Friday, December 31, 2010

athlete's plate: saving the best for last

jason of life of an aspiring athlete fame has a fun and yummy weekly installment of athlete-worthy meals. he chose to create his last menu of 2010 around me because he knew he had to go out with a bang.

go check out my menu here! don't worry, only one recipe contains m&m's. this stuff is actually healthy and realistic.

(for more entertainment, check out the marlene edition and the potty-centric suar menu)

i have to nominate next week's featured blogger -- so leave a comment and i just might pick you. first athlete's plate of 2011, those are bragging rights! bribes are certainly accepted. (hey, it worked for me; thanks for the nomination marlene!)

Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 report card

allow me to fill your google readers with more posts about 2010 report cards and reflections. i'm sure we haven't quite seen enough of them yet. eventually i'll figure out my 2011 goals too, but i'm never on time with those.

first up - the goals of 2010. i feel a bit like i am tossing my dirty laundry into the washing machine and ridding myself of my not-quite-met 10 goals of 2010. i'm looking forward to a "clean slate" in a couple of days.

running/fitness goals B+
  1. run 3 marathons, for real this time. B-. again i only ran two (boston and kentucky) in the same week at that. i really had no excuse for not fitting a 3rd one in, other than the fact i was nauseous all year 'til september.
  2. pr in at least 3 distances. A+. granted, they were all automatic pr's in distances i had never raced before.
  3. do 5,000 12,000 abs and 120 150 minutes of planks. A++! setting a concrete goal really helped and i even had to up the anty halfway through the year. i exceeded on both counts (13,500 and 171).
  4. lose 15 pounds. trust me, i need to. whale fail. blub blub blub.
  5. beat my '09 miles (2025.10). B-. i failed, but at least i never got upset about it in july when i realized i would fall short. i'll end 2010 with 1500+ miles.

non-running goals A-
  1. get some stamps in my passport. A+. hello french poly. still working on convincing josh to move there.
  2. figure out how to plan my wedding and be a good maid-of-honor for my best friend's wedding. A+, if i do say so myself.
  3. pay off a solid chunk of the mortgage. A+. well i only did this for half the year, but i still paid off 10.52% in those 6 months.
  4. continue to spend quality time with friends/family. A? i guess. still suck at picking up the phone and talking, but i'm a good texter.
  5. renovate the master bathroom. another whale fail. did not even begin to attempt.

like the rest of society does with kids these days, i graded myself leniently. i did use red ink though, gasp! i can just feel my self-esteem decreasing!

Monday, December 27, 2010

white christmas

ladies and gentleman, we had a white christmas in south carolina!! this hasn't happened since 1963. we got about 3-4 inches and it was half-melted by the time i woke up the next day. it covered up the un-raked leaves nicely though.

some dorks on craigslist.
apparently i should give craigslist it's own tag here on ctk.

my secret santa gift came! i got this sweet handmade bright yellow scarf from my buddy karyn. her note said it could be a safety feature for running, but she was unsure if it even got cold here in sc. we get a few days in the teens and twenties, but most of our winter "highs" are in the 30's-50's. when it started snowing i went outside to take a picture and of course you can't tell that it is snowing, but there are a few flakes on my hat if you look closely.

some dork who appears to have no idea how to pose like a runner.
as you can see we get real dressed up at my house for christmas.
why yes! those are my $12 sweats i couldn't part with at boston.

she also sent an "ornament" (power bar gel) for my tree. the scarf is awesome though, because i love to wear scarfs to work no matter what the temperature is (you know i'm always on top of the fashion scene).

even santa knows how fashionable i am. he brought me these stylish "compression" socks. now if recovery socks/sugoi/etc would get on the ball with such fun designs...

my secret santa gift arrived safely at ginny's last thursday. go check out her obviously awesome present.

week in review (12/20 - 12/26):
total miles: 31.55
time spent running: ~ 4 hrs 44 min
avg pace: 9:02
off days: 2
  • mon: total laziness, again! ugh.
  • tue: easy 3.5mi plus weights/abs
  • wed: easy 6.5 plus yoga
  • thu: runmute plus abs
  • fri: easy 3mi with josh plus weights
  • sat: off. completely lazy. ate my weight in cookies.
  • sun: easy 11mi
i was slack on mileage and i'm also falling (way) short of my december goals. i think it was really making me depressed/mad at myself towards the end of the week when i realized i'm failing them. i am trying to make the most of it and looking forward to a fresh start in a few days, but also trying to not wish these last few days of 2010 away.

hope everyone had a merry christmas! and if you don't celebrate, you should look into it. who doesn't like getting presents from santa a stranger?

edited to add: check out my new post about the privilege of running on the honeymilk blog!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

pounds of fat

ok mathletes, and even you non-mathletes, here's an equation for you: (even i was capable of running the numbers, so no excuses!)

how many pounds of fat did you burn while running in 2010?
0.63 x your weight = number of calories burned because of running per mile (ncbbr)
ncbbr x number of miles ran in 2010 = number of calories burned because of running in 2010 (ncb'10)
ncb'10 / 3500 = how many pounds of fat you burned this year
*canadiens/kilogram-users: multiple your pounds by 0.4535 to convert to kg 

(3500 = appx. number of calories in a pound of fat)

my calculations said i ran off 67+ pounds of so far this year. that's pretty disgusting to think about. seeing as how i've roughly "maintained" the same weight all year that means i've eaten 67 lbs of fat throughout the year... gross.

hello eye-opener. good bye m&m's.

off for a 1,936mile run to burn some fat. i ate too many christmas cookies. and blueberry cheesecake.

(formula from runner's world)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Thursday, December 23, 2010


for the life of me, i will never understand why two similar runs can be so polar opposite.

well you know my name is simon
and i like to do drawerings.
i like to draw all day long
so come and do drawerings with me.
come and do drawerings with me!

this one guy used to say that alllll the time in studio. i was a landscape arch major before making the boring decision to switch to business (zzz). although i'd probably be unemployed right now if i was in the larch field...

guess i had to keep with my bi-polar theme by totally sidetracking there. back to the running...

yesterday i was plodding along, feeling pissed, upset and about to cry for no reason. i felt like i was running hard, but every glance down at my wrist showed i was barely hanging on to the low-9:00's. the pace definitely felt faster than it appeared.

yes, i decided to give myself clothes this time.
that is the new sugoi souchi tuke on my head,
a christmas present to myself.

today, my run-mute home from work felt slow and i figured i could blame it on the gusty wind (up to 20mph). however, garmin would tell me i was maintaining an 8:30-8:45 pace. what the heck? it felt slower than yesterday, yet somehow was faster. it's highly likely that my legs were just happy to not be at work. i also had to wear my glasses because i forgot my contacts; i haven't run in glasses since 7th grade, but luckily they didn't annoy me.

wednesday (12/22) pm run: 6.5 miles, 59:07 (avg pace 9:06), 55*
thursday (12/23) runmute: 7.5 miles, 1:05:30 (avg pace 8:44), 42*

(don't worry amber, i pre-drew these at work before runmuting home. typically getting out of work early + running = a good mood, so i was assuming i'd enjoy the run. the gamble paid off, i can use this drawering. yes i am aware it is supposed to be drawing.)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

secret santa

my run with jill secret santa gift is in the (priority) mail as of 12-o'something pm monday! get excited oh secret recipient of mine!

jill has lost some weight from the stress of
coordinating this gift exchange

normally i am tardier than tardy at giving gifts but i worked really hard to be a good blogger-santa and mail mine out on time.

want to see what i picked for my secret santa?

there was a $5 limit right? i sent an empty box, as the shipping was $5.95. so i'm gonna need you to pay-pal me $0.95 when you get a chance m'kay thanks.

just kidding. i sent my newly released cd with #1 hit "raise your 'ade". my agents and i are still tabling offers from a few record labels.

in the mean time... i'll just keep walking down to my mailbox every hour.


workout: lazy monday. copped-out. "i have a cold; i need to rest". blah.

Monday, December 20, 2010

raise your 'ade

jillian laid out a challenge for this week's mbe to do a 2010 wrap-up in poem form and left the definition of "poem" wide open. since my original rap was a flop (only 27 views on youtube? not the viral takeoff i was expecting) i've taken a slightly different route this time.

disclaimer #1: i am well aware that i cannot sing, even though i was selected for an easter duet when i was 6 and a solo in the church play when i was 13. i attempted to doctor it as much as i could. please don't hold it against me.

disclaimer #2: i do not yet know how to upload to youtube without losing so much photo quality :(

in case you want to drown out my awful voice sing along:
right, right course turns right
i'm gonna lose my gu tonight
what's the dealio?

i love running so much
4am turn the radio up
time to rock and roll

morning running, makes me stunning
call me up if you are coming
don't be lazy
just get crazy
why so serious?

i raise my 'ade 'cause i ran long
and ran a 5k
all my marathons, they will never be never be
anything but loud
making me a dirty running freak
won't you come on and come on and
raise your 'ade
just come on and come on and
raise your 'ade

run run love to run
green valley 10-mi was blazing fun
wish i wasn't nauseous
can't stop chasing the clock
i "ran" boston t'was more like a walk
then ran kentucky

dizzy summer; 5k bummer
three runs one night, burned some blubber
not enough though
still have fluff so
need to get serious


oh crap my gatorade's empty...
that sucks.

so if you're too school for cool
and you run like a fool
you should choose to let it go
'cause i always, i just always
run long on my own

so raise your

so raise your 'ade if you ran long
or ran a 5k
all my running nerds, we will never be never be
anything but loud
and nitty gritty dirty running freaks

won't you come on and come on and
raise your 'ade
just come on and come on and
raise your 'ade

special thanks to my blogging buddies for participating; i hope i didn't let you down.

one little tri jill
life of an aspiring athlete
my life with kettlebells
the running fat guy
caution: redhead running
runner's rambles
common objects and everyday events
age groups rock
run with jill
mission to another marathon

disclaimer #3: they are all awesome and should not be penalized for associating themselves with my grammy-winning vocals. in case you didn't get it, they were all "raising" their {beverage of choice}.

amber - 1 life

Sunday, December 19, 2010

weekly rundown: too few, too many

i am so glad you all claimed to like my artwork. i labored over them for hours ten minutes. i will do my best to channel my michelangelo skillz regularly. at work.

as for the husband for "sale" on craigslist, i am merely subscribed to the local craigslist free stuffs and furniture by owner in case a good deal pops up. sorry to disappoint.

week in review (12/6 - 12/12):
total miles: 29.44
time spent running: ~ 4 hrs 29 min
avg pace: 9:10
off days: 2
  • mon: total laziness. ugh.
  • tue: an early morning run! in 18*. i lasted 2.5miles.
  • wed: double laziness. yuck yuck.
  • thu: an attempt at a tempo, 10mi total
  • fri: easy 6mi with josh
  • sat: easy 5mi with terri
  • sun: easy 4.5mi with terri; easy 1.5 in vibrams

so after my three good weeks and a cutback week, apparently my body/mind were still in cutback mode and i had a pretty slack week. i learned i need to continue to declare my 30-min/day rule. i thought i'd stick to it without officially listing it on my monthly goals but apparently that's not good enough.

as for my tempo attempt - i averaged an 8:18... a solid 30 seconds slower than what i should be doing (and have done recently on other runs). i don't know if it was because it was my first non-easy run in cold weather since last winter (43*, but my asthma acts up in cool weather) or if i was being cautious in the dark.

spotted on my thursday run-mute

week in review (12/13 - 12/19):
total miles: 40.40
time spent running: ~ 5 hrs 53 min
avg pace: 8:54
off days: 1
  • mon: easy 4mi with josh
  • tue: 3mi tempo (7:39/mi avg)
  • wed: weights & abs
  • thu: another runmute! added on a bit to make it 9mi (normally 6-7)
  • fri: ran errands. literally. 5mi easy
  • sat: easy 3+mi
  • sun: long run with 6x800

oops. i wasn't supposed to hit 40 miles for another week or so. on saturday's short 'n easy run i got the stink eye from a runner girl who was overdressed; it was 37* and i was in shorts and longsleeve shirt. i'd illustrate that but i wasn't quite sure how to portray the stink eye via paint.

on friday i decided to run errands since my legs were a little achy from thursday's run-mute. i stopped at the post office and walmart. it was alright until the last mile when i started to get annoyed at carrying my bag.

craigslist | free stuff

this came up in my craigslist feed this week, didn't know if anyone would be interested. i know karyn is lookin' for love...

Free to who ever wants him...6'6, 350 lbs.
Has a good job where he sits down all day and takes naps whenever he wants, but wont help take care of his kids cause he says he has worked way too hard that day.
Will gripe about the house being dirty but wont help clean it, doesnt do laundry but will advise on how it needs to be done.
This man is perfect for the lady who has a garage or a shop where he can run too when asked to do something or to spend time w/kids.
Has a Harley and will rub it more than he rubs you.
Has friends that will move in on any giving day, eat all the food, run up the power bills and suck all the air and life out of the place.
Will not go around the in-laws but expects you and him to be present at every one of his family finctions. 
Will go out when he feels the need but when you feel the need he has something he needs to do and wont babysit or will babysit but will call you every 5 mins and ask when you are coming home. 
If you show up @ 4am and have been drinking he will expect you to stay up w/the baby so he can go back to sleep even though he can take a nap at will.........
If he is not gone by New Years i will post a Curb Alert.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

oh, firetruck!

look! more actual running-talk.

monday (12/13) pm "run": 4.05 miles, 41:47 (avg pace 10:19), 26*

the pace is incredibly skewed thanks to needing a pitstop. i had to squeeze the cheeks and shuffle for about a mile until i made it to the "woods" (two trees on the side of the road). i found a reason to like winter running.

you may not believe it, but i was selected for "art visions"--
a special art class for the 'gifted and talented' in elementary school.

why i can appreciate winter running:
less daylight. two trees on the side of the road can be considered "secluded".

downside to winter running:
pit stops are awfully cold on the cheeks.

tuesday (12/14) mid-day run: 6.15 miles, 50:22 (avg pace 8:11), 30* ("feels like" 18-22)

on monday night i decided i'd run during lunch tuesday. i was late for work because i forgot my running shoes and had to turn around. while working wandering around the building i discovered the locker room and shower (we just moved offices before thanksgiving). there is hope for my co-workers yet - i might not always smell like a gallon of bath and body works spray.

anyway. i went for a lunch run with 3-miles tempo. i am definitely better at tempo during daylight than in the evenings.

right around 1-mile i almost got hit by a firetruck turning into the fire station. all i could think about was how some people use "firetruck" as a substitute for a shorter version of the word. i also had the cold-weather runny-nose going on which i'm sure they found attractive.

yes there was a guy sprawled out in the back window like that.

i continued on, and after 2-miles i picked up the pace. about a quarter-mile into the tempo portion i glanced at garmin and saw i was running a 7:09. firetruck! yeah that was my mile repeat pace a few weeks ago, not sure i should start out a tempo run at the same speed. slowing down was not a problem though.

eventually i arrived back at work where i sort-of rinsed off in the newly discovered shower and dried off with the quality paper towels provided. i'm thinking my secret santa from jill's gift exchange could send a bottle of abercrombie or hollister perfume. i'll just pour it all over the floor of my cubicle like they do at the mall, everyone loves that subtle smell.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

little full, lotta sap

sorry to disappoint, but my tree is not really covered in gu.

(in case you missed it - tree disclaimer here)

our tree has a bit of a ba-donk-a-donk.

i was going to make an ornament for every marathon i did.
so far i'm only behind by 7.

our cake toppers have been reincarnated into ornaments.

finisher "medal" from the 2008 paris mtn 20k

my mom gets us a few ornaments every year - usually tied to childhood memories.
this one was for all the gingerbread houses we used to make.

"my first house" ornament.

the other marathon-ornament i actually made - baltimore.

hop on my "christmas blog-meme", show off your favorite ornaments (or holiday decor)!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

santa must be a runner

my tree topper even glows

i think some of my running company friends took pity on me and my hemorrhaging bank account last week as i was treated to a package-filled-porch. i won some speed laces from dorothy of mile posts, a package of honeymilk came just in time as i was starting to run low (horrors!) and now that josh is also running we can never have too much gu energy here in the ctk house (from kenley of the essence of running).

while decorating the tree with gu "ornaments" i may or may not have eaten a pack of chomps. thanks dorothy, honeymilk and kenley!

disclaimer about our charlie brown tree: my friend went up to the farm in nc and apparently this one's original owner wasn't able to pick it up, so she brought it back for us. yup, we got the reject tree. it worked out though because i don't have enough ornaments for a 6+ footer and i refuse to buy generic balls from the store. i like my ornaments to have a little meaning behind them.

Monday, December 13, 2010

runs with friends

i've realized lately that i don't talk about my daily runs much. i've tried putting thought into it, but mostly i feel pretty unbloggable on a day-to-day basis.

with the exception of this weekend of course, before terri (one of my longest blog-buddies) un-invites me from coming up for boston in april. terri came down to visit her dad me and in addition to being lazy/eating m&m's, we got to run together twice!

we got a late start saturday after a lazy morning and went out for an easy 5-miler in 50-ish degrees; a warm welcome for my boston friend. sunday's weather was not as nice to us as it steadily drizzled the whole time, but we got in another easy, gab-filled run. once back inside the house the rain stopped and the sun came out. go figure.

saturday 12/11 mid-day run: 5.02 miles, 45:41 (avg pace 9:06), 50*
sunday 12/12 am run: 4.5 miles, 40:58 (avg pace 9:06), 37*

three things you should know about terri:
  1. she makes delicious brownies.
  2. she is concerned about my heart-health and buys me dark chocolate m&m's.
  3. she's a running-sandbagger, always talking about being slow, and then she waxed me up the last hill on our run sunday morning. home field advantage i think not.

disclaimer about jill's gift exchange: i have begun to procure gifts for my secret santa but i still make no guarantees you get it before the post office shuts down for christmas. course you won't know this until you get it and find out i was your tardy secret santa, but you've been forewarned :)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

double dream hands (and free honeymilk!)

bored of your standard workout routine? here's a new workout for you to add in the mix: i find it's good for the shoulders and abs if you keep them engaged.

more {free} honeymilk!
check out honeymilk's gift guide for athletes. leave a comment on that post for a chance to win a variety pack of honeymilk! your chances of winning are pretty good so far :)

yes, i've been running. i suppose i'll talk about that next.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

dear santa, bring me a trane

while mother nature was busy lowering the temperature outside, my 15-year old gas pack was doing the same inside.

yes, i painted the hallway and later got a new thermostat.
no, i didn't bother to repaint.

so it was out with the old

and in with the new

they better be right when they say "nothing stops a trane".

to my secret blog santa from jill's gift exchange, feel free to send a donation towards josh's christmas present.


brian of a runner's blog is looking for some feedback regarding running and online tools/community. i have no idea what for, but i know you are all looking for an excuse to slack off at work anyway.

you can visit his blog to give your input, or i've copied the questions here in case you're lazy and i'll forward them to him.

1) What online tools do you use now?
2) What online tools would you like that you don’t have access to now?
3) What is the biggest obstacle to your experience as a runner online?
4) With regards to running, what is your favorite type of content to view online?
5) With regards to running, what kind of content is missing online?
6) Do you have any other comments?

Monday, December 6, 2010

stats, race & goals

clearly i've been in a bit of a blogging slump, but i also couldn't compete with matty's guest post.

after three decent weeks in a row, it was time for a cutback. i didn't really want to, but i forced myself to run less (showcasing some of the maturity i gained in 2010, woot).

week in review (11/29 - 12/5):
total miles: 29.16
time spent running: ~ 4 hrs 42 min
avg pace: 9:53
off days: 2
  • mon: weights & abs; yoga
  • tue: 70min on the trainer watching "coach carter"
  • wed: easy 6mi; weights & abs
  • thu: easy 6mi
  • fri: easy 9mi w/ hrm, crappy*
  • sat: 5k with sister**
  • sun: easy 5mi

*friday i gave my heart rate monitor a second chance. back in the summer it was annoying to wear and frustrated me to see a high hr when i ran an easy pace (by feel). apparently it's still being frustrating. i ran slower than my typical easy pace to keep my hr from creeping up, but that made my legs ache so bad i cut the run short. i'm certain that had i not listened to the hrm, my legs would have felt fine and i would've had a better run. the hr-forced slow pace was a solid 30-40 seconds/mile slower than what typically feels like an easy pace to me.

race - reindeer run 5k

**a couple weeks ago my sister asked if i wanted to do a 5k with her. i said sure, as long as it did not take as long as last time. i was excited that she wanted to do another run, and tried very hard to not bore her with my running nerdiness. for the most part, we stuck to a 6-min run, 1-min walk and she pr'd by 10 minutes, even though she didn't know what a pr was :o)

christmas-lights update: josh replaced the fuse and re-hung the lights to prevent future fuse-blowage. now they all work except for these 4 strands, which worked fine previously. whatever.

december goals:
better late than never

  • 40-hours of exercise - i think 25-30 hrs has been the "norm" so 40 should make me stretch
  • 8 early morning runs - classified as any run started before 7am. seeing as how i've had 2 since july, this is definitely a stretch
  • 4 long runs - 10-15 miles
  • 3 tempo runs; 3 speed workouts
  • abs - 20x; yoga - 4x; weights - 8x
  • purchase all christmas presents before christmas this year - last year i gave a friend her present in february, or was it march?

guess i just cleared that writer's block with this wordy post. now you can go visit matty and perk him up after his dnf this weekend.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

everything's bigger in texas

whoops, wrong matty. but let's admire my mistake for a second...


a few weeks ago, i was emailing with my pal matty and casually tossed out an offer to guest blog. i appreciate his sense of humor and light sarcasm in his daily bloggings and thought cha-ching, free entertainment.

i don't entirely remember who found who first, but i did get a ton of wedding-planning ideas and inspiration from his beautiful wife, sara. it was weird-but-cool to find out two blogs i read are married; it's a small, blog-world!

so without further ado ...

I would like to say, “Thank you” to Ms. Lindsay for allowing me to post on her site today. In many ways, my writing on her blog is the equivalent to a coffee shop leaving a mason jar on the counter with a little sign reading, “pay if you can”, or a bank allowing people to enter and exit the vaults at will. She is trusting me to leave her establishment better than I found it and I hope to do so!

Lindsay has built a site that’s as much fun as it is scientific in that she has the innate ability to generate her own running stats from one week to the next, from the current season to the previous one, and from the make and model of what she was wearing this time this last year to what she’s wearing today. She makes a very compelling and confidence-boosting case for her being a runner, inspiring other runners, who go on to inspire other runners. I worry that I’m that JV to her varsity, the Jr. Bacon to her Quarter Pounder with cheese, the Hobbes to her Simba.

My name is Matt Bradford from the blog, Matty, Run, Run. Lindsay has been an amazing reader of mine since I started “following” her six months ago (mind you: not that kind of following, I live in Texas she in South Carolina), and so I asked her if I could, please, write a couple paragraphs for her blog allowing her to go that extra 30 minutes on a run, or to allow her that little extra time to kick off her heels and relax your feet as I woo you and your readers into a blissful running/meditative state.

If you were to ask me, “Matty, what are the themes of your blog”:
I would say, “Over at Matty, Run, Run, I’m a Scorpio and sometimes a Cancer (my birthday falls in that strange in between); I am in the midst of attempting to qualify for the Boston Marathon for my 18-34 age group, my PR is 3:13:52; my wife and I are getting ready to have our first baby in February and the woman who took our ultrasound said that our baby is already endowed with a “Texas-sized pen*s” (though we’re not sure how long that will last); I love music and running news; and my brother has a once weekly advice column where he answers everything from how not to be the “weird one” in your running group, to what to drink on your run.

If you were to ask me, “What makes you interesting and worthy of time on my blog reel?”:
I would say, “Define: Interesting. Is it the Dos Equis man? Or, is it the Old Spice guy? Or, is it this Russian man jumping onto cars and getting into fisticuffs?

I’m all three of these men rolled into one mildly handsome, often poorly put-together and unassuming package. Love me.

Again, I want to thank Lindsay for this fantastic opportunity to parade myself and therefore my blog in front of you all. I do hope you’ll stop by for just a bit and check out the wares. I hope that you have a fantastic week!
-Matty B.

matty's running his second marathon this weekend (he just ran his first in late october, typical nutty runner). go visit and wish him luck!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

shake your derrière

i came across this article on monday and it was a little frightening. granted you have to take men's health magazine for what it's worth, but still - it definitely inspired me to get up and move more often throughout the day at work. i am pretty sure i have "caught" the chair-butt disease from my desk job (you know, where your butt starts to fill out the chair).

in further derrière news: tonight is the victoria's secret fashion show. yes, those women could afford to eat a hippopotamus or two, i won't deny it. i still love watching it though. i *used* to practice walking around in high heels like i, too, was prancing down the runway in my underpants with enormous wings on (except i had clothes on over my underpants and no wings of course). i'll see you there - 10/9 central on cbs; i'll bring the water, you bring the ex-lax?

november 2010
total mileage: 128.08
time spent running: 18:11:25
days off: 12
abs/yoga: 11 ab workouts/4 yoga sessions
avg temp: 59.52*

november goals: A
30-min everyday: 29/30, A
bike: 64.55/90mi, C+
tempo runs: 4mi, 5mi, extra credit for 6mi, A+ (no extra credit)
speed work: 6x800, 3x1600, A+
long runs: 12mi, 13mi, A+
abs: 12/15, B+
yoga: 4/5, A
weights: 7/7, A+

i wish i had been better about getting out and biking this month, but i was wimpy about 50 degree weather on the bike. i squeezed in one last "ride" today on the trainer during the flash-flooding and tornado watch (not like i was gonna get out for a run). afterwards, i had some pretzels dipped in chocolate-mint gu. not quite the supermodel diet but it was actually pretty good.

Monday, November 29, 2010

is your house on fire, clark?

week in review (11/22 - 11/28)
total miles: 37.55
time spent running: ~ 4 hrs 57 min
avg pace: 8:58
off days: 1
  • mon: easy 5mi
  • tue: weights, yoga; 1mi in vibrams
  • wed: 3xmile at the track
  • thu: easy 3mi before dinner #1
  • fri: weights & abs; easy 3mi on xc course
  • sat: hike 3.5mi with the fam
  • sun: 12mi with tempo
boss let us leave work early on wednesday (because he wanted to leave), and i took advantage of the afternoon daylight for a medium-long run with speedwork. typically i am unfaithful to warm-up and cool-down miles so i made myself run to the middle school track (2.5 miles away) for mile repeats.

as i write this, i'm looking back on the last few times i did mile repeats, and i almost started feeling like i didn't run hard enough. i quickly reminded myself that i am still "rebuilding" and only recently started enjoying life without daily nausea.

anyway, the repeats went well. i haven't obsessed over the calculators to see what paces i should be aiming for so i set the bar low (out of fear/disbelief, i think). i surprised myself by putting together three strong miles and probably could have gone harder, but we'll "save that for next time".

wednesday (11/24) afternoon run: 9.5 miles, 1:20:27 w/ 3xmile (7:10, 7:05, 7:02), 67*

as for my thanksgiving weekend, here's a brief summary:
  • slept-in; short runs.
  • ate dinner #1 around 1pm.
  • watched a james bond movie.
  • went to my parent's for dinner #2; ate too much.
  • played a game of quelf.
  • slept til 10:30 on friday (yikes).
  • late-afternoon run.
  • went back to my parent's for dinner (too lazy to cook).
  • watched the new version of karate kid.
  • hiked saturday morning.
  • met up with bailey/irish (and wilson) for coffee!
  • went back to josh's house to watch the clemson/carolina game (tried to convince him it was a waste of time).
  • slept-in yet again sunday; late-morning long run.
  • raked *some* leaves.
  • hung christmas lights, blew a fuse clark griswold style.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

sunday funnies

one of three large oaks that dump on my house/yard every fall

where i live, we don't have friendly curb-side leaf sweeping/pickup. sad times. you are supposed to bag/haul them off yourself and the landfill charges you for dropping off yard waste (boo landfill)!

how to postpone having to rake leaves:

half mowed, half not

1) mow over them. this chops them up and makes them practically invisible. it also buys you at least a couple of weeks.
2) toss a tarp-load in the bed of a truck and go for a drive. the leaves will fly away on their own! note: you can't fill the bed too much or cops might get suspicious.
3) rake them down into the street and let the cars driving by re-distribute them.
4) rake them into your flower beds. "leaf mulch" is not the most attractive, but it does make for some fertile soil in a few years.

since i'm running out of days in the month and still have a few more goals to check off, i combined my long run with a tempo today. it went well, although i did have to stop at mcdonald's for some water. there were too many fat people in line so i ended up helping myself to ketchup-cup-shots of water.

sunday (11/28) am run: 12.05 miles, 1:42:49 (avg pace 8:32), 43*
6mi easy, 5mi tempo, 1mi easy

(not that you guys care but i like having the stats to look back on; or other random things - like how two years ago i was wearing under armor already and this year i'm still in shorts and a t-shirt)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

and the grammy goes to

[and now that you're ears are bleeding] --

three-month supply of honeymilk goes to
karen / working it out

winner of one-case is
jason / life of an aspiring triathlete

and the winner of another case is

email your contact info (mailing address) to lindsay at chasingthekenyans dot com by 10pm wednesday (11/24) and the good people at honeymilk will ship it out to you!

album in stores this friday!

Monday, November 22, 2010

reebok, take 2

i posted about this awhile ago, but it's going down again! reebok is once again looking for more product-testers.

periodically, a reebok representative will email you in regards to testing a pair of shorts, an athletic top, a sports bra, shoes, etc. you reply back (quickly) to get dibs on a sample, and they mail it to you with the test instructions. you then wear the gear for however long the test period is for (sometimes a few days, usually a couple of weeks), fill out the forms as necessary, and mail it back to them. you do have to pay for the return shipping, but what's ~$5 for a running top or shorts? after they collect their data, they will mail the garment back to you for keeps. shoe testing works a little differently, but you still get a free treat in the end.

non-us residents, i am not sure if they have set boundaries, but it's worth a shot!

of course, you must meet at least one of the following requirements:
men - clothing size medium and/or shoe sizes 9, 11, 12, 13 (basketball footwear only for sizes 11 and 13)
women - clothing size medium (and/or) shoe sizes 5, 7, 9

so, if you're interested shoot me an email and i'll send you the reebok contact info, and hopefully you can score some free running gear!

disclaimer: i do not work for reebok. i am pretty sure i don't get any benefit from you signing up.

let me google that for you

i have been envious of many of you for some time now, but i finally have random searches for my blog. for the longest time i had standard, boring, running/lindsay/kenyan related searches like "gu chomps" and "mile repeats". here are some folks i am sorry to have disappointed:
  • aren't u tired of chasing pretty
  • maternity giveaway 2/23/10
  • fat man doing a snow angel in a speedo
  • cret uro own fish baet - i'm not sure what language this is
  • lindsay eats after how many days
  • given choice between possible death and inconvenience - i think i'll take inconvenience.
  • crack cocaine crescent city florida susan - it doesn't sound like susan is in a very respectable career.
  • old sunbather wearing thong - a frequent topic here on ctk.
  • how is lsd on the streets if it's so hard to make - good question! i'll let you know once i get my lab going.

it appears i need to stop talking about my addiction to m&m's.

week in review (11/15 - 11/21)
total miles: 33.06
time spent running: ~ 5 hrs 1 min
avg pace: 9:10
off days: 2
  • mon: easy 4mi
  • tue: easy 6mi with josh
  • wed: insanity - plyo cardio circuit
  • thu: runmute 7mi
  • fri: bike 18mi, yoga & abs
  • sat: easy 10mi with josh
  • sun: 0.8mi in vibrams, 4mi easy in mizunos

photo from thursday's runmute

see jenn? not everything i run by is scenic. here we have some lovely kudzu, the south's finest landscaping. no it's not dying, just hibernating for the winter. this stuff is impossible to kill.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

sunday (not-so) funnies

back in like march, my brakes started making a grinding noise. they didn't do it all the time so i didn't think much of it, even while making my bi-weekly 600mile trips between ky and sc. at first i thought it was mud from the jobsite, but it didn't go away after getting the underbody sprayed at the car wash. i also figured it wasn't that bad because they never squeaked like i (wrongly) assumed brakes would. eventually they made these awful noises every time, although it still took another 3.5 months before i did anything (read: convinced josh they needed attention).

so now it's november, and we finally decided it might be wise to put new brakes on.

new brake / old brake
notice a difference?
old rotor / new rotor
see the chunk missing out of the old one?

i think i was about one brake-tap away from either sparking a fire or rear-ending everyone on the road. do not repeat this behavior; it's not smart.

495 inappropriate words later, josh had my car good-to-go again. [nothing like having a blog to document these exciting weekend activities!]

Friday, November 19, 2010

my new boyfriend

although i took sunday off from running, i still wasn't sure how my legs/ankles felt after saturday's trail run so i allowed myself to run super easy on monday. it was much-needed because i felt slow and uncoordinated.

monday (11/15) pm run: 4.64 miles, 44:18 (avg pace 9:33), 55*

i still felt funky on tuesday and since i've actually learned to not be so hard-headed (like the old me), i decided to take the whole week easy. another easy run, legs still sluggish. there was (heat) lightning, and i felt pressured to run faster but my legs didn't show any concern.

tuesday (11/16) pm run: 6.10 miles, 58:00 (avg pace 9:30), 64*
it was warm enough to wear a tank top, but before you get mad at me remember that it's karma for having put up with 5.5 hot and humid months of running in 90* and 100% humidity.

with two slow, cement-legged days, i took wednesday off from running and did one of my insanity dvd's instead. i haven't done them since early spring, and i decided i still don't like them.

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

rocks, roots and horse manure

one year ago, i ran my first trail race. per my m.o., i went out too fast and hated it. i'm sure i said i would never do it again, but i also said that about marathons after my first.

the pain from my previous trail run had slipped far enough from my mind for me to have the brilliant idea of signing up for another - a half-marathon this time.

i didn't go out as fast as i did last time, but i still went out too fast. two of the xc girls were running the race and i so wrongly assumed i could hang with them (they ended up placing 2nd and 3rd overall).

i made it to the first aid station (somewhere between miles 4-5) and stopped to gulp down some gatorade and water; i was beat. when i started up again, i tucked in behind some guy and settled into a cruising pace. i need to learn how to run a trail race effort-wise. cruising felt fine, but i could've ran harder as i had plenty of energy left over.

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Sunday, November 14, 2010

sunday funnies

just some random videos i came across this week, for your entertainment

Track And Failed

also, i'm slowly working my way up to oprah's book club. check out my first guest post on the honeymilk blog! rolling and i have become very close, if i could update my facebook relationship i would (sorry josh, but you're never exactly excited to massage my shoulders). unfortunately though, "foam roller" is keeping it's relationship options open.

Friday, November 12, 2010

runmuting and rule #20

first of all, my apologies for any undue stress i caused by alerting you to the chocolate shortage. we'll have to organize a support group in a few years.

i am back from a two-day training session on federal acquisition regulation (linking because i *know* you want to go learn all about it too). riveting! i think i may have a giveaway for your very own copy, anyone?

it wasn't that bad really, the instructor was personable and humorous; i was actually less bored in class than i am in the office. major bonus: he let us out at 4pm instead of the usual 5:30pm, so i took advantage of the shorter workdays (and daylight!) and ran home.

on wednesday i took the direct route home which has little-to-no shoulder for 2.5 miles and had me jumping in the ditch for passing cars. my ankles were all kinds of dirty when i got home.

wednesday: beating the sunset home

thursday i stuck to the sidewalked streets for a slightly longer run. i know i am preaching to the choir here, but seriously, do people not remember the "left, right, left" driving rule when pulling out into the road? on this run home i had to stop three times in the span of a quarter-mile for morons who's necks don't turn right.

then as i ran up the last big hill i almost wiped out on more of those darn acorns.

here in s.carolina we don't have dirt, we have red clay

i really enjoyed run-commuting home from work, but maybe that was just joy from getting out of work early. it was nice to get home and have the rest of the evening to relax, whereas normally i get home and still have to head out for my run. if only i could have a closet at work for my work clothes, and some leniency regarding what time i arrive/leave, i would just run to/from work everyday.

wednesday (11/10) afternoon run: 6.35 miles, 56:27 (avg pace 8:53), 71*
thursday (11/11) afternoon run: 7.15 miles, 1:03:55 (avg pace 8:56), 70*

Thursday, November 11, 2010

my two run run run

(you know, like biggie)

tuesday i got in a few miles over lunch and a speed workout (6x800) after work. i kept the lunch run easy because a) i needed to save my legs for the evening workout and b) i didn't want to cut my lunch break short in order to shower so i ran slow to prevent sweating. i did take a mexican shower with some body spray, just in case.

lunch run: 4.12 miles, 37:40 (avg pace 9:09), 72*
pm run: 7 miles w/ 6x800, 1:00:14 (avg pace 8:36), 63*

my main motivation for doing speed work was to hear garmin play the super mario song when i successfully completed the workout. my goal pace for the 800's was 3:30-3:40 and i am pleased to see that none of them were slower than that. i also did these on the streetz (of suburbia...) again so the terrain was rolling, but i thought i was "finding" the pace better than last time. as i ran, i pondered about the benefits of doing intervals on the track as well as the road. sometimes it's nice to see the finish line ahead, but training in race-like conditions is pretty beneficial too. avg pace for the 800's - 7:09 (last time - 7:17).

learned some horrible news on tuesday as well. i'm off to stock up before world war 3 breaks out.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

our holiday mugs

no not this kind of mug
although doesn't he sound like a keeper?
beth you may want to keep an eye on your husband...

josh and i are slowly cranking out thank you's for wedding gifts (hey, everyone keeps telling me we have up to a year). part of the initial delay was waiting on our pro pics. once we got them in, i uploaded the "runaway bride" photo online and ordered a bunch of 4x6's to include with the notes.

check out our dance skills

with my expertise at procrastinating, i know i should start on our christmas cards soon (and finish up the thank you's of course). shutterfly has a huge variety of christmas, holiday and new year's photo cards to pick from. the extensive selection doesn't help my indecisiveness, but at least if i am late i can send out new year's cards.

uploading pictures to shutterfly is easy, as well as selecting and ordering prints. their prices are great as well, and you can often find a coupon code to knock a little more off. now i just need to make up my mind on which ones to order...

disclaimer: i scored 50 free holiday cards for posting this. you can do it too! just go here to receive your instructions - easy peasy.

(thanks kovas for reminding me to do this; i was procrastinating again)