Tuesday, August 4, 2009

blah runs / exotic m&m's

week in review (7/27 - 8/02):
total miles: 61.10
time spent running: ~ 8 hours 56 minutes
avg hr: 154.33
avg pace: 8:49/mile (avg temp: 79.20*)
off days: 0

my long run/quality workout on sunday did not go over too well. i had an easy 20 on the schedule, but my legs never kicked into gear. i kept giving it another mile, another mile until finally i gave in to my legs. they were heavy and slow, and i was feeling less than "accomplished" with each mile i ran. the 20 turned into 15 for the day, and i was upset at myself because i knew i would be taking a few days off this coming weekend with my dental excitement.

i got over feeling like a loser on monday when i went in for the root canal and was told i was too special of a case for them and needed to go to an endodontist. of course i can't get worked in over there this week so once again, wisdom teeth postponed. i'm kind of glad to get a "payback" on the long run this weekend but then again, a super long quality workout is a tad bit intimidating. i'm also (almost) ready to just get this wisdom business taken care of already.

last week was weak in the motivation department and it carried over into monday's "run", if you can call it that. i convinced myself into believing that getting to bed earlier for extra rest would be more beneficial; i was dragging all day at work after a weekend of traveling. i'm forcing myself out of this rut and got in a semi-decent run today; just glad i logged some mileage.

sunday (8/2) am run: 12 miles, 1:47:45 (avg pace 8:58), avg hr (157), 75* (599% humidity)
sunday (8/2) pm run: 3 miles, 28:24 (avg pace 9:28); punishment for the crappy am run
monday (8/3) pm "run": 2 miles, 18:00 (this is an estimate), avg hr (143), 80*
tuesday (8/4) pm run: 8.4 miles, 1:15:36 (avg pace 9:00), avg hr (162)

over the weekend i picked up my prize from marlene of mission to a(nother) marathon! a little while ago i was the lucky winner of a pair of recovery socks, and of course she had to go above and beyond in her care package. in addition to the comfy socks, she sent a bunch of goodies - biofreeze, sharkies, a heating pad (score!), chapstick (right up there with m&m's in my book), canada running magazine (so i can learn the secrets & successes of my neighbors up north) and..... m&m's! i mean, how can you go wrong with a package like that? thanks marlene!



  1. Wow, that sounds like an awesome package to receive! I would love to read a Canada Running Magazine, just for fun :)

  2. What a cool package! I really need to jump on the wagon and try out these recovery socks.

  3. Woah, lucky! Recovery socks AND M&Ms? And chapstick?!? You've hit the motherload!!

  4. That does sound like a good package. In fact the m&ms are making me hungry.
    Also, what do recovery socks do? I would suspect they maybe are tight and put pressure on your legs that feel good?
    Hope you feel better on your runs this week.

  5. Marlene does put together the best care packages. :) Hope the Canadian M&M's were just as good (if not better lol) !

  6. great care package, i've been curious about recovery socks, you'll have to let us know how they work....and nice job getting 15 in there on Sunday, even when your legs were feeling slow...

  7. i agree with everyone else - sounds like such a fun package...maybe the recovery socks will help your teeth recover faster too! (hey, you can dream, right?) :)

  8. Those socks are HOT! Actually, I just clicked on the link and they're much more affordable compared to the $60 recovery socks my local running store carries!

    I'm with you, I'd be really ready to have the whole wisdom tooth stuff over. It sucks to go back in to the dentist over and over.

  9. When I looked at my blog scroll I totally clicked on yours first because I wanted to find out what "exotic M & M's" were. Haha. That package was pretty sweet. Glad you're getting out of what you call a "slump."

  10. I thought it was going to be a package of blue M&M's. I'm still sore from Monday's core work. You were right.

  11. Way to hang in there and get the miles in, great mileage! Hope you get the dental worked out soon,

  12. Sweet package! How do you like the recovery socks? I really need to get me a pair.

    Sorry to hear about the delay with getting your wisdom teeth out. Hope you are able to get it over with soon.

  13. Haha, I never knew the phrase "easy 20" existed. And sweet package, you lucky duck :)

  14. What an excellent package! Mmmm... Canadian m&m's :D

  15. Very jealous of your care package! How awesome!!!

    Enjoy those recovery socks and make sure to give us a thorough product review!!!

  16. Love the pic! :) Hope your week is getting better! :)

  17. All of a sudden I no longer feel bad about my "vacation". You know - the longer I'm at this the more I learn. And what I'm learning now is it's not always the time on our feet that makes us better.

    And don't worry too much about the wisdom teeth stuff. I was in my 40's when I had mine extracted. Kind of cool being under anesthesia. I was asleep - but not really. I was aware of what was going on - but didn't really give a damn. Must have been what the 60's were like - if you know what I mean.

    Let's see - some hits by KC and the Sunshine Band - "That's the Way (Uh Huh Uh Huh) I Like It", "(Shake shake shake, shake shake shake) Shake Your Booty", "(Do a Little Dance, Make a Little Love) Get Down Tonight". Got your disco clothes on? They actually had three #1 hits in 1975. (Man that was a long time ago....)

  18. I thought you might get a kick out of the Canadian M&M's (so, do they taste any different?) and magazine.

    Nice mileage last week!

  19. Shit girl, if you're in a "slump"....what the hell do I call what I'm in???!!!!
    I love M&M's too, but my biggest thing is that damn thing called the "Tootsie Roll"......yeah, my biggest guilty pleasure next to openly admitting that I listen to the Bee Gee's!

  20. hey another 60+ mile week is nothing to frown on right? hope you find your movitation though, its so hard to get out there, esp for the quality workouts, when that is missing.

    what an awesome care package!!!! i LOVE getting mail, that would make my day :)

  21. Hey, Don't be so tough on yourself, if you can. You have a lot going on. Teeth issues are never fun. Good thing you are going to have an endodontist do the root canal - you don't want a regular dentist to do that. I think the lack of sleep and the stress got to you - you'll be back fresh in no time. You are still logging great mileage and you've had some pretty amazing tempo runs in there, so all is good (though I do get how you are feeling - I am the same way). Take care of you, Ana-Maria

  22. You had me at M&M's!!!!

    Awesome running lady! Keep up the great work and don't be so hard on yourself!!! Your getting in the miles!!!

  23. Oooh, what an exciting package! I totally know what you mean about breaking out of the running rut...I guess all you can do at times like that is push through! This is something I have to keep in mind for myself :)

    As for the tooth stuff...blech! I can't blame you for wanting to get it over with!!

  24. Nice week!!

    Good luck with those teeth!!

    And great pic! Ha!



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