Thursday, June 4, 2009

i'm a sinner

forgive me father treadmill, for i have sinned. it has been 14 days since my last treadmill run.

fourteen days! yikes! how did i go so long without a 'mill run? or really, how did i run so many days and miles on the treadmill when i first came to ky?

it was a glorious 57* today but alas, raining. luckily today's run was scheduled to be the shortest of the week, and i survived. i nudged the speed up past my easy pace 'cause i wanted to be off the old 'mill sooner rather than later.

wednesday (6/4) pm run: 4.25 miles, 34:47 (avg pace 8:11)

about a week ago, i was tagged by matt at run, live & enjoy. matt is super fast, runs at least 10 miles a day, and is a better chef than i. he's still in college though so he just doesn't know what this mean ol' real world is like ;)

anyway, i'm supposed to "show off" my blogspot and share some intimate details. you all know what my life has been like for the past two months so i know you are on the edge of your seat to know where i blog from.

yeah you're jealous, i know.
mostly i get my computer-on here at the desk/table thing.
yes that's a jim beam brochure. ky is the land of bourbon afterall.

but sometimes i lay in bed. i love being in bed.

what are you wearing right now? old school hollister shorts (yeah i know, i'm too old), and long sleeve tee from chicago marathon '07

what’s the last thing you read/are currently reading? slowly making my way through 4:00 mile that i got from kristin of unathletic runner

do you nap a lot? not really, but occasionally my lack of sleep catches up to me and napping is all i do

who was the last person you hugged? the boyfriend

what’s your current obsession/addiction? long, hot (free) showers

what was the last thing you bought? dinner - grilled chicken salad, being healthy

what are you listening to right now? dave ramsey

if you could have a superpower what would it be? eat whatever i want without gaining weight

what time do you usually wake up? oh god. 4:30, 5:00. blech. hopefully not for much longer...

name one thing you can’t live without? family

what time is bed time? i try to enforce a 10:00 curfew on myself but i haven't been doing too well this week - it's been more like 11-12:00

if there was one place you could be right now where would it be? honduras

i'm sure everyone's blogspot is cooler than mine, so play along if you want!


  1. Yeah bourbon! (Have you tried it yet? I haven't....reminds me of old Southern men, though)

    I'm proud you've gone 14 days without a t-mill run. I don't know how you do it, although I would def. hit up the treadmill if it was raining, too. Boo, rain.

    But nice job on the 8:11 pace ;)

  2. Good for you on avoiding the dreadmill. Why the 'mill when you have the sweet outdoors?

  3. long hot showers are the best. running outside is so much better than on the suckmill, but you're right, gotta give it some love sometimes when you need them.

  4. The treadmill is MUCH more bearable when you only run on it every couple of weeks.

    Cool set-up in the hotel!

  5. Get out there in the rain!

    Haha and thanks for making me sound more glorious than I really am!

  6. Must be lonely at times to be on the road...hope you get to see the boyfriend and family soon:) In the meantime, keep up the good running program, you rock! Ana-Maria

  7. I love that you said you couldn't live without family and I answered the question... bananas. :o)

    You're clearly a better person than me.

  8. I've only been to Woodford Reserve and I have to say I am not much for Bourbon. Sure tastes good in cooking though!

    I tend to blog from the couch, in front of the tv. It is comfy...but super distracting!

    Have a great weekend!

  9. Yeah, so I thought you would apologize for running on the 'mill too much! LOL! I haven't touched the human hamster wheel since the manybe I've sinned too?

  10. Very nice and your bed looks so comfy.

    NO! I am not asking to try out your bed! :O)

    And your such a speedy runner. I am all sorts of jealous!!

    I will take a long hot shower any day!!!

    Would you believe I never run on a treadmill. LIKE NEVER!!

  11. 57 degrees! The lows here aren't even getting that low anymore. I think it is going to be a hot summer in the South.

    I wouldn't be apologizing to the treadmill at all.

  12. Swweeet two whole weeks without using the treadmill! That's awesome!

  13. Hope your enjoying the book! Dave Ramsey is good background sound :)
    I was forced on the treadmill yesterday too, we must be getting the same weather!

  14. Well - you know my feelings about treadmills.....

  15. 14 days... that is not a high enough number :) i think my last TM run was in week 2 of training for eugene :) haha... i hate that thing!

  16. Oh how I hate the dreaded TM. You should stay away from that thing.. :-)

  17. I have told my boyfriend on multiple occasions that I might love the bed more than I love him--and I'm serious. I think my love of being in bed is a bit of a hindrance--it is just so tempting to stay in there!

    Also, can I just point out that I ALWAYS end up running faster than planned when on the 'mill because I just want to get it over with ASAP? Ugh.

  18. looks like it was a great run, treadmill and all! and i loved reading these facts. thanks for sharing!

  19. Yay for not having to run on the 'mill! You deserved a break :-)

  20. Ah... the dreadmill! I do anything to avoid that thing. I've even gone out and been pelted with sleet to keep off of it. No pain no gain! Haha.

    I come from the land of Jack Daniels. Fun stuff!

  21. Yeah Amy - old southern men like me :P. LOL.

    I've always said I wanted to "do" Kentucky bourbon country the way sane people "do" California wine country. You should go tour the Maker's Mark distillery. I hear you get to dip your own bottle in the red wax.

    Oh, and seriously you were running like 12 miles at a time on a treadmill. That's insane. I'm glad you've been able to find some worthy running routes.

  22. I wouldn't be looking forward to running on a treadmill as much as the next person. Especially trying to get anything over 2-3 miles on that thing. booring.

    I always liked staying at hotels, but I guess "living" in one is a completely different story..

  23. "if you could have a superpower what would it be? eat whatever i want without gaining weight." SO funny and honest! I agree completely (though invisibility would be kinda cool, too).

  24. Love the blogspot! it is like MTV cribs for us nerdy bloggers. Well, without the mirrored bedroom ceiling and 24K gold accented toilet. ;o)

    If I had your legs I would rock the old school Hollister shorts ALL.DAY.LONG. You go girl!