Sunday, May 10, 2009

product review: headsweats visor

i am a hat-runner. in the winter i am a beanie-cap (/whatever they're called) runner, but as long as it is 40* or warmer, i run in a hat.

in 2005, i got this white nike hat from my dad. it served it's purpose as a head-coverer and sun-blocker for many years, although after a few too many trips around the washing machine (3 years worth) the bill has a distinct crack down the middle of it. alas, it was time to retire the hat that saw me through my return to running, first 10k, and my first (2nd, 3rd, and 4th) marathons.

in 2008, i received a white/pink adidas hat from j. he knew the old one was falling apart, and that i wanted some pink/femininity on my new hat since i have been called "sir" one too many times at races. not exactly a boost to the self-esteem. unfortunately, adidas moronically put some sort of metal thing at the top of the hat. all that brown junk on top of the hat? rust. guess my sweat is too acidic. needless to say, it was forced into an early retirement, but it did see me through quite a few training runs.

while i still ran in the rust-bucket, i bought myself a black under armor hat for racing. (my racing flats are red and black.) it is strictly reserved for the special occasion of racing.

for christmas of 2008 i received this pink nike hat. i needed a replacement for the rust-bucket, and i wanted a hat that had some reflectiveness on it for my dawn/dusk runs.

in the early spring of this year, my mom was out shopping one day and decided to buy my sisters and i some things. this light green hat was one of my pasalubongs (tagalog for "surprise", according to my mom anyway. she doesn't always remember her native tongue 100%). i've been using it lately on my treadmill runs.

after 3 years of running in the same hat, i went from little miss low-maintenance to miss i have 5 running hats in one short year. (hey, it's not entirely my fault.) i'm just justifying what business i have in reviewing an active-wear hat.

i give you, the headsweats velocity visor:

i guess headsweats knew my collection was lacking a convertible.

headsweats sells a variety of headgear for running, biking, outdoor adventures, and an overall active lifestyle. like sugoi, they also give the option for customizing any of their hats with your own logo. whenever i come up with my super cool design, i'll be all decked out in my customized gear from head to toe.

the velocity visor is very light-weight (1.5 oz), machine washable, and wicks sweat away with 100% coolmax polyester fabric (from their website). the lining of the hat is completely different from all my other hats. it looks almost like a towel, although it is certainly not uncomfortable as i imagine running with a towel around your head might be. it wicked away my sweat and helped keep my head drier longer. this visor has probably my favorite "size adjuster" on the back. it's velcro like most other hats, but the strip is long enough so that if you happen to have a fat head like me, you aren't struggling to latch the velcro onto itself.

while there are no reflective decals on the hat, it is a great accessory for running mid-day and shielding your face from damaging sun rays or keeping your face a little drier during a downpour. the visor is very reasonably priced at $19.00, and most "regular" hats are about $22.00.

each of the headsweats pieces is linked to one of their sponsored athletes or teams, and the velocity visor just so happened to be linked to scott rigsby. rigsby is a double-amputee who competes in marathons, half-ironmans, and international distance triathlons. it is always awesome to see a successful company giving back to the running/athletic community, and scott's story is truly touching (and his talent amazing!). kudos to headsweats for supporting athletes of all ages, types and abilities.

*special thanks to my hat model, the hotel ice bucket.


  1. ha ha... i was wondering if that was a roll of TP or the ice bucket! Good to know about the visor. I had seem some but they had a big adjuster at the back which didn't look comfortable AT ALL.

  2. I wear a visor about 85% of the time I run. Thanks for the review. You certainly love your hats.

  3. Love the review. I'm a hat runner also, but can't do the visors because the part in my hair gets burnt!

    Now I'm a little nervous because I have one of those "rust bucket" Adidas hats and NEEEED to seriously wash it. I think I'll just hand-wash it now.

  4. Love the hat model! Ha!

    I'm going to start wearing a hat this summer. I need to shield my face from more rays.

  5. I have an Adidas hat that I have used sparingly, but I recently got a headsweats cap with my triathlon team logo on it. It rocks!! It fits really well (and I used to have to buy kids hats before I found ladies specific ones), and it is great for wicking sweat and feeling lightweight.

    Can't believe the rust stains on your Adidas hat!!

  6. I love all your caps! I have been recently (~1 month) converted to a hat-runner after a I found a light-weight white Mizuno gem in Boston. I'm in love with it.

    Enjoy your new visor - sounds pretty sweet!

  7. So the question is - does it work? I use a hat every now and then, but the main reason I don't use one is becuase the one I have really doesn't do a good job wicking sweat.

    If your visor works (wicks sweat), are they using the same technology in their hats? I'm not a big visor fan, but I do like a hat now and then when it gets bright and hot outside.

    Also - maintenance plans you were talking about. I'll take you up on your offer! gjhome00 at gmail dot com. It's always good to look at othrs and figure out if there are ways of doing things better. Thanks!

  8. i like how all the hats have their own story.
    my head usually gets too hot for a hat, but a visor might be good for that.thanks for the review!

  9. Oooh, I am a total hat girl too, but had been thinking a lot recently that I wanted to try out a visor, so I seriously appreciate your review! I might just have to try one out!

    And by the way, I LOVE your hat model--hilarious and yet perfect!

  10. i got one of these too!! i need to do my review :)

  11. Thanks for the review! I have one of these lying around somewhere that I got for free when I did team in training. I should try to dig it up and use it! Personally, I value hats/visors for their built-in forehead sweat absorption :)

  12. Wow, nice collection. I like the pink Nike hat.

  13. Did anybody get a full hat? I've been debating between headsweats and sweatvac for a customized hat, but I want a full hat instead of a visor...bald guy in Florida needs full coverage.

  14. I actually hate hats! I never wear them ever!

  15. I alternate between the hat & visor to keep the sweat & sun off my eyes.

    And yes to "pasalubong" = gift ;)

  16. I have many hats as well. Mine are mostly all from races, though. I prefer a visor for most of the year, since I'm in Texas (it's too hot for hats), but I'll wear hats in the winter. I actually prefer the Sweatvac visor to the Headsweats visor. My Headsweats visor was not adjustable, though. I had to take the elastic in because I have a small head, and eventually the elastic got stretched out. The Sweatvac visor has reflective material on the brim, and it's adjustable. I haven't had a problem with the elastic stretching out either. I love the Headwsweats hats, though, I wish they were more adjustable for those with smaller heads. I've not tried a Sweatvac hat. I may have to just to compare. I have a very small head (I usually wear kid's hats), and the HS hats fit if I adjust them the smallest they will go. Both wick sweat well, which is the main reason I wear them.