Monday, August 31, 2009

august 2009

can i make this font any smaller? no? how about i make it white so it looks like there's just a big blank space... ok fine, just skip this part and go down to the monthly rundown - it looks a smidge better.

week in review (8/24 - 8/30):
total miles: 35 (yeah, i know. not marathon-training mileage)
time spent running: ~ 4 hours 56 minutes
avg hr: 158.00
avg pace: 8:40/mile (avg temp: 82.67*)
off days: 3 (yeah, i know. hey august was shot anyway.)

so like i said, very blah week full of funkiness which left no room for motivation. on sunday i brushed my shoulders off with jay-z and started focusing on the coming week. can't redo the past; i'm not going to dwell on it. maybe i'll call it wisdom teeth recovery still.... yeah.

i did kind of make up for skipping my long run of the week with a 15 miler/last shot at august mileage after work today.

moving on to numbers that don't make me feel as lazy:

august 2009 - i'm starting to think the glamorous hotel life is hindering my spirit and running motivation after almost six months. i could give a bunch of other excuses like commuting 10 hours a week to and from work, working 55 hours/week, spending at least 12 hours in the car every other weekend, my wisdom teeth throwing me off my normal routine, but i still feel like they are just excuses. i know plenty of you have way busier lives. so here's to september, a much better month by default.

total mileage: 200.92 (aug '08 i ran ~145mi as i began training for goofy)
time spent running: 29:09:50
avg pace: 9:00/mile
days off: 8 (more than june and july combined)
avg resting hr: 50.60
avg max hr: 176.57
pushups: a measly 275


  1. I'm not sure what your history is but that is a lot of mileage. I think I've only broken the 200 mile barrier a few times for a month. That's some good work for you.

  2. For once I'll defend you. Those aren't excuses, just damn good reasons for having an "off" month for you.

  3. Omigosh, I finally found someone who cries about missed miles/runs half as much as I do! Okay, I'll grant you your pity party for another 15 minutes, 'cause then it'll be september and you have to let it go!

    Given that you had "surgery", anything above 150 miles would have been considered adequate. 200 miles? Gosh, I only had my first this month - as in first time EVER!

    Yeah, I can relate to running 200 miles in my "off" my dreams!

  4. One off week shouldn't hurt your overall conditioning and training for this marathon...although I've never ran one...but sometimes these kind of weeks actually help your body to recover and grow stronger for the next week. That's what I tend to think anyway.
    Know what? You just do the best you can.

  5. You know you're being too hard on yourself, right?

  6. Everything is relative. Your poor 35 miles week with 4 training days is a normal week for me. This is a very decent week in my opinion. What about quality work?

  7. I am pretty sure it will all be good in Setpember. Your mileage is still pretty freaking impressive. An off day once in a while? It is allowed. trust me... I am the queen of them... :)

  8. Sometimes we go through a rough patch with running. You will bounce back!

  9. You'd be surprised how much having those teeth pulled can take out of a person! I thought I was over my gallbladder surgery way too early and started running after 4 weeks. I was shot, then ran too hard which brought the stress fractures-all that just to then have to "quit" the 1/2 mary I had planned. Take the rest and bring it on for September!

  10. pretty amazing month in my book, esp considering how your time is constrained, wisdom are doing amazingly well! Go Sept!!

  11. For a funk week, 35 miles is pretty darn good! I didn't break 30 over 2 funk weeks in a row!

    Re: your last comment. It is definitely hard to make time when you want to do the things you didn't get to do all day!!

  12. Leave August in the past and look ahead. With the fall temps heading our way, good runs are going to happen and get you motivated.

  13. August still looks like it was a great month! I'd be whining waaaay more than you if I was living in a hotel and commuting as much as you do. Not fun...

    Anyway, here's to September!

  14. I could get on the OMG boat, but I won't. I get you. I am the same way. It does not matter that you run more miles than most people who train for marathons. You did not run what you had planned.
    But now September is here. YOu have 2 months of solid marathon training coming up. YOu are going to get stronger and stronger. The weather should be better, too. So go get them! You are a strong and dedicated runner and I KNOW you are going to get a HUGE PR in New York! Ana-Maria

  15. Girl, your month looks fine! Don't be so hard on yourself. You have had a lot on your plate. September you can kick it up a notch.

    FYI - I love Jay-Z after a long run. I always get that dirt off my shoulder.

  16. That is an awesome week in my book! Just look at it compared to last year! At least you are able to run even 1 mile--there are a lot of people out there that would be jealous of that!
    Keep 'brushin' your shoulders off' you'll be back in the swing of things before you know it!

  17. I think you did just fine. Don't be too hard on yourself. I know when you set goals it hard to not care when you don't reach them, but you did well, and September will rock, fo sho.

    I **heart** Jay-Z, haha.

  18. Wow -- 200 miles for the month, and a tough one at that!

  19. looks like we had similar weeks last week... definitely blame it on the wisdom teeth still, or ALL those other excuses. seriously i cant imagine having to live at a hotel, commute, work long hours, etc etc etc... it sure would drain my motivation.

    you still had a great month girl!! keep it up and hope you find some of your motivation. you are so right, cant redo the past, just have to move on and look forward to a better week :) we both will do that this week!

  20. Still looks like a good month to me but if you had to have one that wasn't what you'd hoped for, better to get it out of the way now so you can have good ones leading up to your race in Nov.

    Very nice resting HR nbr too!

  21. My running friend, you ran 200 miles in August!! Do you realize how amazing that is? Because it freaking is amazing! Your an incredible runner and so dedicated to training. I couldn't pull out those runs like you do.

    Please do not be hard on yourself. Shit happens ya know? September is upon us and I know I feel psyched and happy.

    Please try to feel the same lady!! Love you!!!

  22. Girl, you are amazing! Those are not excuses! You have had a lot to deal with! Hang in there and you'll be back to new shortly! :)

  23. Just call it a cut-back week and get back on schedule. Happy running!

  24. You're awesome and you've had so much going on! Keep your chin up and keep running!

  25. Still a great month nonetheless, I'm sure you'll kill September! Can't wait to hear how you do in your upcoming half, whether you decide to taper or not..

  26. Well - if you don't want those miles I'll take some! Just enough to help me maintain my fitness. I've only made it out one day in the last 5.

    Thanks for the words of encouragement the past few days. I think I'm done with my funk. Of course I say that while cancelling todays run. But I've got to get packed for my backpack this weekend. I'm freasked I'm going to leave something important at home....

  27. Maybe one day I will be able to say that 200 miles in a month was an off month for me ... As for now I say that 200km is a pretty good month for me ;)

    I say good job for August with everything you had to deal with!

  28. You are so busy that I don't know how you fit it all in! Congrats on the great August mileage.

  29. Not excuses, just life. Running is just part of it, after all--you do have to make it fit, and you're doing that well. Don't apologize for not letting running destroy the rest of your life. Just get back on plan . . .

    . . . Wait, am I talking to you or to me?

    New month, new goals. Or old goals rediscovered. You and me, baby.

  30. September doesn't stand a chance! Go get 'em!!

  31. i love your jz comment. just brush it off and don't worry. september will be better.

  32. that kind of commute does suck,i know, i have it. but i don't have the long drives on the weekends like you do.

    i'd say all of that combined certainly would kill the motivation. don't beat yourself up.

  33. Um, you had surgery AND you still managed to get in over 200 miles?! That makes you basically super-human in my eyes ;) I think you did great, considering everything that was going on (hell, I'd have thought you did great even if you didn't have all that other crap going on!). And knowing you, September will be a MUCH better month anyway . . . so don't fret ;)

  34. 6 months of living in a hotel? That would wear anyone down! I dunno girl, 35 miles still seems like a lot to me. September is a new month. Go get em tiger!



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