Tuesday, September 8, 2009

rock 'n roll

(a bit long-winded. grab a snack and hunker down. allow me to distract you from work for a few hours.)

week in review (8/31 - 9/06)
total miles: 62.25
time spent running: ~ 8 hours 48 minutes
avg hr: 155.00
avg pace: 8:41/mile (avg temp: 75.40*)
off days: 1 (scheduled)

blah blah blah, we all know my running has been pretty blah lately. this week was a smidge better, 'cause i told myself to buck up and get it done. no whining allowed. i knew i had a half marathon on sunday, so all week i pondered and worried about my game plan for the race. (many thanks to aron for trying to reassure me that no matter what, it'd be a good race) i didn't actually decide on my "plan" until mile 4 of the race...

to taper or not to taper...

since the past few weeks of running have been less than stellar, i decided to not taper and log some much-needed miles. plus, this isn't my goal race, and running hard on tired legs is good for training purposes. i did kind of skip my mid-week quality run but other than that, no tapering business.

mon - 15 miles easy ("made up" for skipping sunday's long run)
tue - 8 miles easy (shins became a bit tender later on tuesday)
wed - 8 miles easy
thur - 2.1 miles easy am, 10 miles w/ 3 threshold pm (first double in a long time, hence the slow and easy 20 minute am run)
fri - 6.05 miles easy
sat - rest day/traveling/lay out on the beach (yes, i still hear my college coaches yelling at me for laying out in the sun before a race and letting it drain my energy... i did it anyway)
sun - virginia beach rock 'n roll half marathon, aka 13.1 miles threshold

my shins felt a little better friday and a bit more after taking saturday off, but they were sore enough to play a role in my race-plan indecisiveness (along with a number of other things). once j & i landed in norfolk saturday morning, we met up with friends and (slowly) made our way over to the expo. my former running buddy kt is all about being punctual while her sister and i are, well, not. we picked up our packets (somehow i was in corral 1) and perused the expo a little. the fortune cookie i got from pf chang's booth said "slow and steady wins the race", which of course led me to think i should run easy. after the expo we went to the beach for some sun & fun and later headed over to another friends' house for carbo-loading. i told kt and john (both in corral 5) i'd run with them, but they said no way you shouldn't run with us you could win (riiiight). there went my excuse of "oh i'm just running for fun with friends".

after eating a ton of spaghetti and mint chocolate chip ice cream, we headed back home to get ready for the morning. i laid out my clothes and realized my two-week old garmin was mia. insert minor breakdown here. j was very nonchalant about it while i was stressing out. i knew i could go without it since i've never raced with it before anyway, but i just *knew* i had packed it and that the airport security people stole it. j was like "they never searched our bags and even if they did, they wouldn't know it was anything more than a regular watch. i'm sure you left it back in kentucky." after a few minutes of freaking out, i knew i'd be ok for the race, but i was mad at myself for losing it, especially since i just bought it.

mad at my stupid self, i tried to go to bed. the friend we were staying with has dogs, of which i am apparently allergic too. lil' wheezy made a reappearance and i couldn't fall asleep. i'm always afraid i'll stop breathing in the middle of the night and won't wake back up. guess where my inhalers were? about 9 hours away. good place for them, i know...

so, lost garmin, asthma troubles, sore shins, lack of motivation over the past few weeks... i was all kinds of concerned about my race "plan". sunday morning came and we headed over to the race. good thing we really studied up on the road closures. after a few detours, we parked and made our way over to the starting area. on the way to the port-a-potties i magically ran into jess of run girl run! we had texted earlier in the morning about trying to meet up, but you know how easy it is to find someone you've never met amongst 30,000 runners. we happened to walk right up to each other, pretty cool. (or maybe she was just way more alert than i was.) i also met her bf and awesome half-marathoning mom. :) we grabbed a quick picture and chatted a little, but then i really needed to reserve a spot in a port-a-potty line.

totally stolen from jess' race report

the race was set up with corrals (like 27 of them) and each was released every 45-90 seconds. corral 1 was the first to start along with the elites, no pressure. i exited the plastic hut, scurried over to the starting line, and had maybe one minute in the corral before the race started. i have this last-minute thing down pat (i've never warmed up before, why start now). when i entered the corral i headed straight for the back end of it. let's be real, the rest of these people are running like 1:20's and i most certainly am not. with no race plan in mind (still), the gun went off and so it began.

a pr is, of course, always desired, but i knew it probably wasn't likely. disney was run on fresh legs at the peak of a training cycle, this was on untapered legs in the middle of a cycle. i knew i'd be perfectly happy with a hard effort, and a hard effort it was. i started out strong, running similar splits to disney, but i knew by mile 3 that it would not be a pr day. my body just felt tired. i relaxed a little and aimed for a slower but still-threshold-ish pace. some miles were better than others. i tried to find someone to pace off of but i kept picking inconsistent people. i found "captain america" (older man running in us flag shorts) and ran behind him for a few miles before pulling ahead of him somewhere in mile 9. my brain campaigned a few times to pull the pace back more and run easy, but i managed to fight it off and press on. in mile 7 i thought, alright only 5 miles to go. then i got to mile 8 and thought darn it, still 5 miles to go. i hate mid-run math, it never goes well for me.

not sure why i felt compelled to make this pose everytime i ran by j & friends.
major dork.

i took gu roctane around miles 3 and 8, and alternated between cytomax and water at each water stop. unlike disney, i did not make the last 5k feel like a 5k. i continued holding my pace but picked it up for a sprint finish, passing a chick in us flag shorts and a bunch of guys who weren't putting up a fight. the finish is my favorite part, although really, who doesn't love the sight of the finish line? overall, i ran hard and pushed myself, and i'm pleased with my "threshold pace" effort.

virginia beach rock 'n roll half-marathon: 13.1 miles, 1:36:29 (avg pace 7:22)

running a race is a great mood-booster. whether or not you pr, the atmosphere is so uplifting and it's hard to not enjoy yourself. i think this race was just what the doctor ordered. i have a better idea of my goal(s) for nyc and a rejuvenated spirit towards the remainder this training cycle. of course, as soon as i mentioned my possible nyc plan to j, i followed it up with "but hopefully at the half-way mark or so i can pick up the pace a little" ... will i ever learn? ;-)

my legs have been a little stiff but nothing is sore. i'm sure a post-race dip in the chilly ocean helped with the staving off the soreness, and the plane ride contributed to the stiffness. oh yeah, and my garmin was waiting for me in kentucky upon my return. i do remember trying to squeeze a few last minute items into my bag and must not have re-packed my garmin. at least it's not lost-lost.

unfortunately, there is also negative news associated with this year's virginia beach rock 'n roll half marathon. a gentleman passed away somewhere around the 12 mile marker. no details have been released yet, but such news can never be taken lightly. be safe out there, fellow runners.


  1. Congratulations!! That's an awesome race time in MY book. I'm thinking I'll be between 2.5-3 hours when I run the Disney Princess in March. *sigh*

    Thanks for coming by my blog too!! :)

    Glad you found your Garmin @ home...which do you have? I test-ran the 305 tonight (my friend's) and I'm pretty sure I no longer want it. :( Too big.

  2. OMG, that was a great race! Awesome time! I think it must have been the carbo load of pasta and mint chip ice cream!! I'm going to try the ice cream next time!

    You're over the "blahs!" It's official.

  3. great race! i loved reading your recap. i can't believe i'm racing a half in less than two weeks. man am i nervous. i hope mine goes as well as yours!

    and re: your comment on my blog, yeah, "only" 17 seconds, no big deal, right!? haha. i just say things like that to psych myself up. in reality of course 17 seconds is basically the difference between 'comfortably hard' and 'i want to die right now'.

  4. So sad about the death- always puts a damper on a race!

    I am doing the Shamrock race in VA beach in March and looking very forward to it! I actually thought about this race it just didn't fit in my schedule. Congrats on the great race!!!!

  5. Wow what a great time. You were really moving. You must wonder what you could have done if your training would have been what you wanted. You have so much more in you, and that is exciting.

  6. Congratulations on a great race! It sounds like you felt pretty good throughout so that bodes well for a strong NYC. I can wait to follow both you and Richie in that race.

  7. Great detailed race report! What a great finishing time!

    Nope, I can't do math and run either! Too busy running!

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  9. Glad you found the Garmin! you're right about races being great mood atmosphere. You said "Whether or not you PR", and as a frequent cheerleader I would say "whether or not you run". I always love being in the sidelines, though I'm a little jealous that I'm not running too.

  10. Lindsay, that's a great half. All the time I was reading about your troubles I knew you'd run a fast half, you're training has been so good!

  11. Sick, I tell you. That's freaking FAST!!!

    So glad you found the Garmin. Whew!

    And why aren't you traveling with your inhalers?!

  12. "slow and steady wins the race", LOL I bet every fortune cookie had the same message. I LOVE that you had Mint Cho chip ice cream, thats my girl!!

    FAST and FAST!! Great run liitle lady, and without a Garmin...if only...I have zero clue how fast (or slow) I am going without mine.

    Geezzz Coral #1, you are truly Chasing the Kenyans...pretty sure the Kenyans were near the finish once my Coral 5 moved to start.

    Hugs and congrats!!

  13. Congratulations. Great half-marathonh for not tapering too much.

  14. Your time is actually pretty damn good! Good thing you found Captain America!

  15. Your running times are just plain sick! You'd probably pass me on my bike! Nice race-and I must bitch here since it's my job......always pack the inhalers!

  16. Nice!!! Amazing week of running! Captain America..that's funny! Congrats on the great time!

  17. Great finish time!

    That's so sad about the man who passed. :(

  18. Great race! Nice report! "You rocked it." Way to go!

  19. WTF. So wait... your legs were tired and you pulled of a HM in 1:30ish... I HATE YOU. Yup. Defriending your fast @ss right off my reader... J/K! Rock on girl! CONGRATS!!! :) Guess who's back... back again!

  20. With so many things going "wrong", I would have been SUCH a wreck.

    Going into a race without a plan and still pulling off such a killer time = awesome!

    You rock, Lindsay! Congrats!!!

    Sorry to hear about the man who passed away. I always hate hering news like that. :(

  21. Niiiice! Way to fly!

    (And yes, mid-race math ALWAYS gets me too. Ha.)

  22. Hey, nice race, and on tired legs no less. Good threshold workout.

  23. Congrats girl! Good race and having the Garmin not lost-lost is a plus. Your photo posing is almost as dorky as my photo posing. We dorks gotta stick together.

    Congrats again. Job well done!

  24. HUrray! I am SOOOO happy for you! Nice race! I bet you'll go sub 3:20 in NY, in fact, I can bet you will. Hope the mojo is back! You have 2 more months till NY and you will get faster and faster! Ana-Maria

  25. Excellent time considering the last few weeks, the tiredness, etc, etc! GREAT JOB! Just awesome!

    I appreciate you sharing about asthma, just because I can relate since I recently found out about mine. My medicine is working and I can't believe I've been running all this time without getting help.

  26. Great job! I love the race math quote, so funny.

    Glad you found your Garmin as well.

  27. Congrats on a great race!
    I must be in the minority in that I spend way too much time doing math on my runs.

  28. OMG! Awesome time! I would be over the moon w/ that time! Congrats!! Your running schedule is unbelievable and obviously it shows!
    Glad you found Garmin. I, too, would have been freaking out w/out it!

    You are so awesome!

  30. you did AWESOME! you raced hard on tired legs, you boosted your confidence, you gave yourself a good marathon goal... perfect :) really couldnt have gone any better right? i mean PRs are always nice but if they came every time, we might take them for granted ;) you are going to have a GREAT race in NYC!!!

  31. A 7.22 average mile pace over 13 miles?! That's not TOO shabby, yahHH you could have done better...:) You're funny. Good job. Sometimes the way your legs feel don't tell the whole story during a race.

    That night before stuff, how annoying for you. I have heard, though, that no one really gets a good rest the night before a race, it's the night before the night before that they say is when you need your quality sleep. So, I just keep that in mind and it somewhat puts my mind at ease when I can't fall asleep.

    Also, at least your Garmin was at home though.

  32. Speedster!!!! Way to go!

    I love mint choc. chip ice cream, btw. Yum!

  33. Way to go! Thanks for the great race report. I love the Rock 'n' Roll events.

  34. OH my gosh I hadn't heard about the guy who died near mile 12 that's awful! I saw a bunch of people near the finish line not looking good, but just kind of heat exhaustion type stuff.

    Congrats to you on a great race! P.S. I totalllly saw the guy in the super short American flag shorts near the start.

  35. congrats on the great race! i'm hoping to really push myself on my next race as well--it may not be a pr but i want to get to the end with nothing left.
    great job!

  36. I don't know how you do it...great race for not really having a game plan. Let's see, you can finish the NY City Marathon, get a massage, get something to eat, get another massage, got some more to eat, relax a little, then come watch me finish. I still hate you!

  37. wow what a great running week, ummmm i only hope to someday run a half marathon that fast at FULL effort... so you pretty much rock ;)

  38. Great race! You will have to figure out a way to lie on the beach and inhale spaghetti and mint choc chip ice cream before every race!

  39. Awesome race and great pace! Congratulations, girl. And so happy your Garmin is not lost.

  40. Great job, nice pace not bad for tired legs me thinks!

  41. Apparently you didn't get the "wear flag shorts" memo, lol. Sounds like a great race, and of course you had a fabulous time, PR or not. SO glad you found your Garmin, that would have been terrible to lose it. That is too bad about the guy that died, really really sad :(

  42. Excellent job! I looooove sprinting the finish too! It's just a great feeling to end it all strong. :) And of course, passing people is always fun at the last minute. Heh heh.

    Glad your Garmin was at home waiting for you.

  43. That's a great race time, especially with no taper!

  44. Great race, considering all the circumstances. Hopefully this is the race/run that you needed to get over that training slump that you've been in recently. You don't seem too pleased with your time, I guess since it wasn't a PR, but that's a great time (in my mind)! I think I'm shooting to hit around that time for my half, we'll see how that turns out.

    Sad news about the runner, and kind of freaks me out since I fainted in my first XC race in high school. Not the same, but still..

  45. Well done, Lindsay!!! Excellent time!!! WooHoo

  46. It took me a couple days to settle in with my snack for your lengthy report... J/K

    Great report and it sounds like you made some super smart "game time" decisions in regard to your race plan. You still got an awesome effort and you haven't lost your Garmin! Woo hoo!

    (What's up with all the flag shorts?)

  47. just catching up, ass-kickin' in another race! Great job :)

  48. Hmm. You know I often wonde about you runner types. A 1:36 HM and it isn't your peak. Maybe I should stick to thehigher elevation stuff.

    Great race! I think the thing that is the coolest is your photo. Everywhere around you there is real pain on faces, and you're clowning it up! Ha ha!

  49. that is a great race time! it seems like everyone in north american ran that race, I keep seeing it mentioned online. did the garmin turn up or is it really gone?

  50. dur, just saw you found it at home. reading comprehension!

  51. I think just the possibility of having lost my Garmin would be enough to pretty much kill me mentally . . . great job toughing it out, and running a GREAT race! I'm really glad you found it at home in the end. I love happy endings like that! :)

  52. WOW WEE!! 52 comments ~ you are Ms Popular!!!

    I just wanted to tell you how awesome I think you did in this race! Like really awesome!!! You were flying girl!!! I say you were running with the kenyans, not chasing them!!! You are wicked fast my friend!!!! Congrats on a great race!

    I am glad you found your garmin too!!!

    That is sad about the man who lost his life during the race!!!

  53. Great race, and your fast!
    I like your previous motivation post - So true.

  54. Hold on, girl. Let's see... sore shins, lack of motivation, asthma, ..., and you still run 60+ miles/week??!!?
    Congratulations on your race! And that's a great picture of you btw!

  55. Whew - 62 miles!!! WOW. I'm lucky to get 30 in one week without falling apart.

    Sounds like you had an AMAZING race!! I can sympathize with the Garmin freak out. I am so addicted to mine it's pathetic. And yes - mid-run math is impossible!

    Great race!

  56. I love that you run 1:36 while flustered, on untapered legs! Godo job!

    Really, I should be paying attention to your running schedule and give it a whirl if I want to make it to NYC myself!

    (I say as I sit on the computer on a Sat am instead of running...)

  57. NICE job on the half! And without a taper too? That's just plain badass. I dream of being as speedy as you! Maybe I just need more mint chocolate chip ice cream in my pre-race routine...(I love that stuff too!)

    Glad you are getting over your running funk too, I've had the same kind of feeling the last couple weeks and am finally starting to get out of it too...maybe its some kind of crazy end-of-summer marathon training affliction?

  58. Hey, Lindsay, late congrats on a fantastic run! Sooo glad Garmie's not lost--and no, I can't do math on the run either.

  59. A solid effort, indeed!!

    Well done on your race. I ran the RnR half a few years back as a fun run and enjoyed the flat course, entertainment and nice finish along the beach. Sad to hear about the runner who died, though. Glad your Garmin was not really lost!



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