Thursday, March 18, 2010

give it away give it away give it away now

(i'm too lazy to think of my own titles lately, so i borrow song lyrics. thanks rhcp for today's installment.)

back when i was actually (sort of) doing long runs, i sometimes ran with the owner of the local running store here in smalltown, kentucky. i've been meaning to stop by, but the shop is always closed by the time i get home from work.

when i was off (sick) from work friday, i decided i'd walk over and browse. it's literally 1/10th of a mile from my doorstep to theirs, so it was manageable even though i was a little queasy. business was slow, i was the only customer at the time, so i felt obligated to give him some business. i bought a shirt with the store logo on it (represent!) and he gave me 50% off (unexpected) so i grabbed a few clif shots and figured i'd have a giveaway. personally i prefer gu, but they don't sell it and clif is a good product too.

so yeah, guess i'm having a little giveaway. here's what you'll get:

(pardon the crappy i-phone camera quality)
vanilla, chocolate, razz and mocha flavored clif shots
(laptop not included)

plus some random stuff that i'll toss in willy-nilly, like a slew of yoplait smoothie coupons that i got in the mail and will never possibly use before they expire (they sound good - i just haven't had a chance to try it out).

to enter, click here then go here then come back here then write an essay about george orwell's "1984" and then. just kidding, that junk is annoying. :o)

to enter for serious, leave a comment answering the following questions:
  1. would you rather chew shards of broken glass {or} sit on a lighted barbecue grill?
  2. what is your favorite treat? (ie: m&am's, starbucks, a good book...)

oh yeah, i guess this giveaway will close on ... thursday, march 25th, that sounds good.

[not-so-legal jargon: this giveaway is not sponsored by any company nor am i receiving any compensation for the products (other than the joy of giving). i either purchased the products myself or got them in the mail randomly (ie the coupons).]


  1. Don't think I'll join in the give away but couldn't resist being first commenter.

    What sort of person dreams up chewing glass vs. sitting on a BBQ? Must have been when you were bent over the porcelain throne.

  2. I wish I could afford to give stuff away ;)

  3. Um, I think I'll sit in the lighted BBQ grill since you didn't say how close to the flames we have to sit! ha!

    And my favorite treat(s) are M&M's, reading a good book, sipping on a Starbucks Hot a cozy recliner! ahhhh the life! Wish I was living the dream instead of sitting here at work! LOL :)

    Great giveaway - I've never tried Clif Gels.

  4. Ahahaha, well this is an interesting giveaway! Too funny.

    I guess I'll have to go with the BBQ grill (OUCH) ... if I was chewing on shards of glass I wouldn't be able to eat my Mini Eggs (fav treat) at the same time.

  5. Haha, I like this givaway and its crazy questions...
    I'd probably rather sit on a grill? I don't know, either way I'd want to die.

    And I'm obsessed with going out for ice-cream. At any time. :)

  6. I love me some Red Hot Chili Peppers! So glad it is almost the weekend.

  7. You have issues. For real. Eating shards of glass or sitting on BBQ's? Really? I'll pass on both and just steal your damn gu. Thanks.

    As for candy, I have a serious addiction to Dark Chocolate Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Thanks Spike, Thanks.

    But on the real, I think it's awesome you picked up a shirt representing the Running Store! Very cool!

  8. It's strange that I immediatly knew the answer to this question, but I would totally sit on the grill. My teeth are really sensitive and imagining chewing glass makes me cringe. Also, my favorite treat is iTunes gift cards. Jackpot...

  9. Hmm. I would have to say sit on a grill, since you didn't say it had to be bare-assed. :)

    My favorite treat is a glass of red wine and some French cheese!!!

  10. Very Cool Giveaway!

    What great choices to choose from. I guess I’d go with the grill but I don’t know how long I’d be able to sit on it. As far as treats go, you can keep you candy & coffee and give me a nap any day of the week.

    And because you asked...

    1984 is George Orwell’s dark vision of the future. Written while Orwell was dying and based on the work of the Russian author Yevgeny Zamyatin, it is a chilling depiction of how the power of the state could come to dominate the lives of individuals through cultural conditioning. 1984 is perhaps the most powerful science fiction novel of the twentieth century.

  11. 1984 is an interesting look into the...

    Oh, wait!

    I'd rather sit on a lighted grill... I don't like broken glass at all!

    My favorite treat is getting a massage. Best... thing... ever!

  12. Ok I'll play!
    1. BBQ grill with a big fat ove glove for undies.

    2. Peanut butter m&ms for sure.

  13. What is with your first question lol? Seriously?

    And my favorite treat is a brownie Sundae.

  14. Ok, I'm so entering this solely because of how awesome your questions are:

    1. Sit on a lighted grill. Because you never said it had to be open. Or that I couldn't wear fire proof pants. Ha! Loophole.

    2. Despite my attempts to rid myself from as much refined sugar as possible, desserts remain my Achilles heel. Particularly peanut butter pie or red velvet cake. Less guilt for coconut milk ice cream with dark chocolate.

    Also, stoli vanilla and coke. In large quantities. ;p

  15. I am going to go with the lighted BBQ...just because I am feeling a little bit grilled here at work! for the favorite treat...Hawkins Cheezies. I am not sure if you can get them in the States...but Yummy!! And I guess if that does not work...then anything peanut butter and chocolate!

  16. I think I'd go with the lighted BBQ grill. Chewing on the glass might really harm my insides and the grill could be like, barely lighted, or pretty much burning out, but no matter what the glass is sharp.

    My favorite treat, especially for Easter, is a Snicker's Egg. If it's not Easter, I'll just take a Snickers fun sized or either some Reeses peanut butter cups :).


  17. OK, I would probably sit on the BBQ (I may put something in between the grill and my butt, or I may not).

    In terms of favorite things, for me food is always nr 1. It's hard to pick, but it would probably have to be chocolate icecream wiht various chocolaty things in it. I could also settle for TJ's lava cakes with chocolate icecream. Or Nutrageous. Or Snickers. OK, anything chocolate, I am not picky!

  18. I would have to sit on the grill so I could still eat my fav treat: carrot Cake from publix

  19. Thank you for not sending me to 928 pages to do 983 things in order to enter :) I love simple!!!

    Can you believe I have never had a clif shot?!?1 I wannnnna win!!

    I don't really want to sit on the grill or eat shards of glass. Such a baby I am, I know!

    Favorite treat- ice cream or cheesecake <3

  20. Hmm, interesting options. I guess I will go for the grill. How long do I have to sit there?? :-)

    As for my favorite treat, hands down, it is carrot cake made by a local bakery. YUM!!!!!

  21. Um definitely the grill. Chewing glass sounds too miserable!

    Anyhoo - favorite treat is Ghirardelli Double Chocolate Brownies with Vanilla Bean ice-cream and hot fudge. Mmmmmm

  22. Oh crap, I really wanted to write the essay!!

    Okay..tough choice...I will take sitting on the grill, perhaps it would burn off the extra cellulite that has been camping there for some time:)

    As far as the treat goes...I will say the coffee and dark choc. M&Ms:)

    Happy Thursday!

  23. LOL.... well, if I'm going down that route rather than half-arse it I'll just chew shards of glass while roasting my arse on the grill!
    As for treats I love me Reese's Cups!

  24. I would sit on the grill the booty I can "burn" off the better! ahaha

    and I love Cadbury cream eggs....hey don't judge, so this time a year I am avoiding the candy isle all together.

  25. If the laptop isn't included, I don't want it. *flips hair- walks out of room*


  26. Ah, you made it too easy, almost everyone picked BBQ. I was going to be unique and say the glass, but going w/ BBQ. Who wouldn't want grill marks across their butt??

    I like all treats, but I'll pick Coldstone Ice Cream, my friend and I used to eat it by the PINT, (not Like It, Love It, or Gotta Have It sizes). We ate like fatties in HS, but it's OK, we always ran it off :)

  27. uhh. Neither? Was that an option?

    Favorite treat? Pizza? But I've been eating it more lately so I guess its not a treat.

  28. Wow, really, Lindsay? That first question? Why must I consider pain, maybe even death to win a damn prize? I've decided I'm boycotting and not answering.

    Just kidding, I really want the prize.

    My ass is huge enough, I can't afford the swelling that comes from the burns. So I'd suck it up and chew the shards of glass in the smallest parts possible (maybe even down to dust) and pray as I swallowed. Then I'd wash it down with your power gels =P

    My favorite treat, strangely enough, is shards of glass or Red Velvet Cake. LOL!

  29. I would hate to inflict anyone to the smell/sight of charred butt so I'll pick glass.
    (never thought I say that again)
    Fav treat: red wine hands down.

  30. AHH, my favorite artist Lady Gaga (should take off the a at the end for Gag) Hmmm I would sit on a lighted grill, because I actually got my ass burned by a heater when I was a kid (second degree burn) so I know how that feels. I had stripes on my butt for the longest. My favorite treat is my Keurig coffee in the morning while I take a b..........ok ok ok TMI Alert. THere you go! Have a great day. And the word verification is pricks lol

  31. Definitely the grill. I hate cuts in my mouth.

    Something I love eh...there's a lot of stuff, but I absolutely love peanut butter! I eat it everyday sometimes on bread, on fruit, on chocolate, on ice cream, or just off the spoon.

  32. Wow, a giveaway that's SIMPLE to enter...OK, I'm game.
    1. would you rather chew shards of broken glass {or} sit on a lighted barbecue grill? That's a tough one. How long would my ass be on the grill for? What kind or type of broken glass would I be chewing? OK, ummm, I'll choose the barbecued ass over the glass.
    2. what is your favorite treat? (ie: m&am's, starbucks, a good book...) Like you, my favorite treat is M+M's. The regular, original ones. I tried the dark ones recently. I didn't like shitting fudge the next day. TMI, huh?! No, I'm not sucking up here. It's not like you're giving away a car or anything like that. BUT, if you ever do give away a car, I will be the first one to "suck up."

  33. I guess since I have "fake" teeth (at least uppers), I'd eat the glass! Wash it all down with a nice ice cold diet dew!!

  34. No essay on "1984"?!

    What the hell kinda giveaway IS this???? ;)

    Maybe my ass would get a little smaller if I burned some of it off on a grill...

  35. Love the unusual requirements for a giveaway.
    I would rather eat broken glass any day!

  36. My favorite treat is glazed doughnuts...or m+ms....or scones.....or black jelly beans....or candy corn.....or many other things that are not good for you.

  37. You are SO FUNNY!! I was already starting to cringe at all the hoops for the give-a-way and then read "essay" and I'm like..."what? no way!"

    There no way I could do either the shards of glass or the sitting on a lighted barbecue. Painful to both. favorite treat? Really? Hmm....there's just so many...chocolate, doughnuts, Reeses Puffs...

    You know what? I'd go with Reeses Puff's cereal with milk. Yep, that's my answer!

  38. Um...I think I'll take the grill, the healing process would likely be case I swallowed some of that glass. Ouch!!

    My fave treat is the Starbucks Iced Chai..but when speaking of candy it is usually Twizzlers (strawberry only).

    And the funniest part...of all the people @ the WDW half that I met, none of them liked the Clif Shots...except me...the Strawberry was yummy. I didn't try any other flavors.

  39. Who would pick the glass? - Grill marks on my ass would be much better than a chewed up mouth.

    Treat – peanut butter mixed with powdered sugar.

  40. Love your method of giveaways! Anyhow, I guess I'd take the lighted BBQ? Favorite treat--dark chocolate covered almonds. I can go crazy with them!

  41. Definitely the barbecue grill. And one of my favorite treats, but definitely my guiltiest one, is raw Nestle break and bake chocolate chip cookie dough. I could eat a whole package in one sitting. I loved the links--I learned so much about Lady Gaga. And I'm not kidding ;)

  42. 1. Sit on a lighted grill. You didn't say for how long.

    2. dessert. Tues we went out for Alice's bday and they brought her a chocolate truffle tourte with raspberry and lemon cream drizzzzzle. I could eat that for life or longer.

  43. Wow ... I've been told I have a hot @ss so I pick sitting on a BBQ while drinking a chocolate malt.