Sunday, July 26, 2009

eighteen miles; seven traits

welcome long run, quality workout sunday. i was motivated saturday evening, but that faded overnight. i went to bed rather late (~midnight, ooh what a rebel) and "slept in" til 8:00. after a bit of wallering around in bed (laying there, being lazy) i pulled myself up for some breakfast. i then used food-in-my-belly as an excuse to put the run off a little longer, but finally put on my shoes and gear a little after noon.

with "wednesday's" quality run moved to friday, i didn't have the freshest of legs for today's workout. i survived for the most part, and even tweaked it a lot less than i thought i'd have to.

planned workout: 2 miles easy, 2x(2 miles threshold w/ 2 minutes rest), 1 hour easy, 3 miles threshold, 2 miles easy; total 18 miles
actual workout: 2 miles easy, 2x(2 miles threshold w/ 2 minutes rest), 1 hour easy, 2 miles threshold, 3 miles easy; total 18 miles

seriously jack, what's with all the threshold runs? ya killin' me here.

as you can see i conveniently traded one of the later threshold miles for an easy one. i'm pretty good at pulling back and running easy if i'm not feeling the harder pace, but as long as it's just the typical hard-effort struggles i try my best to duke it out. average threshold pace today - 7:32. a tad slower again, but i'm content with the effort. part of marathon training is strengthening your body and mind to continue to fight when you are tired, i chalk this up to a win in that on-going battle.

sunday (7/26) lunch run: 18 miles, 2:32:40 (avg pace 8:28), avg hr (170)

[ooh sweet. just checked the workouts for this coming week, a mini-vacation from threshold!]

i was tagged awhile ago by beth and kelly on the "seven traits" train. it's taken me a little while to actually come up with seven not-totally-boring things, but here we go.
  1. i'm afraid of failure. of course, i have obviously failed plenty of times in my life thus far but yet i still let it take control sometimes. it doesn't matter how big or small the fail is, i will worry about it.
  2. i am big on saving. i save up for something i want, but when i have enough saved i have a hard time taking that money and actually spending it. for example, i put a little aside each month for my home owner's association fees (ok, not quite something i "want") and when that bill comes due i have a mini-complex about taking it out and writing the check.
  3. i am lazy. i often have a hard time making myself get things done when i'm not quite in the mood to do anything. sure i may run 60+ miles a week, but i have skipped meals before because i was too lazy to get up and get something to eat. i'm sure if there was a way to avoid using the bathroom i'd probably be too lazy to get up for that too. (sorry, not going to use diapers)
  4. i am an excellent procrastinator. everyone and their brother has been hounding me lately about "setting a date". i have a date - sometime next summer, a whole year away. what's the rush? apparently for a wedding you have to schedule some things way far out in advance. i just don't see the big deal because i'm not intent on any particular location; i'm flexible.
  5. i am an expert non-decision maker. my least favorite question in the world is "where do you want to eat?" just tell me where we are going please; i'm sure the menu will be sufficient. (are you reading j? this is your last warning) :)
  6. i am a hard-worker. i know, oxymoron what? while i am lazy and procrastinate, i can put my nose to the grind and get the job done when needed. i (and pops and j) did renovate two-bedrooms, a bathroom, a living room, dining room, and kitchen after all. ok, so the 3rd bedroom and another bathroom still need work but the majority of the house is done. i'd also like to think the past year of stepping up my running/training is also proof of my ability to work hard.
  7. i am the world champion at eating m&m's. that's a given.
in tune with #3 and 5, i tag whoever wants to play along. :)


  1. seems like this was the week for 18 milers! nice one.

    by the way; july 3 is a great date :) (it's going to be ours if that's not obvious)

  2. Great job on the 18 miler! I love that you can run 18 miles in the time it takes me to run about 14. Hopefully one day I can be that fast!

    Great seven one tagged me! I can't think of seven traits about me!

  3. Great eighteen miles! Neat workout, I may have to try one of these.

  4. Great 18 miles! Hopefully the weather there was a great as it was here.

  5. sweet job on the 18 miles!! #5 would work for me too :D Great list!

  6. Nice 18-miler! Definitely sounds like some reasonably tweaking.

    I am SO with you on # 6. I DO NOT DECIDE WHERE WE EAT. Fact. Of cours,e hubby hates it when he finally decides and I say "You want to eat THERE?" Heh.

  7. Good work outs lady. I like your list! I think everyone has lazy days. I think maybe you and Chic Runner should have an M&M marathon!

  8. Congrats on the long run. Yous a beast!

  9. Jack's threshold runs are kicking my butt too. I've been dreading them, but I think they're the most applicable to race day: pushing through discomfort for long periods of time. I'm determined to nail them.

    On a marriage note with the "Where do you want to eat?" decision, Raffi and I used to have that problem with "What do you want for dinner?" We eventually found that we could arrive at a solution through process of elimination.

    I'll say, "What do you want for dinner?"

    She'll say, "Not chicken!"

    I'll say "Not fish!"

    The only thing left in the house that is not chicken or fish is spaghetti. Problem solved!

  10. You, Carlee, and I all ran 18 milers this weekend! Of course your 18 miler was 32 minutes faster than mine. I still say you're bionic!

  11. Your 18 miles was fantastic. Awesome job with the run. I like the 7 traits - hardworking, flexible, easy going, M&Ms lover...the procrastination makes you more human:) J is lucky!
    Keep up the training, I see a huge marathon PR for you! Ana-Maria

  12. That's a pretty quick thresh-hold pace. Heck, it's a good easy pace too. You're doing great.

    I'm totally you when you aren't in the mood to do something. Why must we be governed by our moods? I swear I'd get a lot more done if I didn't have that silly mood of mine hanging around.

    But like you, I also love to work-out like a maniac. But I'm not quite up to marathon levels.

    Have a good Monday.

  13. Proud of ya for getting it done!!
    mini vacation.. haha, your funny, I need one of those! Oh Wait, I have to start IM training and I'm in taper, WTH!!


  14. Great workout today. 18 easy is impressive, but throwing in the thresh hold miles makes it quite the workout.

  15. Can you come train me in running???? No really, please??? I'll train you in kettlebells (once certified in Sept!)
    Oh yeah, can you please re-model my bathroom too-it needs as much work as my running!
    Nice job-show off!! ;-)

  16. Nice job. All those threshold runs are certainly no joke. I believe you are the world's M&M champion.

  17. Very good 18-miler on not-so-fresh legs! I'm quite intrigued with this Daniels training program you are using and may have to look into it for next year when I plan to run more marathons again.

    And looking at your list of 7 traits, we are very similar in more ways than just not watching TV. We could almost be twins! (I like Skittles, though, rather than MMs :-)

  18. Eighteen miles. Pshaw! Wha kind of baby miles are you running there girl! (ha ha! You can tell I finished my 20 miler! But - oh what I would give for som of your speed.)

    Thanks for all the encouragement the past weeks. I look up to you for your ability to put in the miles day after day, week after week. I put in 55 last week and am in awe of folks like you who can do it repetitively. What you do is quite a physical achievement!

    And I empathize with you and rowing. I have two kids who won't even get close to an erg machine for the same reason.

    And finally - I'm going back to the fair this Friday. We're making it a family deal (seeing KC and the Sunshin Band). I'll have a funnel cake for you! Go ahead - twist my arm!

  19. so many threshold workouts! crazy!

    i can relate to so many of your seven traits, it's kind of creepy. nobody ever believes that i could be lazy and run 50-60 mile weeks but i seriously do nothing at all for huge portions of time when i'm not running. and decision making? ugh. not only do i hate having to make decisions, but i also make really bad ones pretty often! hah. i'm much better off having very limited options or having other people decide things for me.

  20. You are such a conundrum with your hard-working laziness:) I like your point about not deciding on restaurants, it is so hard to pick a place when really most of them would be great.

  21. I can understand that. Put off the grind until the last possible minute, but then pour awesome effort into getting it done!

  22. Nice job on that 18-miler. I have a hard time doing workouts during long runs, but they do help break up the monotony a bit.

  23. Loved your list of seven traits. Even more so, I loved reading this: "... then used food-in-my-belly as an excuse to put the run off a little longer ... " I SO know this feeling! I did some cycling for a while, and not having the food-belly excuse really cramped my procrastination!

  24. Girl, you are rockin' it with all those threshold workouts! Glad to hear you'll get a break from it this week!! Oh, and I love your traits list--I am quite an M&M eating champ as well, but I'll let you keep the title of world champ ;)

  25. We are very alike with #1,3,4,7!

    I just bought me some coconut M&M's limited edition. Oooh!!!

    Awesome job on the running lady! YOU ROCK!

  26. One day, I will be able to run that many miles. For now, it's short and fast for me! Great job on the 18!

    Great 7 traits list too, but it is really hard to see you as lazy when you run that much!

  27. yikes that is one scary workout :) i bet it makes the miles go by fast though when you are constantly changing pace.

    omgosh chris is the SAME with restaurants... makes me insane. will not decide ever :-/