Sunday, June 14, 2009

product review: adidas formotion running zone socks

back in april i ran in a local 5k and somehow came in first place overall. i scored a free pair of brooks shoes for the win, and sweet-talked a guy at the awards table into giving me a pair of running socks as well. (apparently they were for the raffle prizes, oops). actually, it was a pack of two pairs, even better.

formotion running zone cushion running socks by adidas

as with many of the new pieces of technical gear for our legs/feet, these socks are anatomically designed for each foot to "enhance the natural movement of the foot". i always wondered about that until i actually saw some "anatomical" products. i didn't know how one would tell them apart - all my socks look the same (since they're all plain white), none of this right/left discrimination. what do you do when the dryer eats one?

my feet are so not pampered at all. let's face it, i run. they're never going to be model material. i have been running in cotton socks that come like 8-pairs to a bag from walmart/target for ever. i never got the dorky running socks in high school like everyone else on the team because i didn't want a sock tan line 3 inches up my ankle. (the patterns/pictures on them were pretty fun though, i almost gave in.)

putting on cotton socks is not very exciting. they don't give an "ooh-la-la" feeling, but i've never had trouble with them causing blisters or retaining sweat/water so much that it bothered me. i've gotten blisters, but in my opinion the shoes have been the culprit each time - too tight of a toebox, back of the shoe rubs against my heel, etc. the adidas socks felt rather nice when i first put them on, but again, my feet have never been treated to such luxury. (well, other than my sugoi race + recovery socks.)

i took the socks out for a run after work thursday. it was 75*, breezy, and a storm was rolling in. i'm not sure if it was the socks, having taken a rest day wednesday or knowing i needed to outrun the storm, but i easily churned out 9 miles at a (once again) better-than-easy pace and decent hr. the socks felt fine the entire time, and the blister-tumor on my pinky toe (yes it's still there, though smaller) has not worsened since i've been running in "performance socks". perhaps part of that problem is due to my cotton socks, but it's on the inside of my toe so i'm not buying into that 100% just yet. the socks have worked well for me so far, and if they bring me a new pr i'll like them even more.

these socks retail for about $20.00 (for two-pair). you can also purchase them online from running warehouse ($14.95 with free two-day shipping).


  1. I like the socks, they look cool!! It's all about the look!! LOL!
    Nice job on the run-had to be the socks!

  2. Dude!! You must have feet of steel! I can not believe you run all those miles in cotton socks!

    I only run in one type of socks or my feet get pretty torn up.

    p.s. you have cute feet! :o)

  3. I like! They look comfy, and yes of course it was them :) I can't believe you can cope with running in cotton socks though, I think my toes would fall off if I tried. (typical sensitive piscean feet...)

  4. Oh man, I run in those white cotton socks from Target. They're so cheap for so many, how can we resist??

    Thanks for the review. I actually had no idea they made those kind of fancy socks for our feet. Think I could sweet talk a race volunteer into giving ME a free pair? ;)

  5. I usually stick to the cheapies that I get from BJs or Target :) BUT, I race in the ONE pair of running socks my hub got me for Valentine's day (how romantic, eh?). They're my lucky socks!

  6. nice looking socks, thanks for the review...

  7. They are cute socks. But, I'm like you and don't really spend a lot on my socks. Great review. I may need to test some higher quality socks out.

    Oh, too bad the big house wasn't someone's who is a little younger!

  8. Yeah, I pretty much totally have running socks from Target, too. It's hard to resist those packs of 8 pairs for $4! I also got a pair of performance socks from Brooks once for free (they were an add-on for spending a certain amount on apparel or something) and I LOOOOVE them. Thanks for the review! I may try to pick some of these up from running warehouse.

  9. I can't believe you've been running in cotton socks! I don't have any fancy shmancy performance socks, but I need the technical fabric or my feet are COVERED in blisters.

    Anyway, glad you like the new socks! Here's hoping they bring you a PR.

  10. I recently go the same type of socks - one pair from Asics and four pair from Road Runner sports. I find them much more comfortable to run in. Who would have thought that socks could make a difference? But, the defintely wick perpiration better that the cheap-o socks that I was wearing (now maybe my shoes won't stink after a couple weeks).

    I hear you on the restaurant thing too. Have you looked into this book: (Part of the Eat This not That series) It has a couple of chapters that discuss the best menu items to select at most chain restaurants. At least now I know what I'm getting myself into (I'll still get that Ruby Tuesday Blue Cheeseburger!).

  11. Good looking socks! I run in basic Nike dri-fit socks and have never had a problem. I get blisters and such but what runner doesn't?

    Oh my feet are pretty beat up as well. They aren't going to be featured in any magazines any time soon!

  12. Oh my goodness, I can't believe you have been running in cotton socks all this time! I swear they tear the crap out of my feet every time I wear them!

    Thanks for the review! :)

  13. I always run in cotton socks too, but those look fast and fancy!

  14. Those socks look so cool. Nike has a similar sock. But I am into cool socks so I will purchase these!!


    It makes your feet look pretty!! :O)

  15. Hanes 6-pack from Target for me! I just don't feel that wearing special socks will help you run faster. It may help prevent certain injuries to the foot, but seeing that I've been fortunate to avoid any of that, other than crazy blisters on the heels of my foot (from the SHOES).

    Good review, one day I'll pull the trigger and get a hold of a pair special "performance socks" just to see what the big fuss is.

  16. You should totally try the injinji socks if you have blisters in between your toes - they are so awesome! And wow, you run all that way in cotton socks - the folks at my local City Sports would have their jaws dropping to the floor if they heard about you!