Sunday, January 3, 2010

recap of 2009

2009 kind of faded and fizzled for me as it drew on. i'm hoping to plan better and be more dedicated (/less slack in 2010). however, it was still a good year - i ran a lot of miles (though initially aimed for more) and stayed injury free once again. it was my first full year of blogging/getting more ocd about my stats.
2005 - 735.94 (starting march 14th)
2006 - 623.43 (did not log may thru september)
2007 - 1335.95
2008 - 1618.95
2009 - 2025.10
january - 120.85 miles, including two weeks off completely. ran the goofy challenge and did wayyy better than i expected (1:34 half and a 4-hr marathon, i figured i'd be walking the marathon but instead ran pretty decently). the goofy challenge (or races at disney period) are a blast! longest run, 26.2 (disney).

february - 159.58 miles, no racing, no speedwork. pretty boring. longest run, 12.4 miles.

march - 141.66 miles. the beginning of my travels on i-75/dealing with kentucky. come to think of it, the 12-hours of driving every other weekend for 9-months kind of interfered with my running schedule and mojo. hopefully 2010 won't involve so much traveling/being away from home. longest run, 9.3 miles.

april - 173.13 miles. first full month in kentucky/hotel life. logged many miles on the hotel treadmill, got an enormous blister. won a 5k. longest run, 11.3 miles.

may - 147.12 miles. more hoteling, more treadmilling. longest run, 12.5 miles.

june - 200.19 miles. more hoteling. beach vacation. got engaged. longest run, 14 miles.

july -267.60 miles. hey, even more hoteling. still no racing because they were always on weekends when i was in a different state. longest run, 18.25 on the treadmill. yes, i'm insane.

august - 200.92 miles. you guessed it, more hoteling. had my wisdom teeth pulled, took 4 days off for that. started to feel burnt out from the traveling, long work days and probably running too. longest run, 20 miles on the treadmill no less.

september - 224.51 miles, also my birthday month - turned 25, got lower car insurance, entered the more competitive 25-29 age group. ran the va beach rock 'n roll half - wasn't totally thrilled with my time (not a pr) but it was probably pretty solid considering my lack of speed work. oh yeah, still lived in a hotel. longest run, 22.71 with a malfunctioning garmin.

october - 154.52 miles. see, fizzle and fade. won another 5k. i was going to run in the bourbon chase but got 'sick' instead with random nausea that lasted for weeks. longest run, 20 miles.

november - 103.78 miles, totally fading out to blank. ran the nyc marathon for a new pr on the first of the month and otherwise piddled around with dinky mileage for the other 29 days. longest run, 26.2 miles by default.

december - 133.24 miles, a pathetic attempt to salvage my mileage. i struggled with allergies and insomnia for almost half of the month, so there were many unplanned days of rest. i was able to convince myself that coasting to the end of '09 wouldn't be so bad and to just take it easy and enjoy the extra downtime. instead of taking advantage the two weeks off from work at Christmas/new year's i mearly piddled around with a few, short runs. i guess i needed a break mentally too, i'm sure i put too much pressure on myself to log miles. my left achilles/calf was sore for a few days but went away, so i'm assuming it's good to go.

all in all, it was another successful year of running, complete with race pr's, weekly mileage pr's, and a yearly mileage pr. in 2008 i noted that "i also truly enjoyed running everyday", but unfortunately that was not always the case in 2009. i don't think my mileage ever got too crazy high (maxed out at 65ish) for "athletic burnout" but i do think that maybe a little lifestyle burnout occurred (or maybe i just like to blame things on living in a hotel for 9 months and spending 12 hours in the car every other weekend). at least that excuse means there is still hope for my relationship with running.


  1. It might just be me, but, I just don't think you run enough Lindsay!

    What a year, you are one hell of a runner. I look forward to this summer, my plans have changed BIG time and will be blogged about soon. Can't wait to run, run and run some more!

  2. Wow, your mile totals have SKYROCKETED this year! You GO girl :)

  3. I don't know how you do long runs on a treadmill. I'd kill someone. How much do I hate the damn things? Its -15 with windchill out and I debated doing four miles on one but decided that was more painful than the idea of running 13 minute pace because of 40 mph windgusts. I HATE TREADMILLS THAT MUCH.

    You're tougher than me ;p

  4. Im kind of excited now that I got a Garmin FR 405 for Christmas. Being a stat junkie I can't wait to see my month by month breakdown. I always find it interesting to look back on what you've done and see if it corresponds to what you thought OR where you're going. But a year with over 2000 miles is nothing to scoff at. Great work.

  5. Great job on the mileage!
    You said you aimed for higher, but I think you did brilliantly. It's really inspiring!
    PS. I think I missed something, what's with all the hotel stays!? :)

  6. You had an awesome year and dealt with a lot with all the work traveling. You are an amazing runner and I cannot wait to follow you this year!

  7. You're so a 5K, won another 5K, and another. DAMN! I'm happy if its a small field and I can be top 3 in my age group. Oh, the joy of youth...and great running talent.

  8. I liked your review by months, that was fun! I didn't realize you lived in the hotel for nine months though, that's crazy!

  9. Lindsay!
    Very cool post. I wish you success in your upcoming year as a runner. May you remain injury free. Keep up the cool posts too. Have fun, is the most important one. Have a good one.

  10. Congrats on your mileage! You definitely did a whole lot last year...I should know...I had a lot of trouble keeping up, haha!

    Congrats on all you will do in 2010!

  11. 2009 was a great year for you girl... especially considering everything you went through! i hope it ends soon so life can get back to normal for you!

  12. quite a year for's to a great 2010

  13. That's a big year however you look at it! Here's to 2010!

  14. Congrats on a great year, and happy 2010!

  15. Sounds like a great year. Heres to 2010.

  16. Despite all the travel and living out of a hotel you still managed to have a really awesome year! Hopefully 2010 will be even better!

  17. Dang - if I ran just 1/3 of what you run, I'd be doing good!! You are an amazing runner!!

  18. Mucho props for logging so much logging so much milage despite your hotel life and 12 hour driving. Hope you 2010 is easier on you!

  19. You had a great year but I understand about the burnout. All that living out of a hotel is too much!

    Cheers to a great 2010!

  20. 25-29 age it really more competitive? I swear those older ladies are FAST!! Wow oh wow you did AMAZING at Goofy last year. I am so excited to read race reports after the run this weekend.

    I can't imagine living in a hotel, I would go nuts..

    Oh and selling and buying a house will be totally stressful!! But I was in real estate for over a year so I have some background knowledge that helps a bit.

    HAppy New Year Friend!

  21. i think every time i think to myself that I don't want to run or don't have time to run...i am going to think of you and how you managed to run over 2000 miles this year while living out of hotels for most of it!

    seriously, i hope 2010 brings less time spent on hotel treadmills for you! [18.25 miles on the treadmill? uhhh i think i would turn up the belt speed and pray for myself to be thrown into a wall and knocked out at about mile 6...] i'm totally with you on the piddly dec year, new motivation, right? seriously though 2000+ is freaking awesome, congrats on a great year!

  22. great mileage, but personally I think you over-ran just a bit...should have stopped at 2009 in honor for the year vs going all the way to cool would that have been?!?! ;-)

  23. Congratulations on a great year. All the best in 2010!!!!

  24. Happy 2010! Sounds like we are going to be treadmill buddies for a while! We are expected to get 4-5 more inches of snow in KC tomorrow. Oh, and the high on Friday, ZERO.

  25. Seriously... I'm tired just reading this post! You are a machine girl!

    Cheers to 2010!

    I totally thought of you this weekend as I froze my ass off in TN and then got stuck in horrendous traffic. I was like how does she do this every other weekend?!?!?

  26. Man. I am soo far behind in my blog reading. I am desperatley trying to catch up....

    Those are some outstanding numbers lndsay! The fact that you put in those miles without any significant injuries must mean you're doing something right. I want to grow up like you!

  27. What a great attitude despite living in a hotel, having to drive 12 hours (more than once), and being forced to run so much on the treadmill.

    You had a very successful running year though, great job!