Thursday, October 1, 2009

over the top

earlier this week i received the "over the top" blog award from kelly, and then felt double the love when jess tagged me with it again today! thanks friends :) in order to accept the award, i must play along and then pass it on, so here goes...

answer the following questions with only one-word answers:

1. where is your cell phone? desk
2. your hair? debatable
3. your mother? funny
4. your father? wise
5. your favorite food? chocolate
6. your dream last night? unmemorable
7. your favorite drink? water
8. your dream/goal? ambitious
9. what room are you in? warehouse
10. your hobby? running
11. your fear? failure
12. where do you want to be in 6 years? retired (yeah i know, i just turned 25)
13. where were you last night? hotel
14. something you aren't? decisive
15. muffins? allergic
16. wish list item? beach-house
17. where did you grow up? sc
18. last thing you did? ate
19. what are you wearing? steel-toes
20. your tv? cable-less
21. your pets? none
22. your friends? awesome
23. your life? excellent
24. your mood? tired
25. missing someone? no
26. vehicle? escape
27. something you're not wearing? hardhat
28. your favorite store? grocery
29. your favorite color? green
30. when was the last time you laughed? september
31. last time you cried? september
32. your best friend? j
33. one place that you go over and over? work
34. one person who emails you regularly? coworkers
35. favorite place to eat? carinos

these things always feel like a cheesy myspace survey, but yet i love doing them all the same. i am passing this one along to fellow runners who are currently suffering through enjoying their tapers/marathon redemption recovery. i know i have a hard enough time writing a post on a regular day, let alone while tapering/taking some time off. (so no excuses taper-ers!)

aron of runner's rambles, preparing to run cowtown and clinch a bq.
matt of kitchen of a runner, gearing up for chicago.
carlee of chasing forrest gump, looking forward to hartford.
marlene of mission to (a)nother marathon, recovering from an awesome marathon redemption.
morgan of caution: redhead running, getting ready to chase down matt in chicago.
glenn the running fat guy, winding down for long beach.

running?? oh right... been doing a little of that lately too. nothing exciting. actually, i'm struggling again this week and really starting to wonder/worry about nyc. i'd consider deferring to 2010 but my parents already bought their plane tickets and hotel reservation to come watch. at this rate it looks like it will become a fun run.... sigh.

monday (9/28) - easy 5.3, cut short, my concrete blocks-for-legs were not cooperating so i thought i'd go easy on them. 64* and slightly crispy air, welcome back asthma.
tuesday (9/29) - easy 10.2, legs felt a little better but still heavy. 55*, wore the one t-shirt i packed. i figured i had a couple more weeks of tank-top weather before i needed to bring warmer running clothes. not enjoying the crisp-air-induced-wheezing, but i think the cooling temps made my easy pace feel easier.
wednesday (9/30) - easy 20-minutes and upper body workout. nothing like ending the month with a bang.... or fizzle.
thursday (10/01) - very slow and depressing 5k (distance by chance). lead legs; they're kind of sore but not really. they just don't want to turn over. after an extremely slow, plodding warmup i knew the planned interval workout was not going to happen. combined with an emotional breakdown (or something) i called it quits. i am in a funk! (again!) i swear, i think i'm running-bi-polar.

only one month until nyc... i wonder how well a 4-week taper would go over? can i just start now?


  1. WOO NYC!!! I want to come out to cheer you and all the peeps I know running NYC!!!!

    We should try to say hello!!!!!!

  2. Wow. One month till your marathon! You sound really excited about it. :) Well, the taper part you do. Maybe you could take a few days off to shake out the cement. Maybe that will help you get in a few weeks of quality runs before you taper. I had to take today off because the top of my left foot felt sore and bruised. Strange, but it actually hurt to run and it was affecting my pace, so hey, maybe it will feel better tomorrow.

    What do they serve at Carinos?

  3. Is NYC really 4 weeks?! I'd start tapering, but I'm kind of a bum like that. :o)

  4. A fear of Failure WILL go away.. I used to feel that way...once I became a Mom I realized that failure is a part of everyday life..

  5. Thanks for the tag!

  6. Great post!
    I always love reading other people's info. :) Love me some Carinos!
    NYC!! Get ready!!

  7. "Bi-polar" is an excellent description of my training, too. You've been doing a great job! Give it one more week before the taper!

  8. "cable-less"?!

    I lurve my cable. Maybe if I didn't adore my cable so much, I can pull off some 50-60 mpw's!

    You've done the guts of your training, Lindsay. If your legs are feeling leaden, they might welcome an early taper.

    Knowing you though, that early taper ain't happenin'.

  9. You've got the one month 'til a race are not alone. We all get this way once and a while (hell, mine comes every 2-3 months-) Plus, its the weather, I am blaming EVERYTHING on the weather--its a lot of fun--you should try it! Go buy you some warm under armour girlie running clothes at Dicks and it will be all good ;) (yes, I just said the cure was shopping--hehe).
    You are going to ROCK NYC, baby!!!!

  10. Hahah a four week taper sounds rocking! Your legs would be sooooo rested lol!

  11. 4 week taper... you? Yeah right! You'd never manage... you'd go crazy!!!!

  12. NYC?! That's so exciting! I hope you have a great time!

  13. I love reading and completing these little things too. Thanks for the tag!

    What is up with those concrete block legs of yours? I hope you feel light as a gazelle next week!

  14. Don't let too many worries creep in! Let the taper do its job and then go rock NYC!!!!

  15. YAY thanks for the tag!! i think i will do it today :) need some distractions! i like this one too :)

    one month! well less now :) you are going to do great girl, just have fun with it!

  16. Yeah - I'd like to find out what causes that dead/heavy feeling. When it happens I find that a day or two of rest seems to help, but a few days after that things just kind of feel the same.

    Thanks for the "Over the Top" love! Since today is an SRD it will give me something to blog about tomorrow AM.

    And thanks for your guidance on Saturday's 5K. I've been doing some speedwork this week (intervals yesterday, strides on Tuesday), so I think I'll pass on the race.

    Have a great weekend!

  17. I know. But you're so close to the marathon-- hang in there for one more week and then you get to taper.

    Cute surveys!

  18. Great answers, too bad about muffins, I love 'em! Sounds like one of those funks again. It couldn't have come at a worse time, you're so close to NYC! Hang in there, you'll get over it, like last time!!

  19. I agree with Kristin. Shopping for running related items, or making a new running playlist always do the trick for me. Lindsay, seriously, you are going to have a great race. I'd say, lower the mileage a bit so your legs get a real rest, and crank the speed during the next weeks! Most importantly, be good to you!

  20. Everyone feels that way sometimes - like taking a break. Whether you rest or work hard for another week, I bet it will be just what you needed!

  21. The question is not whether you're ready for NY, the question is whether NYC is ready for YOU!!!

    See I'm not so sure 4 weeks is enough for all of us locals to prepare for your arrival! Haha!

  22. Hey girl! Runners World is a ode to NYC marathon!!! Check it out :) Give a shout out to Tara from Biggest Loser when you pass her at the marathon ;)

  23. Hang in there yo. Really, you will be ready for the marathon. And then you'll have another marathon and training cycle in the books to learn from.

  24. Oh no, have the lead legs hit you too? Bugger!

  25. I love these posts! Thanks for sharing with us! :)

    I can't believe it's just 4 weeks until NYC! Well, I guess that makes sense, seeing as how Chicago is next fricking week already! Eeek! Hang in there, girl. I'd say maybe try to take a day or two off, and then regroup for a big week . . . then start your taper next week. You can do it!! :)

  26. I always joke that I am ready to retire too:)