Thursday, May 6, 2010

indianapolis monumental marathon & half

thinking about signing up for the indianapolis monumental half- or full marathon? (held nov 6th)

use coupon code "Loverunning" when registering to receive a $5 discount. must register by may 17th!

register here.

[this is a very reasonably priced race - current rates (w/o discount): full $60, half $50. i haven't run this particular race, i just have a coupon for it.]


  1. Ooh, those prices are very very tempting. Love how the lower Midwestern cost of living flows into all areas of life! Maybe this year wasn't the best year for the Flying Pig for you (the whole three marathons in three weeks thing may have been a little iffy....) but I hope you'll get to do it at some point!

  2. tempted me for a second there!

    Love the new layout.

  3. Holy smokes! That is amazingly low priced! I wish they were all like that!

  4. Half? In November? Nope, The baby will only be two weeks old.

    But that is a good price!

  5. Half or enter? I bet you one beer you run the 42!

    Good option, good race and good price... more economic full than half,jejej.

    I forget to tell you but the new forma blog is OK!


  6. That sounds great. I wish I lived closer so I could drive there :(

  7. Just discovered your blog and just ran the Mini-Marathon in Indy and had a blast: Really well organized, great people, and very cold and windy.

    Wish I could get back for the race.