Monday, June 8, 2009

snapping out of it

i've been in a funk with life in general lately. nothing has happened, i just can't seem to snap out of this crappy mood. i've even considered quitting running recently. (gasp! the end of the world is near!)

last week's mileage wasn't as good as planned/hoped for, but my lack of sleep (5 hours/night avg) caught up to me and i threw my back out sneezing saturday. i'm not known for my wonder-woman immune system. i'm pretty sure it actually hates me.

i was so sore/achy i could not move on sunday. nothing serious, just that general heavy-eyes, want-to-lay-down, need-to-sleep, sneezing-nonstop feeling. so, i didn't get my long run in which caused me to fall quite a bit short on mileage. no problem i thought, i'll resume schedule this week.

that plan was fine and dandy yesterday (sunday), but all day today i could not get myself in the mood to run. i just wanted to go home (well to the hotel anyway - though home-home would be fine by me) and curl up in bed with my bag of m&m's. i ate an entire bag over the weekend (among a ton of other crap) so i really needed to run, i just didn't want to. i know i need to build my nyc foundation now in order to (hopefully) run as well in november as i want to, but i'm struggling a little at making myself follow through with that.

i need to buck up. asap.

the good news is that i did talk myself into a run after work today - it was only 4 miles, but i'll take it. i'm feeling 2% better (ok, maybe 72%), so thanks for not giving up on me running.

nike+ band on the other hand, no comment...

time for an upgrade?

week in review (6/1 - 6/7):
total miles: 32.85
time spent running: ~4 hours 38 minutes
avg hr: 160.25
avg pace: 8:49/mile (avg temp: 79*)
off days: 2 (body/immune system rebellion)


  1. L,

    i am no genius, but this sounds like over training.
    If you think this possible, i would advise losing the watches. Just run for total time. When you run for pace, eventually the watch starts winning.
    On the other hand, you are faster than I am.
    It depends on the whether or not this is for life or just while you are young?

  2. I think we all have such weeks where things just don't go as we'd like (although I've yet to sneeze and throw my back out yet). Just read on Oz Runner's blog that you're a 50-stater too. Hope we might meet up at a race someday. So you've got to keep running :-)

  3. Drop the crappy food and that will help you to feel better too! Quit the whining, get some good rest, and then just run! How's that? Did I scare you? I've been known to have a intimidating demeanor, so don't make me come kick your ass with my kettlebell guns!
    All just tough lovin' coming your way!

  4. I think this is the requisite pre-marathon training funk! I'm having it too, so I guess it's somewhat contagious...maybe I should post more about that...hmmm...

    Either way, you're just a bit under the weather so don't go too crazy blaming yourself for missing's good for recovery!

  5. Time for an upgrade to a Garmin. And get your butt in bed earlier. You're living in a hotel presumably in a place that's nothing like Las Vegas. So, you have no reason to stay up late.

    Oh, and my goal for the 10K is 36 minutes. I have very little idea where my fitness level is racewise right now, though.

  6. You're still an inspiration to me! We all go through times like these. I know I've had my fair share. Possibly more than my fair share, actually! Don't get too frustrated with yourself, and take it easy if you need to. I think you are more than entitled to a break if you need one.

  7. Cheer up Lindsay! If I came out there would that make you want to run?

  8. Get your rest and relaxation. I'm usually the one telling you that you've certainly earned it. Plus I'm sure hotel life isn't helping things. Here's some motivation: Do you want a 52 (53 race day) year old man to beat your ass in the NY City Marathon?! I think not!! So, once you're well rested, back to marathon training Lindsay.

  9. Its funning, but in my blog reading, it seems that a lot of people are having trouble with motivation right now. Maybe its best to let yourself take it easy for a week before you really have to start worrying about NY? But then again, what do I know?

  10. You have plenty of time until New York. All the running you have done lately is plenty for base. I ran Boston on 30 miles average and did very well. Listen to your body, go easy on yourself (be your best friend) and buy only small M&M packs. With a little rest and a little more sleep, your motivation will be back. I have a ton of admiration for your dedication and drive, but you also need to give yourself a little break once in a while. Feel better:) Ana-Maria

  11. I think I have to agree with everyone else that you could probably use a break, chica. Try taking some time completely off--maybe just a week or two. I know you really do love running, so I'm betting what will happen is you'll miss running like crazy. In the meantime, you can try to focus on getting the nutrition and sleep parts of your life back in order. Then? Before you know it, you'll be good and ready to train again--and hopefully excited about it too!

    Feel better!! :)

  12. lol at Marathonman's comment, you gonna take that from him ;) I agree with the others though, hanging in a hotel room, staying up late, not eating a lot of home cooked meals away from home has gotta tough. Hang in there, and you're early in your training, better to have these feelings now, rather than closer to the big day.

  13. Sorry to hear that girl! Run with someone. It's been hard here in GA too!

  14. Considering you are away from home and living in a hotel, working a crazy schedule I'm not surprised if that is catching up with you. If you need some time off and for yourself than take it. Run when you want to. The desire will come back.

  15. You have to look at the positive things right now, like how you're still able to run while living out of a hotel! That is an accomplishment in itself. You'll get over this running slump soon!

  16. The funk will pass. Maybe you need to incorporate some cross training to help get you out of the "I don't want to run" mode.

  17. Moan, bitch, complain. HTFU! :->

    In all seriousness, I know the feeling! That's why right now my goal is my backpack in September.

    And - I completely understand your feeling when you're home. In my earlier life when I was a management consultant, when I was at home I wanted to be *at* home!

  18. I'm so sorry to hear you're having a rough time. Sleep! Sleep! Sleep! And garlic, broccoli and carrots :). Hope you feel better soon!

  19. Girl...take it easy on yourself. You've been SUPER busy lately. Give yourself a break, by God! It's okay to curl up with a bag of M&M's every once in a while. Don't kill yourself over it.

    Take some time off. I bet you'll be begging to come back and run in no time flat.

  20. Maybe its the time of year??? I felt this way last week....funk is a great way of putting it. Running is the only thing that makes me get out of it---temporarily :)
    Keep your chin up!

  21. Looks like your Sportband has seen better days.

    GOod job getting out there, and I hope you're feeling 100% soon!

  22. Maybe you need to take a couple weeks off. You'll probably be itching to come back after that time. But if you take some time to catch up on rest, let your body recover and relax... you'll probably be stronger and more powerful than you've felt for a while.

    Good luck, I hope you figure things out though and get out of the funk!

  23. Hi Lindsay,
    Sorry you were/are in a funk!!! I get like that a lot. Today I totally had zero desire to run, so I didn't.

    I think our body sort of tells us when we need a break!!!

    OR NOT!!

    :O) Feel better!!

  24. time for a garmin!!! :)

    you need to get some sleep girl, you just sound plain exhausted. less than 5 hours is not enough especially when you want your body to be running lots of miles! take it easy, make sure you are healthy and not burned out pre-marathon training. you will get that spark back!

  25. Yes, upgrade!

    Maybe you need a massage. Relax and treat yourself for a day and then go back at it.

  26. I've had weeks where I haven't been able to get in my long run because I've felt under the weather! It happens to all of us. Maybe you need just a little break. I don't think taking it easy on the mileage or on yourself will hurt anything. If you're exhausted, the best thing you can do is recharge and get back into the full swing when you feel ready to! :)

  27. Maybe you need a day or 2 off? I've had days when I've wondered why the heck I bother running, but I can be sure that if I don't run for a few days, I'll be dying for a run in a couple of days. And lack of sleep doesn't help!

  28. I hear you on the feeling like you're in a rut lately in more than one area. I think you and I are "cycling" together, but in a good way! Well, not in a good way because we are partly in ruts, but better than the other way that women do.

    Ok, this comment just went really far downhill, I know. ;-) I think Tom Grant might be right. You have plenty of time, you speedster, before NY.

  29. You are awesome and crappy weeks happy to awesome people too. Hang in there and it will pass.

    Give yourself a break. My coach says naps. I am a fan of naps!

    I am with Brian, join the rest of us number nerds and get a Garmin! You can geek out in ways that your little spreadsheet never imagined!