Sunday, February 14, 2010

feeling flat

another pretty successful week in the books. i have to admit, i'm not totally excited about boston. i know i know, that's probably a cardinal sin. i'm sure this dreary winter isn't helping. it freakin' snows every weekend. i swear it's warmer in canada than it is here in kentucky.

speaking of kentucky, i think it hates me. first there was the deer, then i locked my keys in the car* and now...

i noticed i had a flat tire when i got to work thursday. i thought it maybe looked funny when i left the apartment but it was dark and i had parked in snow so i assumed it was just snow around the tire. when i got to work i noticed that it was definitely rather low on air.

thankfully i work on a construction site with lots of beefy men and an abundance of tools. in no time at all we (meaning: not me) had the tire filled with air and found the culprit - a piece of wire (picked up on the jobsite i'm sure). after a brief lecture on safety (apparently it's not recommended to plug a front tire) one of the guys plugged it for me temporarily and i bought new tires saturday. cha-ching. why can't there be a president's day sale on tires?

minor sidetrack there, back to running. i got in my three important runs for the week (2 quality, 1 long) so when i didn't feel like running sunday (in the snow, again) i didn't feel bad about taking the day off. monday's threshold was 6mi @ 7:10 avg pace and thursday's 6x800 @ 3:17 avg. saturday i got in 17.1mi @ 8:30 avg in snow flurries of course. since this is the fifth week in a row of two rest days it looks like i need to go ahead and plan for two instead of one. or again, maybe it's just the crappy winterness.

 yip. e.

week in review (2/8 - 2/14):
total miles: 44.55 (avg temp 22.6* f)
time spent running: ~ 6 hours 10 minutes
avg hr: 162.00
avg pace: 8:27/mile
off days: 2

the tinnitus (or whatever it is) hasn't gotten better - it's been two weeks now. at first it was in both ears, and now it's only in my left. sometimes it feels like it's full of sand, although i suppose i don't really know what an earful of sand feels like. it still doesn't hurt though, i'm just going deaf/auto-tuning everything. any suggestions from my medical-field friends out there?

i'm 14 days m&m free; half-way there. (i got dove dark chocolate hearts for v-day instead)

*yes, locking my keys in the car is entirely kentucky's fault. if it would get above 20* ever i wouldn't have to warm up my car.


  1. Don't worry. Spring is almost here. I promise. Don't listen to that stupid groundhog - he doesn't know anything.

    Great runs this week - your total mileage was double the average temperature.

    As for the tires, just think. All that money you saved on M&Ms paid for tire :) So you got new tires and ate healthier :)

  2. I'm more impressed with you being 14 days m+m free than I am with your running. Tell you what, I'll go buy a bag and eat them for you. Since I can't do any run dedications I may as well do an M+M dedication to you. The weather does suck, but fortunately most of the snow is going your way and not my way. I'm sure once you're feeling better and the weather cooperates that you'll get the "Boston Fever." You'd better, since I'm planning on being there to cheer you on.

  3. Let's hope you have no new problems with your car. I hate hate car problems! Even man made ones like the keys. Wait, that was Kentucky's fault.

  4. I am telling you my offer for BELIZE is still on the table! haha Great job getting out there to run it sucks that it is so cold and treacherous! and way to go on the M&M addiction! Talk about self control!!

  5. From now on everytime something bad happens I'm blaming it on Kentucky too.

  6. Just want to let you know that it is indeed warmer in Canada :)

    New to your blog in the last couple months and have just needed the right instance to say hello!

  7. Well, I am not super excited about Boston either. Maybe coz it is in my back yard, or coz I have a very hefty goal...Your training is going great, even without the excitement. It is hard to get out there in the winter. We've had v cold temps, but little snow, which made running here easier! Hope the ear issue resolves!

  8. do you have a projected date when you'll be done working in KY? probably just in time for SC summer, right? that weather forecast looks so brutal.

  9. If anyone actually gets excited about training in miserable weather? They are probably insane.

    You are not alone ;p

  10. Does it normally snow there? I never imagined a lot of snow in Kentucky.

    Hope your ears feel better. Ouch.

  11. Valentines day hates me. It is entirely Valentines Days fault that my life came crashing down!

    but at least I got my run in... I can pat myself on the back for that! ;)

    It's cold in Boston...but not too much snow, actually... keep training...

  12. Ugh (flat tire).

    If it makes you feel better, my welcome to Louisville present was a big truck that had reversed (trying to get out of a parallel parking space) up onto the hood of my little Saturn and dented the heck out of the hood. Luckily a cop saw the whole thing and left me a note. I came out of a dinner with my then co-workers and was like WTF!!!

    Something about that Kentucky!

  13. I have the same crap with the ears, I'm sure it's from "blasting" my MP3 for everything I do. I'm pretty sure I'll be running music free from now on.
    Great job on the M&M's.....I'm down on the dew, not all the way, but down! Baby steps......:)

  14. I hate paying for tires. So stinking expensive.

    Maybe the tinnitus is from m&m withdrawal?


    Did you start any new meds that might have that as a side effect? How've your sinuses been?

  15. amazing on the 14 days of being M&M free!

    The tinnitus.. don't really know. My husband has it and it is something that they really can't do anythingn about. His was from being around loud engines and other various doese of loud noises throughout his life. If yours just started maybe it is just a symptom of something else and could be corrected? Not sure but I would definitely get it checked out in case.

  16. Great running! Maybe it will warm up a little this week..but it is snowing again, here!

  17. Speaking of Canada - have you heard that they needed to truck in snow for the Winter Olympics? And then to add insult to injury, it *rained* up there. All while you were running in the snow!

    You may have something with the fueling issue on my mile 10/11 debacles. I normally run in the PM after I've had a good amount to eat suring the day. Hmmm... Thanks for the idea!

  18. The weather is making is super difficult to want to do anything. I think in three weeks the sun has been in NJ for about 2 days total. UGH!! Where is our natural Vitamin D!!!!!!

  19. I'm super impressed at all the mileage you're putting in... I suppose if I had a marathon coming up then maybe I'd be more motivated but still... this weather sucks!

    BTW what kind of gear do you wear for the cold weather running? I haven't been able to find anything acceptable... I'm either too cold or so layered I can't bend me knees!

    under - hey that's a real word!

  20. I got a flat tire this weekend too, although I was in Kansas at the time, and not Kentucky. Maybe it's a 'K' thing.

    14 days without M&M's? That's pretty impressive, given how frequently they are mentioned on your blog!

  21. wow, great week of running, nice are great, until you have to spend money to keep them going...
    hope you get the ear-issue resolved..sorry, i'm not a medical expert, no advice here...

  22. Don't plug a front tire?

    Only two rest days a week? Rest is when you get stronger/faster. Don't underdo it. It will let your quality days be even better.

  23. I got a flat tire right outside a car repair shop once. Great coincidence.

  24. I'm thoroughly impressed by the M&M streak.

    Nice job hitting your runs this week!

    Okay, now that I have read this post, it sucks even more than you ended up with another flat tires after JUST buying new ones. Boo on KY. :(

  25. I HATE flat tires. Hate them. Thank goodness for beefy men with tools :)

    You're doing great-- Boston is pretty soon and you'll rock it.

  26. One thing is for sure you're noy working for the Kentucky tourist office!

    Seriously major suckage on the weather let's hope for a cold Boston!

  27. 14 days without m&ms? (Or like 16 or 17 now, right?) Very impressive! Too bad that doesn't count in the great Kentucky war ;)

  28. 1) impressed at how well you're doing on the m&m diet. don't think i could do the same with my oreos.

    2) you'll be excited for boston when you get here, and that morning you can't not be excited, trust me.

    it's the weather, definitely. it's been bothering me a lot too. i feel like you're getting more boston-like weather down south than we have at times.