Monday, September 28, 2009

better than last year

not only did marlene kill her marathon redemption by "only" 16 minutes this weekend (yay marlene!), but i surpassed my total mileage for 2008 with three months still to go. looks like i'm going to have to be on top of my game in 2010.

there wasn't much to write home about in regards to last week's runnings, but i did squeeze in 50 miles. at first i was like "how pathetic, i should have at least had 65 miles", but then i slapped myself around a little and reminded myself that i had one 60+ mile week in my last marathon training (disney/goofy challenge). i've had 7-60+ mile weeks so far in this training plan. sure, it's been a bit off target from my original plan, but i also didn't expect to be living out of a hotel either.

week in review (9/21 - 9/27):
total miles: 50.90
time spent running: ~ 7 hours 24 minutes
avg hr: 159.50
avg pace: 8:46/mile (avg temp: unknown*)
off days: 2 (1 complete slothness, trust me)


  1. Wow!!! impressive mileage; what DO you have planned for 2010? I can't even begin to imagine

  2. Amazing! That is so awesome you're past you're already there! I can't wait to hear about your future plans!

  3. You just keep raising that bar higher and higher for yourself! Once again-fine week!
    I'm happy to have 20 this past week!

  4. I'm glad you did the slapping because I didn't want to have to be the one to do it :-)

    GREAT job. You are just rocking the mileage and getting it done under some tough circumstances. Don't ever underestimate what you're doing!

  5. Damn...the Happy Runner took my line...I wanted to be the first to be the substitute slapper...

    50+ is definitely adequate so no sweat on the missed mileage. By comparison, I did 55 miles (even with 22.6 miler LR) and consider it a great week!

  6. Hey, your average mile pace for last week was my average mile pace in my half marathon.

    Cool...I think. Cooler for you though. I'd like to run that for my training time too.

    Also, sometimes complete slothness is necessary. You are doing great it looks like to me. Do your legs get sore from running 60 mile weeks?

  7. You are going strong girl. I'm still thinking about your post last week when you posted your daily schedule and when I see how hard you're working your bod...I'm in awe. Keep it up!

  8. I got my weekly email from DailyMile and it said I hit about 30 miles and I was happy with that! Great job on 50!! Even while living in a hotel. I'm sure there will be more 60+ miles in the future.

  9. Huge mileage!! You are doing such a great job hitting the pavement. I can't wait to see what your end of the year total comes to.

  10. 50 miles a week is a huge amount. I think you're rocking your training. Plus you already passed your total mileage from last year, which totally rocks!

  11. that is some heavy duty mileage, and i'm also happy you take care of the slapping yourself... :)

  12. Holy crap woman! I'm having you design my next training schedule! LOL! Great job!

  13. I feel like a parrot here, but WOW! Those are some imressive miles. Seven weeks over 60 miles? Having a few at 50 miles this cycle, I am impressed with your time commitment! Way to go!

  14. Awww, thanks girl!!! I love saying "only" 16 minutes. hehehe. Jeez, some people run a 5K in that amount of time. ;)

    Congrats on SLAUGHTERING your mileage. You've had a steller year so far, especially with your "lifestyle"

  15. I think it's AMAZING you are able to maintain your training routine while on travel so much. My husband has pretty much written off this year because he just can't get his bike rides in consistently and his eating is not the greatest while on the road.

    Way to slap some sense into yourself ;-)

  16. Nice job! Like everyone else, I say 50 is great but I also feel the guilt when I don't do exactly as Jack says!

    And 50 with 2 rest days is awesome.

  17. So does this mean you get to take the rest of the year off? ;) I kid, I kid!

    For reals, though? That is SERIOUSLY impressive. You're going to have to move up to ultras or something to beet this year's mileage in 2010 :)

    Great job!!

  18. After seeing your busy schedule, I know you must be very good at organizing your time to fit in all of those miles. Oh, and running as fast as you do wouldn't hurt either!

  19. great job on the miles .. Don't feel down about 50 vs. 65 .. its the quality of the miles you put in for the week, not necessarily the NUMBER of miles you put in.



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