Tuesday, May 5, 2009

happy trails

monday i found out i will be "moving" again. nothing like a little advanced notice, i was wanted at a different jobsite on wednesday. thankfully, a few things came up today (tuesday) and i don't actually have to be there until next week. i already had plans for a long-weekend away from kentucky and i was not going to cancel them to move from one hotel to another. (supposedly the next town i'll go to has an olive garden! i'm moving up in the world.)

a little frustrated about work and "moving", i was craving a run all day. mentally i wanted to run for hours, but physically i was tired. i opted to revisit the bone trail to get some pics since i may never be back.

it was a hard run with the steep climbs and muddy slopes (i only slipped once!) but slow pace wise. it was just nice to work out some frustration.

supposedly this trail is also for mountain biking?
just doesn't seem like a bright idea to me...

this is where i first saw deer last time, and found the bone
(did not see either this time)

a long climb

you can kind of see the old ski lift thingys along the right side
the trail gets hard to follow through the open areas

not much room for error

more wide-open spaces / former ski slopes

view from the top, but only halfway through the trail


  1. Wow. It's so green back there. Here in Southern California, even in the Spring there are shades of yellow and brown.

    Thanks for sharing the pictures!

  2. The trail looks beautiful!

    Safe travels :)

  3. sorry about having to move again. glad you got some of your frustrations out on such a pretty run. I definitely would have slipped more than once.

  4. Gorgeous trail! Nothing like that in London...

  5. Definitely looks like a challenging run and a great place to release some frustration.

  6. It must be so peaceful and quiet out there! Glad you were able to clear you head a little.

    Good luck with the move. :\

  7. Thanks for sharing the pics. Fun times on the trail. Neat place to run!

  8. ya, if i was on a mountain bike in that first pic, i'm sure i'd meet the tree... head on. Great pics, looks like a great place to clear your head with a run!

  9. Wow, GORGEOUS photos, Linds! Oooh, this makes me want to go trail running SO badly! Stupid NYC with its stupid concrete and buildings and bazillions of people . . .

    Ha, and P.S., I am dying over here about that olive garden comment--hilarious! :)

  10. Moving again, eh? At least it will be to a bigger town though! When I lived in Laredo, TX it was such a big event when a new chain restaurant would open up (first IHOP, then Red Lobster...then Olive Garden!!). You couldn't eat there for the first 6 months because the wait would be ridiculous. And I can totally relate on having to relocate at a moments notice (like being told on Thursday that you are starting a new job in San Antonio on Monday).

    Anyhow...that is one amazing run out there! Glad you made it back one last time, and were able to share some pictures with us!!

  11. Olive Garden? Sister, you are going to be living LARGE! ;-)

    Great pics.

  12. Now see that's cool. We just need to get 5 or 6 runners together, find a sponsor to rent us a house in the mountains and just run trails and mountain roads. Any luck with M&M's? hahaha.

    Good luck with the next move. I hope you don't have to climb any more scary towers ;).

  13. Beautiful area! It's so different from the trails around here: brown, rocky, hard and full of cacti! Such a pretty area to visit and release some of your frustrations!

  14. Nice pics. Goodluck with the move :)

  15. That's a lovely place to run! I want to live there!

  16. What a beautiful trail - love all the green!!!

    Good job!

  17. Now that is soooo Nice!! jealous..

    Now that I have started my venture into trails, I am so loving it!

    keep it up!!


  18. Soup, Salad and Breadsticks! No WAY!!!! You must be moving to the big city. Seriously, that looked like a perfect place for a peaceful, mind clearing run. Sorry about the unexpected move...

  19. Wow those are great pictures!

  20. Such a lovely trail! Sorry you have to move again. Glad you got a final run though. Hope things get less hectic for you.

  21. Lindsay, that looks like an absolutely gorgeous run. (except the trails, I tend to trip on them a lot.) I'm so sorry you had such a crappy run earlier in the week. There have been times where I've been out there on a run too and my mind takes off, to the point where I've literally had to stop (running, and also to keep myself from crying) and say "ok, what the hell is wrong here? get it together." I find taking a few deep breaths sometimes helps and I also try to clear my mind. Not always successful, but just know you are not alone. Sometimes it actually does stress me out more - not usually but occasionally it happens. I was finding that to be the case more and more with long runs, that is why I have tended to not do them the last few months.

    Sorry for the book!