Monday, June 1, 2009

bring it on

week in review (5/25 - 5/31):
total miles: 37.28 (all easy)
time spent running: ~5 hours 33 minutes
avg hr: 165.75
avg pace: 8:56/mile (avg temp: 74* and humid)
off days: 2 (lazy bum)

those two days off sure didn't help - had i not taken monday off due to pure laziness (i had the whole day off from work and i still couldn't make myself go run) or sunday due to more laziness (i did have to drive back from georgia though) i probably would've hit my mileage. i felt pretty guilty sunday but it was 9:40 pm and i did not want to be up all night from a late run. i knew i'd be hearing it from everyone but i just couldn't put on my shoes and go. i had a little breakdown sunday afternoon/evening, and i am rarely in the mood to run when i am all upset and depressed. my eating habits were straight out of the garbage can sunday, which of course did not help the situation at all. (ci ci's pizza anyone? barf. still not sure why i ate there.) i did eat well monday thru saturday though.

i'm just glad i decided to squeeze my 'long' run in friday evening 'cause i definitely didn't have the time or energy to squeeze it in over the weekend. perhaps the glasses of wine i had at my college roomie's wedding can count for the 4.75 miles i fell short.

here's hoping the remaining 22 weeks of nyc-training aren't all slightly-slacker weeks. feel free to hound me, i deserve it.

you can hate on my dress too - i tried it on because i thought it was ridiculous looking, then thought i kinda liked how it looked so i bought it. that stupid belt made my lower back hurt (not sure how as it was higher up my back) and i look like i'm wearing football pads in all the pics. i think that's mostly due to the fact that the top was a little too big but whatever.


  1. I can't "hound" you, as much as I want to. It's no fun when I have permission! OK, so you still ran a lot of miles, went to a wedding and had fun, didn't always eat healthy, and wore a dress that you liked then didn't like. Sounds like a great week to me! Smile, regroup, and have a great week Lindsay.

  2. lol at Marathonman's comment. You still have a lot of weeks to go till NY.. don't worry about one weekend... you know you're a strong runner, and you'll get the training in... hang in there.

  3. Lindsay, you did enough miles. Don't hate on yourself for that. As a reference, that's about 10 miles more than I was able to log last week so yeah, it's all good!

    P.S. Although I appreciate your comments on my don't need to say "great race" if you're tired of it. Truthfully, it wasn't even that great of a race for me as it was the second slowest out of the four I ran this year, and like you said, there was quite a pedestrian mile I had in Mile 10. Sticks out like a sore thumb!

  4. You sooooooo don't need to beat yourself up.

    You did so well. You did your mileage. We all have CRAPPY weeks. I think you can be proud of yours.

    Take care of yourself - I hope you're feeling better :)

  5. I don't think you're a slacker, although I think Brian might give you some grief :-P

    Nothing wrong with two off days. Don't beat yourself up about it... You should be getting one off day anyways, and one more when you reeeeally didn't feel like running isn't going to hurt in the long run. It might even help. No worries! It's a new week.

  6. Lindsay, of 37 miles is a lot of miles. You did your best, and it sounds you had some rough times. So be proud of yourself and go get 'em this week! Ana-Maria
    P.S. The dress is cute, and look at the tiny waiste.

  7. 37 frickin' miles?? Holy crap. I bow to you.
    Now that dress.......yeah, you kind of took the fun out of it by giving the A-ok to have my way! Hope the wedding was a good time!
    My biking mileage is going to be completely INSANE this week, I can't wait to post end of week totals....I shouldn't jinx myself, now I'll probably break my bum somehow!

  8. YOu got in plenty of miles. You have 22 weeks to work your way up. Sounds like you had a busy weekend.

  9. I'll be nice, because you still had a great week. I know all about those days when you just plain don't feel like it.

  10. I think the dress is adorable.
    Take it easy on yourself, we all go through times like these.

  11. I was just going to mention how cute that dress is. :o)

    Hit reset on the running and food business, and do better this week. You'll get there.

  12. Ah girl! You've just described my past two weeks.

    We'll get through this rough patch. Just a little blip in our awesomeness ;)

  13. Oy I have been in a funk with eating and training this week too! Sucks! I'm trying to bust out of it ASAP!

  14. Hey, I think you look great in that dress -- it's cute!

    That looks like some nice mileage to me, but I'm only getting in a little over 20 per week so I'm probably also jealous :-)

  15. I like the dress on you. I think it's cute.

    I also think 37 miles is a LOT, so take it easy on yourself! And by the way, occasional laziness is a desirable shows that you can still relax, which is important.

  16. 37 is a great number, Lindsay! And hey, look at it this way . . . it's still really early and you may actually do more bad than good by forcing yourself to do a run you're really just not feeling.

    As for the nutrition (and the runs too, actually), it's a new week! Use your disappointment in last week to fuel your training and diet this week ;)

    Oh, and for the record, I think you look SERIOUSLY adorable in that picture! The dress looks great!

  17. lazy bum??that would make me 'nearly dead'! haha. i think the dress is cute! love the red belt.

  18. Lighten up on yourself! It's only one week and you still got some decent mileage in.

    You act as if you are running for us when you should be running for yourself. Make it FOR YOU!

  19. You are the ONLY person that can run 37+ fast stinkin' miles and call yourself a lazy bum for taking 2 rest days.

    Seriously, you may want to talk to someone about that. ;o)

    I think you look adorable in the dress to bad it wasn't comfortable.