Tuesday, April 27, 2010

marathon(s) week

week in review (4/19-4/25):
total miles: 52.81 (avg temp 63* f)
time spent running: ~ 8 hours 14 minutes
avg hr: 171
avg run pace: 9:21/mile
off days: 5!!! haha.

if only i could run like this all the time - 2-days/week for 50+ miles. after boston on monday, i did not run (or do any sort of exercise really) tuesday through friday. i am definitely resting again this week, though i may try to walk a little (to help loosen my legs) and i'd like to get in some non-running workouts (yoga, weights, abs). thankfully the only aches i have are sore muscles, and i have been spending lots of time on my new foam roller. why didn't i get one of these things sooner? i'm a freak and love that type of pain.

a fun comparison of my double-header: (click to enlarge)



the courses were pretty similar with multiple, challenging hills. that "downhill" in the first 4 miles of boston is a lie. there are some rollers in there, b.a.a. liars! :)


  1. You mean to tell me you are just now owning a foam roller?!?!? WTF Lindsay! Greatest invention EVER!!! It hurts so good doesn't it? Enjoy!

  2. I recently upgraded to the trigger point foam roller. Now that's pain! It is v hard and it has little thorns, like knuckles! It is amazing! And yes, I LOVE that pain!

  3. Kentucky actually looks worst than Boston. I'm so amazed that you did that.

  4. 26.2 average mileage for the week. That could be a record that will never be beaten. Well, unless you start doing ultras...

    I guess I'm firmly against the "banking time" idea. I just really think you end up losing that time and more in the end. And if you still make your goal, you probably could have gone faster if you didn't do the banking time thing.

  5. You are incredible!! I love the 5 days off. lol

  6. 2 days, 50+ miles! lmao

    I've always loved my foam roller, it's a pain that you just fall in love with! Kind of like kb's!

    Rest up.....

  7. OK, it looks like I'm laughing at the fact that you did 50+ miles of running in 2 days.....just the way you said it made me laugh....like it's no big deal to you! I'm hoping to get 50+ miles within a 3 month time frame these days!
    Different goals for now :)

  8. Okay, now I understand. I think we are on the same page.

  9. Also, as far as running strong. I definitely think you could do it towards the end of a marathon if you still had some left. I feel I can say that since I think I have insight as to how you are as a runner.;)

  10. Awesome!!

    Isn't it "funny" how course profiles are so deceiving? Rolling hills appearing as a gentle downhill slope... no fair!

    Enjoy the roller!!!

  11. I think that all the time! What if I could just run always!!!! That'd be so great! High Fives on the running time!

  12. Yep, MapMyFitness and MapMyRide elevation profiles suck. The data is so either low res or averaged out that all the hills runners and cyclists care about (you know, those short, steep ones) are pretty much gone!

  13. i have a love/hate relationship with my foam roller.

  14. You now officially qualify as a "Marathon Maniac." http://www.marathonmaniacs.com/criteria.html
    I was LMAO when I read that you ran the two marathons in 5 days. Fantastic that you broke 4 hours in the second one. Why the heck is there all the "foam roller" comments?! Did I miss something?? :-)
    P.S. Still psyched how well you handled your Boston run. I think you know what I mean...:-)

  15. I've never used the foam roller and have not used my Stick in a long time either. Does it really hurt? That doesn't sound good at all!

    I am really glad to hear that you are taking it easy. It's gonna take a while for those legs of yours (yes, even yours) to recuperate.

    You are SO WEIRD! But in a good way of course, LOL. If you were normal, I wouldn't like you as much!

  16. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE my foam roller. I don't understand why everyone doesn't have one. I felt lost when I had to leave it at home when I went on vacation! Thanks for the nice comment about improvement on my blog. I didn't feel like I improved but each course and conditions are so different.

  17. my foam roller brings tears to my eyes :( You are a crazy chickie!

  18. Haha! Awesome mileage this week. I love it.

    Enjoy the foam roller! It's the best.

  19. Wait a minute. Something's not right here. You ran .4 miles too far. Do over!

    Seriously - this is awesome awesome awesome. Back to back marathons. I can't even imagine!

  20. yay foam roller! and i agree, the baa LIES!! every time i looked up and saw an uphill in the first half i was cursing them haha.

    ok, and i'm really happy this actually does qualify you for MM status. if that doesn't, idk what does! you are a ROCKSTAR!

  21. Dude,

    I still don't have a foam roller. I do have a "stick", though. That works wonders on the sore muscles. It's pretty damned cool that you went over 50 miles on 2 days running...though I still think you're crazy.

    "Well, I'm not feeling very well, so I'm not going to push it in Boston...I guess I'll run another marathon to make up for it"


  22. That's amazing. Congratulations. Aren't you a Marathon Maniac now?

  23. Awesome! Hopefully you have some rest planned.



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