Sunday, February 28, 2010

february 2010

february: the month of no m&m's. for a short month, it sure seemed long at times, but i successfully made it all 28 days without indulging. i won't be whipping up m&m pancakes tomorrow morning as marlene suggested (though they do sound delicious), but i guarantee you the streak will end. i do have a few packs from a co-worker from throughout february as well as the large bag from beth to put away. while i successfully went m&m free, i overly-enjoyed other forms of chocolate instead. after i treat myself to some m&m's, i'm going to enforce a new chocolate rule on myself - one that i still have to figure out. nothing extreme, just something to keep the chocolate intake under control.

week in review (2/15 - 2/21):
total miles: 36.45 (avg temp 31.3* f)
time spent running: ~ 4 hours 55 minutes
avg hr: 167.67
avg pace: 8:32/mile
off days: 3, three! blah

not a great week, but i did pr in the 10-mile (by default).

week in review (2/22 - 2/28):
total miles: 52.86 (avg temp 33.8* f)
time spent running: ~ 7 hours 29 minutes
avg hr: 162.33
avg pace: 8:34/mile
off days: 1

finally! a week worth claiming as marathon training (sorta... no real long run and no speed work). i got up for three successful morning workouts - 2 runs, 1 strength training. it was the first time i did any sort of strength training in close to two years, so i spent the rest of the week with serious doms, walking around like i had stick up my butt. i'm trying to get over the mental barrier of getting up at 4am for a short run. it's not that early... right? now that the olympics are over maybe i'll get in bed before 11, which should help with waking up for a 4:30 run. i've been taking naps during lunch to help compensate for my big 5-hours of sleep. my long run was 'only' 14.7 miles for the week, but i ran with these guys for a sub-8:00/pace for most of it until i had to uh, utilize the facilities and they left me.

hmm trending? january weekly mileage: 41, 36, 38, 50. february weekly mileage: 43, 44, 36, 52. apparently i can only make myself crest 50 when i realize it's the last week of the month.

february 2010
total mileage: 177.36
time spent running: 24:54:22
avg pace: 8:36/mile
days off: 8
avg resting hr: not measured
avg max hr: 179.89

not running related...
i recently did some online shopping at delias. in case anyone shops there in the next week - feel free use code "DAC2" to get $10 off $75 or more. real convenient how they email you coupon codes after you place an order...


  1. Congrats on your m&m success! I was not 100% successful on giving up sugar (had a treat on several occasions), but did get out of the daily habit, which is good! Funny on the coupon thing, I get the same with and store; as soon as I buy something, they mail or email me a discount coupon. :)

  2. Awesome job on the non m@m month! These things never work for me, the more I say no, the more my brain says "but I want it". I do have a chocolate rule that works. I am into the dark chocolate covered ginger from Tj's these days, so I allow myself 20 pieces a day.

  3. So will you be doing more strength training? It does get easier, probably no DOMS next time if you don't wait too long...

  4. ooooo i LOVE delias! nice training month, and hey, even if that 10 miler was a "PR by default" that's still a really killer time! and yay for m&ms again, enjoy! :)

  5. Nice month. Glad to see you made it the whole month M&M free.

    Keep up the strength work, it will pay off in dividends the more you do!

  6. congrats on the M&M's dilemma. I wish I could say I've had success on the diet dew issue. I tried to just have one today and by 2pm I was a raging bitch! By 2:15 after slamming a dew, my sweet self came back!
    Oh well, 2 is still better than 6!
    Just keep plugging along.....

  7. I can't complain about getting up at 5a if you're getting up at 4a. DOOD that's early!

  8. Wow, you had an excellent month with high miles and fast splits!! Very impressive and it makes me feel like I need to be doing more:)I think it will get easier to ramp up the miles once the snow is gone and the weather warms up. I hope that you have a great week!!

  9. i ate a bag of m & m's after my long run today and thought of you! haha.

    ugh, i could never wake up at 4 am to do anything. 3 times in one week is super impressive. lol about the doms walk...maybe that's why i never lift? nice job hitting it the last week of february...that speedy 14.7 sounds sweet, sub 8 for that long is pretty awesome!

  10. Thanks for the secret code for delias, I'm going to use it for sure! I loved the way you remember Feb. as the month with no M & M's! What will you say about March? I feel like you, this last week felt like my first "real" week of harder training and longer miles. Have a super week and good luck with the training!

  11. Good luck coming up with a way to cut down on the chocolate ;) And as for your comment on my blog earlier, don't worry about sounding too hippie-ish, I believe all that stuff too and I'm definitely going to try to brighten my attitude this week!

  12. Hey Lindsay!
    Sorry, I honestly can't be my usual creative self this morning. It'd Monday at 5 a.m., and coffee's not helping me wake up. Soooo, eat LOTS of m+m's, pray for better weather, and keep being an inspiration to me. Have a great week, superstar.

  13. For me resistance is futile when it comes to chocolate so I admire your will power.

    I am about to go out for a run and have avoided the fridge all day as yesterday the children made rocky road

    Keep on running

  14. I think February is the longest month, even though it is short.

    Way to go this month!

  15. I am impressed with the m&mless month! I gave up candy
    for lent and it has been harder than I thought. Your running stats never fail to impress- something to aspire to... I am going to check out delia's right now :)

  16. The month of no m&m's! That made me laugh out loud!

  17. I'd say that's a pretty successful month if you ask me (m&m and running-wise). Hopefully you feel more confident about Boston, if not you still have time!

  18. Actually, 4am *is* "that" early. It's so early that it's more like "late".

    Great miles for the month - funny how you seem to pick it up for the last week... kinda like cramming!

  19. congrats on a great month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    question: do you have an "off season" for running/training? or do you think it is kinda continuous?

  20. I know what you mean about the chocolate intake-- that's why I gave it up for lent. Turns out it means I just drink more wine, but whatever.

    Congrats on the month, it looks solid. And I am so glad that you are going for it at 4am, too. What time do you go to bed?? I'm trying to figure it out without going loony :)

  21. What's really sad abou tmileage like this is we feel guilty for *only* doing 40 miles in a week. Hell. Two years ago I was happy to do 40 miles in a month! Good Feb!

  22. I'm shivering looking at those avg temps you were running in! Well done getting out in that cold and esp. w/o the help of your M&M friends.

    Hey, have you decided which 3 marathons you are doing this year? (sorry if I missed the announcement)

  23. Actually, yes. 4am IS that early!!!
    Good for you, though, for doing it!