Tuesday, December 1, 2009

behind again (november 2009)

my how time gets away from me. i don't feel like i'm good with time-management these days. i know i tend to blame it on work/commuting/being away from home but it still seems like i am insufficient compared to other mid-20's "professionals" (and really, everyone else in the world no matter the age or phase of life). how does everyone else get more done?!

anyway. here are what are hopefully the last hotel-life stats for 2009 (and it better be since i've already paid rent for december). i've enjoyed working out in the field and exploring a new state, but 9 months in a hotel/driving home every other weekend is wearing me down.

week in review (11/16 - 11/22):
total miles: 30.4
time spent running: ~ 4 hours 26 minutes
avg hr: unknown, didn't wear hrm
avg pace: 8:54/mile (avg temp: unknown*)
off days: 2

week in review (11/23 - 11/29):
total miles: 24.23 (a bunch of dinky 3 milers)
time spent running: ~ 3 hours 34 minutes
avg hr: 161.5
avg pace: 8:51/mile (avg temp: 58.5*)
off days: 1

a very unimpressive thanksgiving week. you'd think with the extra time off, ability to run mid-day on my old, familiar, safe running routes would've motivated me to run all day long. nope, all i wanted to do was sit on the couch. actually i was semi-motivated to rake leaves, but i wasn't able to finish because there are a ton. i'm sure by the time i finish raking these leaves it will be fall 2010 and i'll have a fresh batch.

josh helped finish up various house projects and i made a few more donations to home depot, something else i hadn't done since february/pre-kentucky. sometimes owning a house is no fun - you have to pay for these people to come out and do work (uh like re-doing insulation in the crawlspace, no thanks). i could've gone on a sweet trip to s.america for $900 but no, had people come crawl under my house instead.

i did ok with thanksgiving feasting (2 dinners! oink oink)... until dessert time. i love sweets; i had to be forklifted away from the table. josh and i went to see the trans-siberian orchestra on friday which was cool. i only know their two christmas songs which i sometimes randomly sing to myself during a speed workout. the violinist (anna phoebe) kept flipping her hair every other note, and with her leggings and constant wide-legged squat/lunge she made me think of peter pan. [photo cred]

i'm not hating though, it was a fun show - funky music, awesome lighting effects, and entertaining people-watching.

november 2009
total mileage: 103.78 (hangs head)
time spent running: 15:04:52
avg pace: 8:56/mile
days off: 12 (mostly post-marathon rest/recovery)
avg resting hr: not measured
avg max hr: 180.29

technically i could call this marathon recovery mode, but that would require me stepping up my game again and actually logging some decent miles in december...


  1. "forklifted from the table".....that totally cracked me up!

    Hey, I'm hoping to hit the 300 mile mark FOR THE ENTIRE YEAR before Dec 31rst-stop hanging that head! Hoped for 500, damn fractures!

  2. You work so hard when you're training...I say live it up for awhile! Glad you don't have to commute anymore. Home is home.

  3. I LOVE the Tran Siberian!! Every year though, I miss the shoe. This year it was night before my last half. UGH! I need to see them. I am an orchestra dork so I would probably love any show like that.

  4. I LOVE the Tran Siberian!! Every year though, I miss the shoe. This year it was night before my last half. UGH! I need to see them. I am an orchestra dork so I would probably love any show like that.

  5. Woah, awesome pics! There's nothing wrong with a little dessert, right? I'm the same way though...I'm a "sweet stuff" addict. If there are chocolate chips in the house to make cookies, I usually end up cracking the bag open and eating them before cookies are ever attempted. Oh well. :-/

  6. never heard of Tran Siberian! Glad you're settling in a bit, can't imagine being in a hotel that long...

  7. I want to go see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. I'm an Electric Light Orchestra fan/geek from the 70's, so they sound like a group I'd enjoy seeing. Glad to see some stability in your life. Hopefully no hotel living means more organizational time for you. Probably not, since you tend to be a procrastinator...is that a word?! :-) I know your decrease in running mileage will soon be offset by you once again over-achieving and making us all look bad.

  8. Sounds like a perfect Thanksgiving to me! I am glad you enjoyed the food and the much deserved rest.

    LMAO at donations to Home Depot....I totally feel your pain.

  9. Don't be too hard on yourself, you need to have some down months to avoid burnout!

  10. You're allowed some down time after running a marathon! Pick up your head. :)

    Sounds like Thanksgiving Weekend was nice... mmm, dessert!

  11. Who's Josh? Is "J" jealous? LOL.

    Your post NYC mileage totals are about the same as Richie's and he's basically on the same NYC->Boston plan you are. Although he's going to pace a few guys to a 3:45 in the Gasparilla marathon in February. Hopefully I won't be one of them. I'd like to be faster than that.

  12. lol about being forklifted from the table...dessert is definitely my demise as well haha

    that carol of the bells song is great! i actually have gotten it in my head/listened to it quite a few times while running too haha. i don't know anything outside their christmas stuff either, but it looks like they put on a great show!

    congrats on being done living out of hotels! even if that means fun times at home depot..

  13. Enjoy the time off, you aren't recovering from a marathon, it's been a 24 week training grind. I think the Kenyans take 2 weeks with no running each year. Or I could be making that up.

  14. I suck at time management lately too. Seriously how is it December?

  15. Lol! I'm sorry you didn't get to take that trip to S. America!

    My little sis just got to play a duet with a violinist from the Trans Siberan!!!

    I'm so glad you finally got to spend sometime at home, even if you were dropping donations like it was your job. :)

  16. 3 miles is still 3 miles! i find i can get a good workout in in 3 miles :)

    i laughed my way thru this post. too bad about having to have people crawl under your house!!!!! s.america would be really cool...

    and I LOVE trans-siberian orchestra!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i soooo wanted to go see them when they were in boston but the timing didn't work out. LOVE them. they get intense!!!

  17. You shouldn't be so hard on yourself. I know from experience that hotel life can really wear you down... but on the bright side I have a lifetime supply of mini-shampoo, soaps, and lotions for the hypothetical future guest bathroom I will one day own.

  18. It sounds like you work A LOT. And I can tell you right now you've got more time management skills than I do. (I can flex my schedule how I want and usually just use it as an excuse to show up as late as I can and spend two hours playing farmtown before I attempt to do work...oops.) I think some people are better at going on auto pilot than others, and if you're not one of them...oh well. Living in a hotel can't help either. :-/

    I'm right with you on mileage for the month, btw. It happens! And anyone who claims to always be on top of everything and always prioritize running over sitting on their ass is a liar. Or a freak. Or perhaps both. ;)

  19. i make lists, they help me get things done :) prioritize, and know that some things just WONT get done. its ok.

    hey no worries about your mileage... just keep doing what youre doing before you have to ramp up for boston training. enjoy the downtime and take advantage of it!

  20. LOL! I actually had a menatl image of you being forklifted off the table!

    Hey, I usually feel ashamed at myself, looking at your stats. A few weeks in recovery mode is nothing to be ashamed of. Enjoy!

  21. HAHA, your lazy recovery mileage is my current marathon prep mileage!!! You are doing great! Enjoy all the sitting on the couch.

    AND YAY for the end of hotel life. Yikes. I'd travel all the time if I could transport my kitchen and bed with me - yeah, so I guess that means I wouldn't travel all the time :)

  22. Im actually jealous. I would have loved to see the Tran Sibierian Orchestra. Pretty much because I love live music like that.

    As for Thanksgiving, I think the only reason I left the table was because I got lonely being the last one sitting down. But that's what happens when running speeds up your metabolism and you have an appetite.

  23. I hear you on the $$ for home maintenance/repairs. Never a fun way to spend.

    And I had to be forklifted from the Thanksgiving desserts too. LOL

  24. You deserve some laziness and fun, even some heavy fork-lifting! Live it up! By the way, what's next for you girlie?

  25. I know your plight. Right after getting my MBA, I went to work for a large management consulting firm. I lived out of a suitcase for a while. Commuted from L.A. to Chicago. Yes it does wear you down. I think your mileage is very commendable considering the situation. Even to this day, when travelling, all I seem to want to do is veg in my room at night.

    And next year, if you want to limit desserts, just drop me a line (gjhome00 at gmail dot com). I promise I'll leave a slice of pie for you!

  26. Most mid-20s "professionals" do not train for marathons! I think you're amazing at time management.

  27. I too had to be forklifted away from the Turkey Day table:) I can't imagine having to commute and travel like that for almost a year. I'm glad it's over for you!

  28. I had three different kinds of deserts on Thanksgiving night (small pie slices of french silk and peacan a few bites of apple pie). It was nice.

    Wow, 9 months in a hotel? That is definitely a culture shock going from that to being in a house. I actually lived hotel life like that when I was a 19 selling magazines door to door all over the country for nine months too. A home cooked meal was treasured and uncommon.

    Never heard of Trans Siberian. Looks exciting.

  29. Your awesome and funny and enthusiastic. I love reading your blog. You make me smile.

    Where is home, by the way? I feel like I should know this!!

    Nice stats by the way!!

  30. You deserved some rest! And, even with rest, you still racked up some good miles in November. I say, way to go!

    Have a good weekend!

  31. No hanging heads when recounting monthly miles.

  32. You definitely earned yourself some recovery, girl! No hanging your head allowed . . .

    Also, my ass had to forklifted from the table on both Thanksgiving AND the next day. Um, oops! :)