Wednesday, September 30, 2009

september 2009

september 2009 - last month i began to think this hotel life was getting to me. i am now almost certain it's bumming me out on a variety of levels - mentally, physically, emotionally, but i'm trying to continue to brush it off. it could be a lot worse, i know.

let's see... i ran a race, traveled 3 of the 4 weekends, and only really got in one long run. yikes! i think the work-relocation has interfered with my ambitious nyc training plan these past few months and i failed to realize that early on (uh like july) to scale back appropriately. (ie: i thought i could run 80+ mpw while also working 50+ hrs and all that stupid commuting? riiiiiight.) all things considered, i am definitely proud of sucking it up and throwing down some 50-60 mile weeks.

my legs feel heavy just about everyday so i've been more diligent about stretching, wearing compression socks and icing (kind of). nothing seems to help and they still feel full of cement. i sure hope they lighten up when taper time (finally) rolls around.

total mileage: 224.51
time spent running: 32:40:16
avg pace: 8:56/mile
days off: 6 (some improvement from august, but could've been better)
avg resting hr: 57.17 (skewed from one morning when it was 69, norm is 50-54)
avg max hr: 173.75
pushups: unsure - i got a set of "fitdeck" cards for my b-day and did a few rotations of those throughout the month

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

show me your he♥rt

so over a month ago the fabulous marlene from mission to a(nother) marathon tagged me to play a little game of "show me your he♥rt". i've since gotten about 19 (slight exaggeration) other random tags, and thought i ought to catch up and knock these bad boys out.
with as much creativity as you can muster, show your he♥rt in: a picture, poem, a song (or piece of music), a phrase (or quote), an item of clothing, a place, and (just for fun) a disney princess.
i don't think i can muster much creativity but here goes...

picture - i heart sheep.
drawing on j's hand in st. maarten last year

poem - i carry your heart, e.e. cummings
here is the deepest secret nobody knows
(here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud
and the sky of the sky of a tree called life; which grows
higher than the soul can hope or mind can hide)
and this is the wonder that's keeping the stars apart

i carry your heart (i carry it in my heart)

kind of cheesy, but i loved it in the movie "in her shoes".

song - "low" by flo rida, a classic
also the song that was alllwayyyys on the radio when j and i first started dating. he would even semi-car dance to it.

quote - "me and running don't always see eye to eye. some days it hurts more than others but it doesn't mean i don't do it. i deal with it and i keep running because not everything that is good for you always feels good for you." - lance armstrong

clothing - my hot steel toes for work.
(they're too big but i didn't have the patience to sit there and figure out what size i needed.
walmart special, $15.)

place - clemson
(though as usual, the football team is serving up heartburn again)

princess - well, sleeping beauty would have been perfect for me but since marlene snagged that one i'll take princess peach. i was all about super mario and other sweet snes games back in the day. i'm pretty sure i still have the particular game saved from the first time i beat the whole thing.

since this particular "tag" is outdated, i'll cop out and go with the usual whoever-wants-to. play on, playa.

Monday, September 28, 2009

better than last year

not only did marlene kill her marathon redemption by "only" 16 minutes this weekend (yay marlene!), but i surpassed my total mileage for 2008 with three months still to go. looks like i'm going to have to be on top of my game in 2010.

there wasn't much to write home about in regards to last week's runnings, but i did squeeze in 50 miles. at first i was like "how pathetic, i should have at least had 65 miles", but then i slapped myself around a little and reminded myself that i had one 60+ mile week in my last marathon training (disney/goofy challenge). i've had 7-60+ mile weeks so far in this training plan. sure, it's been a bit off target from my original plan, but i also didn't expect to be living out of a hotel either.

week in review (9/21 - 9/27):
total miles: 50.90
time spent running: ~ 7 hours 24 minutes
avg hr: 159.50
avg pace: 8:46/mile (avg temp: unknown*)
off days: 2 (1 complete slothness, trust me)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

another day in paradise

week in review (9/14 - 9/20):
total miles: 68.16 (new pr, i'm pretty sure anyway)
time spent running: ~ 9 hours 35 minutes
avg hr: 158.50
avg pace: 8:38/mile (avg temp: 72.25*)
off days: 1 (planned)

a solid week that i am quite happy with. saturday's excellent long run helped a lot with that, but the whole week in general just felt "on". i was never moody towards my easy runs and didn't have to rearrange any days. it was a confidence-boosting week i needed after some mostly-off weeks recently. maybe i will still have a little run in nyc.

last week i was whiny about not having enough time and feeling crammed all day long. in order to give you a more complete look at my wonderful schedule, i thought i'd break down a typical day for me over the past six months... (everything was shifted forward when work was from 6:30a-5:00p over the summer)

5:30am - the absolute latest i can get up for work. this is if i showered the night before, which is usually the case. working on a construction site = no real point in showering in the morning. no one to impress and there's dirt everywhere.

5:30-6:00am - brush teeth, wash face, put in contacts, get dressed, pack lunch, grab breakfast downstairs.

6:00-7:00am - drive in the dark, but get to watch the sunrise over the kentucky farmland. very pretty; wish i could be enjoying it on a run. actually, i'm already beating the sun to work, so i don't even get to watch the sunrise anymore.

7:00am - work starts. google reader has been accessible again, so i usually knock out my non-running items on there in the first hour of work as i also wake up, open up the necessary work programs (um, like instant messenger), and half-listen to the morning staff meeting.

7:00am-5:30pm - hard at work, powering the homes and businesses of central kentucky while also decreasing the number of pollutants being released into the atmosphere. i enjoy a 30-minute lunch at 12. i'd go out to eat but the jobsite is about 45 minutes from civilization so that's not an option.

5:30-6:30pm - drive again. lately i've been thinking about how depressing it will be to arrive and leave work in the dark. (and when the heck will i run?)

6:30pm (/as soon as i get back) - change and go run. no time to waste.

8:00pm - typical return from running; sometimes a little later.

8:00-9:00pm - stretch (sorta), do some abs (sometimes), shower, eat dinner. it sucks eating dinner at 9:00pm. i'm not a fan.

9:00-10:00pm - my one hour of free time, if i don't try to get to bed before 10. it's sometimes spent catching up on blogs (hence why i am always behind), but after being on the computer at work all day i'm usually not in the mood lately to sit on it "all" night too. my brain turns off, i get ready for bed, and then fall asleep with some random show on.

10:00pm - bed. lately i haven't been falling asleep for at least 30-45 minutes, probably due to the later run, later dinner, etc. so i'm roughly getting in 6-6.5 hours of sleep if i'm lucky. (even less if i get up to run in the am)

~11:00pm-5:30am - sleep, or something like it. i tend to wake up once or twice for the bathroom, because i'm too hot/too cold, or just because. if i try to get up and run in the am, i usually get up at 3:30 or 4 to get ready and head to the treadmill for 60-90 minutes.

5:30am - repeat.... hooray!

i'm certainly not looking for a pity party. life is not bad, and i am of course grateful to have a job in this time of so many layoffs. it's just a little tiring at times, but i'll make it. it has definitely made me appreciative of the days when i'd get up at 5:30 to run and not head out the door to work.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

a little sweat ain't never hurt nobody

yes, i just quoted beyonce.

saturday's long/quality run was excellent! i was overdue for a long run and preferably a good one. i sure didn't disappoint. (garmin on the other hand... died before mile 20. that's ok, i like wearing $350 blank watches for fun.)

after some craptacular long run attempts previously, i headed out for today's run with positive thoughts. due to the lack of remotely lit-streets here in kentucky, i waited until just when the sun was rising to head out. i didn't want to be hit by a car, especially since i was going to be running on a 4-lane divided highway. finally, a little before 7am, i headed out.

ah, the exciting road before me.

throughout the run, i had various thoughts and songs enter my mind as i chugged along, but two songs that continually came to mind were travis tritt's "great day to be alive" and phil vassar's "just another day in paradise". i was definitely working the positive vibes! (i never listened to country music before, but these ridiculously early commutes require something less headache-inducing than my usual hip-hop jams. plus, something about the sticks of kentucky give me a country vibe i guess.)

i took my fuel belt hand-held water bottle, 4 vanilla bean gu's (ate 3), a pack of orange gu chomps, $10, iphone, and some mace. (i don't run with my phone normally, but j wasn't comfortable with the idea of me running along a highway alone. i took the mace after reading about the woman who was attacked down in georgia not long ago.)

the plan for the day was: 8 miles easy, 8 miles marathon pace, 1 mile threshold, 4 miles mp, 1 mile threshold, 1 mile mp; 23 miles total. i had a super slow start with mile 1, but then my body remembered how to run. marathon pace is still kind of in the air, but i am getting closer to figuring it out. when i began nyc training 18-weeks ago i was *way* too ambitious. i think that hurt me a little with training harder than my body should be pushed at times, but i'm going to settle in with my reassessed goals for this final phase of training.

all went well and according to plan - until mile 11. then garmin beeped "battery low". what the crap. that mile was a little too fast as i as mad at garmin for making a product with piss poor battery life. it continued to beep at me as i ran along. i'm glad it lasted for almost 9 more miles after the first "low battery" warning, because i don't know that i would've had the mental toughness to continue with the goal paces. it's too comforting to be able to look down and see what your pace is and know what adjustments need to be made at any time during a run.

i kinda messed up the plan for the run -- i ran 9 miles mp (instead of 8) and then 1 mile threshold, but i don't think that's a bad thing. then i got in two more miles at mp before garmin kicked the bucket. thankfully i had my phone on me so i checked the time when garmin died and again when i got back to the hotel for a rough estimate of how long the last 2.7 miles took (mapped out upon return). based on the estimate i was in the slower end of goal mp range, but who knows.

saturday (9/19) am run: 22.71 miles, 3:04:23 (avg pace 8:07), avg hr (161), 64-70*

thank goodness i switched it up and did my long run saturday as sunday i woke to pouring rain and t-storms all morning. when the storms let up mid-afternoon, i headed out for a short recovery run in the 900% humidity. not quite as pleasant.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


your attitude towards life defines not only who you are, but your values also.

whatever it is that has been bugging you, doesn't seem so big anymore, does it?
if only we all could have the spirit that this little boy has!

(a forward i got from pops earlier this week)

i kept all the negative nancy's out of my head friday/saturday and had a most-excellent long run! a positive attitude definitely goes a long way (i know, i could afford to work on mine sometimes). happy weekending!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

tiart: pick six

by the time the mid-week rolls around, i'm beginning to be tired from the long days and squeezing my life into place. it hasn't been the easiest to get into the groove of "take it and run thursday's" by runner's lounge, but i am trying!

this week's extra fun question is brought to you by jill at finishing is winning:
you get to run the last six miles of your next marathon with 6 different people. they can be dead or alive; famous or not famous. who are these people and why did you pick them? furthermore, why did you pick them for the specific mile you did? remember, you get an extra .2 miles with runner #6.
i've never ran a marathon with someone else period, so that would be pretty cool to begin with! ok, obviously i've ran with other people since races have a few thousand runners, but never anyone i knew. i've started with friends but lose them somewhere along the way.

mile 20 - hello! you guys are my peeps! you've all inspired and motivated me over the course of our "friendship". i'm totally recruiting each of you for this mile.
mile 21 - an m&m character-person. like i need to explain this one... unlimited source of m&m's for the mile. that may not make for a great race, but it'd be one delicious mile. plus, they do say that sugar is good for speed.
mile 22 - ryan hall. he's just awesome and seems like a really great guy. definitely a great runner and role model. on some of my less-fantastic days i'll replay his "ole" video in my head and feel the drive and determination pumping back into my veins.
mile 23 - my sisters. they each completed their first 5k this year, and my older sister also ran a 10k. i love that they are building up their own love for running and a healthy, active lifestyle.
mile 24 - my parents. because they are my parents! they've done a lot for me through the years and supported me at many youth-sporting events, college regattas, and now in my random running travels. they were there for me after my first marathon, and even though i told them "don't let me sign up for another one of these again" they knew better than to get in the way. ;)
mile 25 - gotta reserve this one for mr. j, my best friend, biggest fan, and future mr. chasing the kenyans. hopefully one day he'll run a full marathon with me, but for now i'll settle on the last 1.2!

i beat the snooze button today and got in an easy double for the day. i'm definitely feeling the effects of only getting 4-5 hours of sleep, and had a bit of a headache when i headed out for my second run. luckily it was only a super short one, as i am still in hopes of gently easing into doubles and they say to start out with a 20-30 minute second run. i also had dinner plans to get to and, of course, not much time. my legs felt tired and heavy on my pm run, but they did get up for a 4am run so i cut them some slack.

so... it appears that sock code is already malfunctioning. i am assuming that means the "availability" did not last long (it took me a few days to actually post it). sorry for falsely raising anyone's hopes. :-/

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

still going (and free socks!)

well whatever was going on in sunday's "long" run attempt hasn't been affecting me so far this week. (feel free to stay mia random dizziness/nausea.) my runs have been decent, and i've felt "ok" so far. i'm definitely not complaining, but wednesday's quality workout wasn't easy. i know they're not designed to be easy, but it was (yet another) tough threshold run and i had to pull back on the pace a little. i'm not dwelling on it, at least i pushed it a good bit.

i've been *trying* to get back in the habit of running (at least a few miles) in the morning before work, but the snooze button has been winning. work starts a half-hour later now, and those extra 30 minutes make a huge difference. if i can get myself out of bed at 4am i can get in about an hour of running, better than nothing. i need to declare war on the snooze button.

monday (9/14) pm run: 8.10 miles, 1:11:55 (avg pace 8:52), avg hr (155)

tuesday (9/15) pm run: 9.60 miles, 1:22:17 (avg pace 8:34), avg hr (164), 80*
seven of these miles were too fast for an easy run, but given my lack of feel-good runs over the past few weeks i decided to just go with it. i ran into j around mile 7-something and we slowed down for the rest of the way back.

wednesday (9/16) pm run: 12.25 miles, 1:39:09 (avg pace 8:05), avg hr (171)
the quality workout on tap for today was supposed to be 8 miles threshold. i got in 5 miles, pulled back the pace for 3, and then got in one last mile kinda sorta attempting threshold. it was more like goal mp though (should i choose that as my goal).

free sugoi race+recovery socks (with purchase)! just go to and enter the promo code RRSOCK (case sensitive) at checkout. offer only valid in us & canada (sorry everyone else) and is only available while quantities last.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


traveling (just about) every weekend is really getting to me and making it rather difficult to run like i know i need to be. i know i *could* be little miss super productive and schedule everything down to the millisecond but i'm just not that kind of person. i need chill out time, i need unscheduled time, i need to relax. i know i don't do a whole lot during the week other than work/commute, but by the time i get home i can only squeeze in an hour run before dinner and then bed. i always feel pressed for time and continually cut running short to ensure i get other things done too. is there a way to put more hours in the day?

week in review (9/07 - 9/13):
total miles: 40.45 (28 miles short of planned)
time spent running: ~ 6 hours 26 minutes
avg hr: 152.00
avg pace: 9:42/mile (avg temp: 74*)
off days: 2 (1 scheduled)

i missed my saturday medium-long run because i chose to travel with the high school cross-country team for a meet about two hours away. i would have had to get up at like 3am to get the miles in before meeting up with the team. after spending half of friday on the road, getting up at 3am was not too desirable. the meet was awesome though, and it was very inspiring (/humbling) to see all the high schoolers run faster than me. (last summer i helped out with my high school's girl's xc team, and when i'm in town i try to run with them/go to their meets). the girls placed 6th, only running 6 girls because one was sick and another is having foot troubles. it's kind of funny (because i can relate) to see them beating themselves up after a race if they didn't perform/place where they wanted to. of course, i thought they all did great, but it's much easier to say that as a spectator.

sunday's long run was supposed to be 22 miles easy. i haven't done a long run since august 23rd, and that was a 20-miler turned 18 due to some funky dizziness. my long runs in this training period have not been where they need to be, and i'm disappointed in myself. i thought i'd knock out the 22 without any issues since i didn't run saturday, but once again i was just 'off'.

it was 66* and 70% humid when i set out on my run according to my splits were a solid minute behind my usual long run/easy pace. my heartrate matched that of my usual pace, and yet i was running a full minute slower. a small headache came on at mile 3, but wasn't persistent (i had water with me and drank a little every mile). i thought of morgan around mile 3, as she had wished me luck in this weekend's long run and was supposed to get in her last long run before chicago this weekend too. for my redheaded friend, i continued on... for half a mile. i semi-threw up at mile 3.5. i figured that wasn't a good sign with 19 miles yet to go, and re-routed myself back home. at mile 5 i felt nauseous again and walked the remaining 0.9 miles back, trying hard to not puke on the side of the road. i checked my temperature when i got home (3 times) and it read 94, 95 and 96. probably not the most accurate thermometer, but wouldn't your temperature be elevated after running?

anyway, so i'm not sure what's going on. my legs felt fine and the motivation/urge was there, but my internal parts were being disagreeable. there are seven weeks until nyc (if i'm doing the math right), and i'm hoping i can get 5 solid long runs (18+ miles) in before then.

not only am i behind on my own miles, but on catching up with each of you as well. i'm working on that too. if only i could do all my reading/commenting during work...

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

rock 'n roll

(a bit long-winded. grab a snack and hunker down. allow me to distract you from work for a few hours.)

week in review (8/31 - 9/06)
total miles: 62.25
time spent running: ~ 8 hours 48 minutes
avg hr: 155.00
avg pace: 8:41/mile (avg temp: 75.40*)
off days: 1 (scheduled)

blah blah blah, we all know my running has been pretty blah lately. this week was a smidge better, 'cause i told myself to buck up and get it done. no whining allowed. i knew i had a half marathon on sunday, so all week i pondered and worried about my game plan for the race. (many thanks to aron for trying to reassure me that no matter what, it'd be a good race) i didn't actually decide on my "plan" until mile 4 of the race...

to taper or not to taper...

since the past few weeks of running have been less than stellar, i decided to not taper and log some much-needed miles. plus, this isn't my goal race, and running hard on tired legs is good for training purposes. i did kind of skip my mid-week quality run but other than that, no tapering business.

mon - 15 miles easy ("made up" for skipping sunday's long run)
tue - 8 miles easy (shins became a bit tender later on tuesday)
wed - 8 miles easy
thur - 2.1 miles easy am, 10 miles w/ 3 threshold pm (first double in a long time, hence the slow and easy 20 minute am run)
fri - 6.05 miles easy
sat - rest day/traveling/lay out on the beach (yes, i still hear my college coaches yelling at me for laying out in the sun before a race and letting it drain my energy... i did it anyway)
sun - virginia beach rock 'n roll half marathon, aka 13.1 miles threshold

my shins felt a little better friday and a bit more after taking saturday off, but they were sore enough to play a role in my race-plan indecisiveness (along with a number of other things). once j & i landed in norfolk saturday morning, we met up with friends and (slowly) made our way over to the expo. my former running buddy kt is all about being punctual while her sister and i are, well, not. we picked up our packets (somehow i was in corral 1) and perused the expo a little. the fortune cookie i got from pf chang's booth said "slow and steady wins the race", which of course led me to think i should run easy. after the expo we went to the beach for some sun & fun and later headed over to another friends' house for carbo-loading. i told kt and john (both in corral 5) i'd run with them, but they said no way you shouldn't run with us you could win (riiiight). there went my excuse of "oh i'm just running for fun with friends".

after eating a ton of spaghetti and mint chocolate chip ice cream, we headed back home to get ready for the morning. i laid out my clothes and realized my two-week old garmin was mia. insert minor breakdown here. j was very nonchalant about it while i was stressing out. i knew i could go without it since i've never raced with it before anyway, but i just *knew* i had packed it and that the airport security people stole it. j was like "they never searched our bags and even if they did, they wouldn't know it was anything more than a regular watch. i'm sure you left it back in kentucky." after a few minutes of freaking out, i knew i'd be ok for the race, but i was mad at myself for losing it, especially since i just bought it.

mad at my stupid self, i tried to go to bed. the friend we were staying with has dogs, of which i am apparently allergic too. lil' wheezy made a reappearance and i couldn't fall asleep. i'm always afraid i'll stop breathing in the middle of the night and won't wake back up. guess where my inhalers were? about 9 hours away. good place for them, i know...

so, lost garmin, asthma troubles, sore shins, lack of motivation over the past few weeks... i was all kinds of concerned about my race "plan". sunday morning came and we headed over to the race. good thing we really studied up on the road closures. after a few detours, we parked and made our way over to the starting area. on the way to the port-a-potties i magically ran into jess of run girl run! we had texted earlier in the morning about trying to meet up, but you know how easy it is to find someone you've never met amongst 30,000 runners. we happened to walk right up to each other, pretty cool. (or maybe she was just way more alert than i was.) i also met her bf and awesome half-marathoning mom. :) we grabbed a quick picture and chatted a little, but then i really needed to reserve a spot in a port-a-potty line.

totally stolen from jess' race report

the race was set up with corrals (like 27 of them) and each was released every 45-90 seconds. corral 1 was the first to start along with the elites, no pressure. i exited the plastic hut, scurried over to the starting line, and had maybe one minute in the corral before the race started. i have this last-minute thing down pat (i've never warmed up before, why start now). when i entered the corral i headed straight for the back end of it. let's be real, the rest of these people are running like 1:20's and i most certainly am not. with no race plan in mind (still), the gun went off and so it began.

a pr is, of course, always desired, but i knew it probably wasn't likely. disney was run on fresh legs at the peak of a training cycle, this was on untapered legs in the middle of a cycle. i knew i'd be perfectly happy with a hard effort, and a hard effort it was. i started out strong, running similar splits to disney, but i knew by mile 3 that it would not be a pr day. my body just felt tired. i relaxed a little and aimed for a slower but still-threshold-ish pace. some miles were better than others. i tried to find someone to pace off of but i kept picking inconsistent people. i found "captain america" (older man running in us flag shorts) and ran behind him for a few miles before pulling ahead of him somewhere in mile 9. my brain campaigned a few times to pull the pace back more and run easy, but i managed to fight it off and press on. in mile 7 i thought, alright only 5 miles to go. then i got to mile 8 and thought darn it, still 5 miles to go. i hate mid-run math, it never goes well for me.

not sure why i felt compelled to make this pose everytime i ran by j & friends.
major dork.

i took gu roctane around miles 3 and 8, and alternated between cytomax and water at each water stop. unlike disney, i did not make the last 5k feel like a 5k. i continued holding my pace but picked it up for a sprint finish, passing a chick in us flag shorts and a bunch of guys who weren't putting up a fight. the finish is my favorite part, although really, who doesn't love the sight of the finish line? overall, i ran hard and pushed myself, and i'm pleased with my "threshold pace" effort.

virginia beach rock 'n roll half-marathon: 13.1 miles, 1:36:29 (avg pace 7:22)

running a race is a great mood-booster. whether or not you pr, the atmosphere is so uplifting and it's hard to not enjoy yourself. i think this race was just what the doctor ordered. i have a better idea of my goal(s) for nyc and a rejuvenated spirit towards the remainder this training cycle. of course, as soon as i mentioned my possible nyc plan to j, i followed it up with "but hopefully at the half-way mark or so i can pick up the pace a little" ... will i ever learn? ;-)

my legs have been a little stiff but nothing is sore. i'm sure a post-race dip in the chilly ocean helped with the staving off the soreness, and the plane ride contributed to the stiffness. oh yeah, and my garmin was waiting for me in kentucky upon my return. i do remember trying to squeeze a few last minute items into my bag and must not have re-packed my garmin. at least it's not lost-lost.

unfortunately, there is also negative news associated with this year's virginia beach rock 'n roll half marathon. a gentleman passed away somewhere around the 12 mile marker. no details have been released yet, but such news can never be taken lightly. be safe out there, fellow runners.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

tiart: motivation tips & tricks

i always read many of your posts participating in take it and run thursday (tiart) put on by runner's lounge, but have yet been able to join in and instead try to leave comments on each of your tiart insightfulness. for the past few weeks and many upcoming, tom and amy have turned the tables and opened up the job of tiart host. i eagerly accepted, excited to finally get to play along and hoping to start a routine of participating. hey, with weeks of notice, surely i could be on the ball for my own tiart right?

you've probably noticed the recent "case of the mondays" here in lindsay land. for the past few weeks, i've struggled on some individual runs as well as entire weeks of mileage. with the opportunity to solicit advice from the running experts through hosting tiart, i took my recent frustrations and opened them to the running-blog world --
whether training for a specific race or just running for the fun of it, we all experience the ups and downs of running. what do you do to get yourself motivated to run when it feels like it's the last thing you want to do?
lately in my own running journey, i have had a huge deficiency of mojo. some days are fine and the run is good, but others are completely depressing. i've tried a few different tips and tricks that have worked in the past to try and jump-start myself again. my next marathon is two months away and i'm starting to worry.

what do i do when the motivation is running low?
  • toughen up. i'm sure some days i'm just feeling lazy and need to buck up and get the job done! this is probably my first line of defense - i head out to get the miles in knowing that the run usually turns out decently.
  • pump up with some upbeat jams before the run. after a long day at work, i'm not always in a running-mood and an hour long commute doesn't help. i often use the commute time to indulge my inner hip-hop backup dancer and shoulder shake my mind into wanting to run. (there are only so many dance "moves" i can do in the car)
  • compromise. i'll tell myself i can swap the day's workout with tomorrow's or i'll allow myself to cut the mileage short. most of the time my mood picks up once i'm out there and the endorphins are flowing.
  • rest. sure i might still feel guilty about it and beat myself up a little, but occasionally i give myself the day off. i believe that lack of motivation is sometimes the body's way of telling you it needs a break. this would probably be more effective if i didn't guilt trip myself over it.
the problem for me is that these mind-tricks haven't completely pulled me out of my motivation-rut yet! i'm interested to know what you all do when you just "aren't feeling it".

what are your personal motivational tricks? have a good pump-up song to share? comment below or join in the tiart fun with a post of your own.

as part of hosting tiart, here's a small glimpse into the places and races i run!