest.