Sunday, December 13, 2009

week #2 on track

i hope i can make this good running behavior last.

week in review (12/07 - 12/13):
total miles: 44.80
time spent running: ~ 6 hours 28 minutes
avg hr: 160
avg pace: 8:38/mile (avg temp: 42*)
off days: 1

grumble grumble. my patience is being tested too much tonight with whatever-internet-service this is in kentucky. mozilla firefox, can we crash one more time for no reason? i know, scrolling through google reader is pretty taxing...

running went well this week, minus pushing thursday's speedwork to friday of course but what can you do. for the second week in a row i stuck to the schedule, getting in two quality workouts and a long run. the "long" run was only 12-miles but hey, i'm working my way back up there. i had a work christmas party saturday evening. the job site party is way better than the home office one - you can wear jeans and people don't suck up to the bosses the whole time. (what will i ever do when i can't wear jeans 24/7 anymore...) i was an answer in the trivia game for locking my keys in the car (i'm so famous) and scored a belgian waffle maker in the christmas raffle. it was weird seeing some of the guys in (somewhat) regular clothes and sans hardhat; more mullets than i was aware of.

ok since mozilla wants to continue to crash even if the computer is left idling, i'm giving up.


  1. We have a Belgian waffle maker, use it all the time. Congrats on winning. Congrats on running too.

  2. Good work with your training. I also love Belgian waffles, good score!

  3. takes 21 days to make a habit, you're 2/3 of the way there with being on track, you can do it! :D Enjoy the waffles!

  4. What i would give for a Belgian waffle maker. It would make for the perfect little reward at the end of my long runs.

    I was able to get in 14 miles yesterday, went to work, and then came home to my mom's christmas party. it wasn't too weird considering most of the teachers she works with are much closer to my age then hers. It was also funny to see my younger brother getting a little too buzzed. But it definitely left me tired today.

  5. Crashing computers...a personal pet peave. I feel your pain/frustration, anger...

    Good job on the running!

    And 12 miles IS a long run. That's almost a half-marathon.

    We love making waffles. Congrats!

  6. Good job on a solid week of training. Liked the mullet comment.

  7. WHat a great week you've had, well done.

    Belgian waffles...? I'm so used to wanting M&Ms after visiting your blog. This is a whole new experience!

  8. Nice job keeping up your running mojo. Your weekly stats look great. You should come work with me...we are a jeans all day everyday kind of office.

    WTG scoring the waffle iron.

  9. Hey, awesome job on the mileage. That would be a high mileage for me during training, LOL!

  10. great job with running! it feels nice to be on track. what speedwork are you doing? any suggestions for your favorite workouts? belgian waffle maker= i had one!!!! i don't know what happened to it... hhehe... i think it is at home and my dad uses it every so often :)

  11. BOO crashing internet. So annoying.

    Congrats on a solid week of training!

  12. Congrats getting back on track-- I'm looking forward to that.

    Waffles are um, amazing. Try them with PB-- SOOOOOOOOO good.

  13. I've had Mozilla firefox for years and love it! Never had any trouble with it at all. Sorry for yours.
    BTW.........I'm totally stuck on M&M's now. I needed to get my self off the tootsie rolls and all I did was change one for another! grrrrrr

    Nice job running!!!

  14. lol lol about the dudes mullets haha! And nice job with the running!

  15. Good job on the training this week. I used to use firefox exclusively, but with it crashing so much these days I tend to use google chrome most of the time

  16. Sorry to hear you are having internet problems. If you want you can try Firefox in Safe Mode ( to see if that fixes your issues.

    It is funny you should mention the waffle maker. I just heard a quote from comedian Mitch Hedberg today: "Waffles are like pancakes with syrup traps."

    Keep up the great training. You are doing awesome when you can say "only 12 miles"

  17. What a great running week! I love making pumpkin waffles!

  18. "more mullets than I was aware of." HAHAHA! LMFAO! Also, I'm gonna have to one up you . . . I'm moving into a field where I get to wear SWEATPANTS all day every day. Not bad, right?

    Mmmm, Belgian waffles! I WANT SOME! :)