Monday, October 26, 2009

testing, testing, 1-2-3

to sum it up - last week was pretty boring, but i like to talk about my boring running anyway.

week in review (10/19 - 10/25):
total miles: 32.25 (guess i could technically call it taper and not laziness)
time spent running: ~ 4 hours 40 minutes
avg hr: 154.50
avg pace: 8:51/mile (avg temp: 60.25*)
off days: 2

monday - off. it's no secret, i'm still not feeling 100% (and i'm quite nervous about it). i felt ok monday, but thought a day of rest wouldn't hurt after the 20-miler since i've been feeling like junk anyway.

tuesday - easy 7 miles. most of it in the dark. i hate winter.

wednesday - race test workout, take 1. came home from work to a plugged-in-yet-dead garmin. wimpy excuse, but i took it. easy 3 miles instead.

thursday - race test workout, take 2. ran my warmup miles over to the track to discover there was a jv football game going on. i swear i looked online and it said @whoevertheopponentschoolwas. easy 40 minutes instead. found a tennis ball which kept me entertained, but when i'd bounce and catch it while running i'd get that lightheaded/dizzy/nauseous feeling having to look up at it. what is wrong with me :(

friday - easy 5 miles before work. half-asleep.

saturday - off. county cross-country meet all morning; wasn't really digging a run afterward. the team i sorta help out with (more so when i'm actually home) swept first place in all four categories - girls varsity, girls jv, boys varsity and boys jv. overhead some kids from another school ask "why did we even bother coming".

on a side note, the boys xc coach and his wife are expecting. he's missed some practices lately because of it, and when he told his team one of the middle schoolers asked "expecting what?" so naive. :)

sunday - race test workout, take 3. finally handled. 3x2 miles at threshold pace. initially i told myself i'd do the first set at my starting goal mp, and pick it up for the 2nd and 3rd sets, as i have been planning on starting out slower and speeding up as the race goes on. it's quite the intimidating thought really, i'm supposed to be xx seconds/mile faster 20 miles into the race? oh ok, sure. anyway, my brain wasn't functioning and i went out too fast and basically all 3 sets were screwed up.

1st set - 7:18, 7:24 (no, i have no desire to run a 7:18 pace.)
2nd set - 7:35, 7:38 (this would've been ok if i'd stuck to the original plan and not gunned threshold pace in set 1)
3rd set - 7:07, 7:28 (nope, won't be handling a 7:07 either)

guess i shouldn't plan on negative splits.

i was also beginning to feel that ever-familiar "off"/lightheaded feeling in the 2nd set. grrr. this was supposed to be a "race test" to see how i might handle running harder vs my standard easy pace (which is manageable).

the "off" feeling first came on after a hard interval workout a few wednesday's ago, and i'm rather concerned about trying to run hard this weekend. i have some goals i'd like to hit of course, but if it comes down to it - i'll pull back and try to enjoy a jaunt through the city. i'd rather run slow than drop out, pass out, or worse... i won't lie though, the possibility of training for 5 months and having to run a marathon easy kinda stinks.


  1. I hope you feel better this weekend. It does suck to train for a long time, then have to take it easy in a race. If you have to do it, though, I think New York is a great marathon to slow down and take in the sites. From what I hear, there's never a dull moment.

    At least you've got Boston waiting in the wings, so if New York doesn't go so hot then you can feel better and focus in on Boston.

  2. Sometimes when you taper you feel worse, but don't worry it will come together for you. It will be an amazing experience.. I want to run NY someday.

  3. 3 sets of 2 miles x threshold pace is a bit drastic. Don't sweat the spacey feeling...I think it's probably from running too fast in the opening mile. My suggestion is to run at even pace and not plan on negative splitting.

    Either way, rest and recover! No need for fast or hard miles anymore. Run like you're capable of on Sunday and you will be fine.

    Race goal should be to run conservative in the first half and if you feel good, open up and be aggressive in the second. Either way, make sure you enjoy yourself.

    It's really getting close now...

  4. Sorry you are still feeling under the weather. Hope you feel stronger and better real soon and really enjoy the NY marathon experience. I will keep my fingers crossed for you!

  5. Lindsay,
    I'm pulling for you this weekend to do well and to feel better. Remember listen to your body--its not about how fast we finish but what is in the journey....goodluck!

  6. I really hope you feel better SOON! Enough is enough! :)

    I hate winter running, too. There is NO time to run in daylight. Be careful!

    "on a side note, the boys xc coach and his wife are expecting. he's missed some practices lately because of it, and when he told his team one of the middle schoolers asked "expecting what?" so naive."

    That's hilarious! Middle school kids are the most awkward creatures EVER! I wish I could just erase that embarrasing time! :)

  7. You make me laugh. I like your dry humor. I can only dream about having the stamina to train at your level. Good job on the tapering. I can't wait for your big day.

  8. Feel better, Lindsay! Have you seen a doctor about your lightheadedness? (is that even a word?)

  9. Lindsay, I hope you have the best race ever. Just rest up and enjoy everything about this race, every little moment.
    Tapering is such a bizarre time, ignore those negative feelings and get ready for the big day! Good luck!

  10. That is funny about the kids and the Tennis ball :)

    I hope you feel better...that is one FAST workout!!

  11. So my thoughts of doing a full marathon will be as I expected.....hard! Glad I have decided on it taking about 2 years to accomplish! I'm kind of glad to put running on hold for now, I had a hard time doing it in the winter months-the cold toes, UGH!

  12. Lam's advice is sound. It's been a very eventful training cycle for you. We all know you are a talented, hardworking and determined runner, so whatever happens, happens. 26.2 is a long way, but I think you are going to surprise yourself!

  13. I hope you have an amazing turnaround in the next couple of days. You've got the training and the heart, best of luck in the race!!

  14. And I quote;

    Me - "I have a girl crush on Lindsay, not in the, I would turn gay for her way, but in the, she's bad ass and I want to be as fast as her someday way"

    True story.

    You rock girl and you're going to rock it this weekend one way or another. Take it easy, carb up and kill it!

  15. Aw, girl . . . I hope you feel better this weekend. Rest up--nothing crazy in these last few days, k? :) I do agree that should it come down to it, slowing down and taking in the sights/crowd/energy/etc. at NYCM is not a bad way to go. At least you'll have lots of entertainment!

    Rest up, chica!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you feel 100% on Sunday! :)

  16. Damn, I'm so sorry that you still aren't feeling 100%. What the heck is up?? An appointment with the doc might be in order soon if you keep having the dizzy spells. :(

    Hopefully everything will click on Sunday and you'll be able to have the stellar race you've worked for. Just be smart, and have fun!

  17. i've got my fingers crossed for you that you get this all out of your system for Sunday... i bet that the atmosphere and everything around you will make you feel amazing. take care of yourself!!

  18. I hope you don't get stuck having to run the race easy, but you're right it's definitely better than not finishing at all! Sending good vibes your way for an awesome weekend!

  19. Have you been to a doctor? Middle ear or inner ear infection? Has a lot of the same symptoms you are describing - loss of balance causing lightheadedness and nausea.

    Hope you get it resolved!

    An you and I should devise some "Three Weeks to Your First Marathon" plan. It may not be correct, but I bet we'd get wealthy selling it!

    Best of luck and hang in there!

  20. I hope you're feeling better and that the lightheaded, yucky feeling stays far far away during your race!

  21. You're almost there. Take it really easy this week and hopefully the extra rest will help you feel better.

  22. I hope you feel better soon! Sometimes, honestly you just have bad running weeks. Plus taper is a letdown anyways with barely any running going on at all...
    Personally, I think you're gonna rock this marathon, however :)

  23. Lindsay, I'm hoping the yuckiness/don't-feel-like-yourself is just product of a very hard training season. Whatever happens, enjoy New York.

    Remember, all you can do is run the race that unfolds in front of you with endurance and grace--and you've got both in spades.

    Thinking of you, L.

  24. You're still getting the dizzy spells?

    Has your doc checked out the usual culprits? Dehydration, low blood pressure, low blood sugar, thyroid, inner ear infection, etc.? This seems to have been going on for a while now.

    And as for the training - yeah - what Lam said ;)

  25. for some reason you're not showing up on my blog's "dashboard." GRRR...I must comment to you saying "i won't lie though, the possibility of training for 5 months and having to run a marathon easy kinda stinks." LOL-not for me it doesn't! I hope you're feeling better, and hopefully somehow, someway we'll bump into each other in NY. I know it won't be while running, though!

  26. I would take your naive middle schoolers any day! Mine would never ask that because most of them have at least one friend who is pregnant. Seriously. Not naive!

  27. Bad running days/spells happen to everyone, and they go away as quickly as they come. Tell yourself you'd rather feel this way now than on race day. Also, it's certainly healthy to be prepared to fade a tiny bit in the second half, as that happens to the best of us. But by telling yourself ahead of time that you WON'T negative split, you aren't even giving yourself a chance to do so. Prepare for the worst, but expect the best!

  28. Good luck this weekend! Sometimes taper makes you feel awful, but I have no doubts that being excited on race day will go well. Try for even splits and effort over the course of hte race-- Lam has solid advice!

  29. Training hard then having to run an easy marathon sounds better than training hard and ending up trying to catch the medical van to the finish line because you're bleeding from the face!

    But seriously, do what you need to feel good. If that means running the race easy, haul your camera and pretend to be a super-fast tourist. I'm really sorry you're still having issues and I hope you're 100% ASAP!

  30. Oh, sorry to hear you're still not feeling 100% :-(

    I hope it goes away soon or you're able to find out what's causing it and get it fixed. You've worked so hard and I have no doubt that you could PR big time if you could run without dealing or worrying about that ickiness. I'm pulling for you!!!

  31. You run with a tennis ball?! Congrats on the first place team wins! Hope you feel great on marathon day!

  32. Funny to hear that all it takes is a tennis ball to distract you, good to know! That sounds like a tough workout: 3x2miles, I think you did pretty well! I would have gone out too fast like you did too, I hate that!!

    Like always, feel better. Get some rest and I'm sure you'll do fine at the race.

  33. I'm going to be cheering hard for you this weekend, from my perch here in upstate NY. I hope that everything comes together for you on Sunday!!!!!!