Friday, May 29, 2009

heffer, coming through

thursday was a hot one! well, it was "only" 81* but it was the hottest run i've had so far. here in ky they don't believe in planting trees i guess, as i ran along open fields and more open fields. the run was even slower than normal and i felt i could have gone faster, but i intentionally held back. my hr has been creeping up too high (in my opinion) on my easy runs lately and i know you are supposed to account for a 30-60 second decrease in pace on a hot or humid run. i figured it would be more beneficial to keep my hr in the easy zone than run at my easy pace, plus i'm counting on one day (soon?) not being affected by the heat as much. in my last mile i startled some cows grazing near the fence. the calves flinched and started to "run" away, causing the mama cows to moo at me (maybe the boy cows too, i don't quite know how you determine what gender a cow is). guess i need to lose some weight if i'm big enough to scare the cows.

thursday (5/28) pm run: 5.5 miles; 49:17 (avg pace 8:57), avg hr (162)

i really need to photograph some of my runs lately - the countryside has been quite scenic.
this road pictured actually has shade, so it's not located near me,
but it looks similar to the locations i've been touring recently.

after subtly (or not-so) dropping hints about m&m's at work, one of the guys i work with kept stopping by to surprise me with m&m's all afternoon today. so much for losing weight. i actually demonstrated self control and only ate one pack. hey, i had to fuel for my long run. yeah, that sounds good. there's nothing more exciting than a long run, on a friday afternoon/evening, when it's about 75* out. oh and let's not forget the complete lack of trees in kentucky. the humidity was down around 50% though so the weather didn't seem overbearing at all. my goal again was to throw my easy pace into the wind (or lack thereof) and just keep my hr under control. i scared some more cows near the end of this run too, sigh.

friday (5/29) pm run: 12.5 miles, 1:53:36 (avg pace 9:06), avg hr (166)


  1. I agree that 81 is a hot one. I'm dreading the day that it gets anywhere near that hot in SD. I really need to start looking at my HR and try to keep it down on the easier runs.

    Great job on the 12 mile run too!

  2. I am so NOT looking forward to hot and humid!
    Love the cows!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. That's smart of you to go by the HR, and not worry about a slower than usual pace. I get so annoyed when I have a slow day and usually end up pushing through and becoming miserable! Need to work on that. Ana-Maria

  4. I'm impressed ARE OK with a slower pace whenever necessary! I guess there's hope for you after all! If my math is correct, you still have to run 9 miles to reach your weekly mileage goal :-). Great job, "heffer!" Yup, I love busting on you...

  5. aren't boy cows bulls? I don't know, I am from the city... :)

  6. great job listening to your heart rate, and lol at the pre-run fuel. :)

  7. I feel your pain with the hot run. How about your work colleague though? He sounds like a champ!

  8. Ugh, I would not be able to handle it where you are. I love the heat and sun... if I'm lounging by the pool!

    Funny story about the cows, but unless you've gained about 100 lbs since you last posted a picture, you're no heffer. ;)

  9. Some of my best runs have been preceded by chocolate, so I fully endorse your pre-long run fuel choice! Maybe the cows are just trying to cheer you on?

  10. Thanks now I want some M&M's ;) The heat is killing us too. This weekend has been great but short lived 86 on Monday :) Bring on summer...I guess.

  11. Nice job listening to your body and slowing down. Someone needs to come down here and show me how to do that :)

  12. Wow, thank goodness I live in the city and don't have to worry about cows mocking me as I run! And I though teenage hoodlums were bad . . .

    Great job getting out there lately despite the not-so-friendly temps and humidity!!

  13. I'm in TN so I can relate to the heat and humidity! I always feel sluggish when the weather starts to change like that. The area where you run looks scenic. Great job on beating the heat!

  14. I think you should spank the cows and then see if you can outrun them. I'm thinking your probably can.

  15. I scared a bunch of cows on my ride yesterday. One was just a little guy stuck on the wrong side of a fence. I'm sure it isn't size and just something moving that freaks them out.

    Ugh, I would consider 81 scorching. It was 73 here today and I thought it was way hot...!!

  16. Please don't lose too much weight. You've been kicking @$$ with your speediness already!

    And Marlene's 100% right!!

  17. Wow, that does look really pretty. Can I come run with you? Then you'll know what it's like to run like a real slowpoke!

    And thanks for reminding me of the rate by which your speed should decrease in the heat and humidity. I had forgotten that.

    And you are NOT a heffer!

    So, "dude, I want some M&Ms" works, huh? (Just kidding.)

  18. I will take that pack of M&M's and raise you two!!

    Ok, so much for the poker analogy!!

    I had no idea you live in Kentucky! Cool....

    And your speedy even in the heat and humidity!!

    Great runs!!

  19. you do need to bring a camera!!!

    yuck i hate 80, finally this week its in the 70s again but of course its the week im not really running.

  20. Cows have a brain the size of a walnut. Weeds growing scares cows, so I wouldn't be too hard on yourself. :o)

    Looks like a beautiful place. See? If you would run slower you would have time to take pictures.

    But humidity? We desert people don't get humidity. That is just wrong to run in. If it gets about 70% here we start bitching!

    I am WAAAAY behind so you are about to be seriously SPAMMED with comments. ;o)