Wednesday, June 30, 2010


today is our one year "engagement anniversary". you better believe i make josh celebrate all these important holidays. we also celebrate my half birthday, 'cause i'm 5.

here's a breakdown of the past year of wedding planning. in reality most of this has been crammed into the past 2 months, including arranging a pastor.

things i did:
  • venue
  • band
  • save the dates (with josh's help)
  • pick a color scheme (and then abandon it)
  • shoes (probably my most favorite part)
  • invites
  • bm dresses (well sorta, i gave vague instructions)
  • make a registry (kind of fun, but kind of boring. i mean, one can only get so excited about towels)
things my parents did (mom mostly, some pops):
  • photographer
  • caterer
  • dress
  • preacher
  • violinist
  • centerpieces
  • bouquets, boutonni√®res, etc.
  • ceremony decor
  • cake
  • dinner menu
  • programs
  • water bottles
  • designate who my moh is (haha. i think i would've been allowed to change it, but it's fine)
things josh did:
  • honeymoon arrangements
  • groom & gmen attire (still in progress)
  • general schedule outline of ceremony/reception
  • get the band squared away
i know - you want to hire me as your own wedding planner! i just didn't have a preference about most of it - i mean, flowers, whatever. the parts i actually had an opinion about, i took care of. well, the cake i had an opinion about but it got overridden. the band was a 4-person band but told josh last week "by the way there's only 2 of us now". wonderful. i love my shoes, you'll see them soon.

the countdown is getting smaller!


    1. so exciting!!!!!!!!!!!! wow a lot goes into planning a wedding. i almost just want to opt out of so much of it when i go down that road... but i'm sure when it does actually happen i'll change my mind and want to do as much as possible.

    2. I know you already told me once (sorry!) but what day is THE wedding day?!?!

    3. LOL, I love your laid back approach to wedding planning. I was the COMPLETE opposite!

      Happy Engagement Anniversary! I think this calls for cake...

    4. I wish I had followed you a few years ago when I got married. Not to offer marriage to you, of course, but to hire you as wedding organizer. There are a couple of movies about that, right?

    5. happy engagmen... ahhh screw it... I'm not your fiance... you can't force me to celebrate these "important" holidays :)

      Seriously though, sounds like everything is coming together. It's awesome that you got so much help...

      Oh, what the hell... Happy Engagement Anniversary!

    6. Aaahhhh the memories!!! 23 years ago and I remember very little about the details, but do remember the AC broke for the reception in the middle of July in the South, honeymoon in Ft Lauderdale (maid threw-up in our bathroom because she was sick) & Cancun (room service on the beach), and ....
      You have the right attitude - Don't worry about the details and make a memory to last a lifetime. Even when things don't go as planned! After all, these are the things we look back upon and laugh about.

    7. I hope you finally be married soon Lindsay!

      Your 2010 goals are incredible like you.

      I'm sure you can do all the things you want because you're strong...

      Incredible. I'm surprise with you all the time.

      Bye and have a good time, and a good anniversary. Lucky man Josh! Sure!

    8. Many years ago I was as laid back as they came. I spent the most money on my cake! Still would! I feel everyone should be as laid back or as crazy as they want as it is their day!

    9. No bridezilla here! I love your easy-going approach!

    10. Happy Engagement Anniversary! I'm a fan of your laid back approach as well. I was pretty much the same way which is why we ran off to the beach to get married and had a whopping 9 guests!!

    11. Congarts on the one year engagment anniversary! How did you celebrate your half-anniversary? Looks like you're getting a ton done!

    12. SO exciting. I love the way you're planning your wedding. I'll probably be similar. Congrats and can't wait to hear about it!

    13. Congrats on the big day coming soon! I don't think I ever seen the exact date of your wedding. I hope it doesn't interfere with the Green Bay Marathon!!
      I was laid back on my planning. Went for dress shopping-the first one I saw feel in love with it, bought it-done!
      Shoes-I wore ballerina slippers! I know sounds gay, but honestly with all the time spent on your feet they were so comfy! No one sees your feet anyways!
      Flowers-grocery store-done!
      Invitations-done myself-remember that artistic side of me???-done
      Boom, boom, boom done!
      Hardest part was since I went with the "rainbow" theme (not the gay pride thing-it was the 80's and rainbows were in!) it was hard to decide who wore what color!
      Have fun with all the prep work, it can be some good times!
      Holy crap this went long!

    14. Haha way to delegate! When I get married I'm going to choose my MOH first so I can make her do the rest of the planning.

    15. wooooo wedding planning :) you did it the perfect way, express your opinion on things you actually care about and leave the rest to someone else who does ;) its getting CLOSE!!!!

    16. Yes, show us the shoes! My favorite part of any outfit. Being laid back allows you to have more fun, you're going to LOVE this whole experience(once it's over :)!

    17. Happy engagement anniversary! There's so much to plan for a wedding. You're doing great not getting all worked up about everything. Good luck with what's left to get done!

    18. Happy One Year of Engagement Anniversary! So exciting that the days are drawing near and you're one step closer to tying the knot!!!

    19. Okay, I have to expose my maleness. Happy for you but not so excited about wedding stuff. Love your running though. Does that make me bad?

    20. you better believe i make josh celebrate all these important holidays. we also celebrate my half birthday, 'cause i'm 5.

      You crack me up!

      I got married in Tahoe with 8 people, and the hotel gave you a check off list where you made your selections, similar to how you order breakfast service.


      1. Spring Mix
      2. Roses (add $50)
      3. None (deduct $50)


      1. Civil
      2. Religious

      and so on... Very romantic.

      You look like Wedding Coordinator to the stars next to me.

      As long as you are happy and excited, then it is going to be wonderful.

    21. My wife is currently planning our wedding ceremony in the PH for next year. She wants to have something special there for her family. I said ok. I didn't realize that's a lot of crap to think about. Shit. I am glad I am not a wedding planner. You know you are having a blast with it. lol. Take care.

    22. You should have your wedding date posted on your side bar because apparently I have a bad memory.

      I remember all that planning in a blur. I'm very happy for you and can't wait to see pictures. A live band will be fun. I'm into live music as of late. As long as that two man band still has their lead vocal...I'm sure they will sound fine. hopefully. :)

      I'll have to mark you down as another mint lover.

    23. So exciting!!! I would totally need a wedding planner though!

      PS- I celebrate my half bday and go ALL OUT on my real bday. Like, I have been known to wear boas and tiars, to work. No joke.

    24. Lindsay,
      You haven't lived until you have spent all day in the sun in jorts, overalls or a cut-off!

    25. isn't it amazing how much goes into planning a wedding?!

      so exciting! happy engagement! :)

    26. you have so much done! I would celebrate it too! :) my half birthday is our anniversary. fun fun.

    27. dyin' to see the pics to come :)

    28. don't blame u at all. 2 months is fine to plan a wedding, the more you preplan, the more you change anyway. and you being so far away for so long, it makes sense u needed help. can't wait to see the shoes. LOL