Tuesday, June 29, 2010

checking in

this week i'm stuck with intermittent internet service that is almost as fast as dial-up. if only i could actually blame the random disconnections on someone picking up the telephone :)

last week i got in decent mileage although none of it felt good. i'm not sure what it is with these legs of mine. i'm hoping and aiming to continue upward with the mileage and actually get some 'training' going for fall races (to be determined). of course how many times have i said that...

week in review (6/21 - 6/27)
total miles: 34.25
time spent running: ~ 5 hrs 18 mins
avg hr: unknown. didn't feel like wearing the strap.
avg run pace: 9:16/mile
off days: 2

since i'm not sure when i'll get internet connection again, i'm going to do a slightly early checkup on my 2010 goals.


  1. run 3 marathons - 2 down, 1 to go. i think i can make this happen.
  2. pr in at least 3 distances again - 1 so far, by default (10-miler). with my lead legs lately, this will take some work.
  3. do 5,000 abs and 120 minutes of planks - as of 6/28, 5700 and 90! so i'm resetting this goal at 12,000 and 150. apparently setting a numeric, specific goal has helped some.
  4. lose 10-15 pounds - currently failing this one majorly. having a specific goal here is not working :)
  5. beat my '09 miles (2025.10) - umm... it's going to be a jam-packed second-half as i'm not even halfway there.

non-running goals

  1. get some stamps in my passport - this will happen very soon :)
  2. figure out how to plan my wedding and be a good maid-of-honor for my best friend's wedding - well i think i was a great moh if i do say so myself, but i have been slack on my own wedding planning. 
  3. pay off a solid chunk of the mortgage - i've paid off 10.52% (to be precise) of my remaining principal. i know my progress will be slower in the second half of the year, but i've known that and it's ok. my goal was not to pay it off, i don't plan on living there forever.
  4. continue to spend quality time with friends/family - been doing this, and it's easier now that i'm not driving every other weekend, but still could improve of course.
  5. renovate the master bathroom - still need to find a contractor dude to do the work. (haven't exactly looked yet though)


  1. Lindsay, I love seeing how you've laid out your post:
    Last week's mileage, pace, etc.
    Fitness goals
    Non-fitness goals

    Very exciting and I will definitely be taking a lesson from you!

  2. So how do you break down your plank sessions? Progress from a minute at a time?

    I'm looking for some sort of plank challenge.

    PS - any hot contractors for your bathroom?

  3. Shoddy internet connection huh? Good! Stop screwing around on the internet... Don't you have a wedding to plan!!! :)

    All these lofty goals and all I can fixate on is that you paid 10+% of your mortgage off... If that's the only thing you accomplish this whole year then you're still way better off than 98% of Americans!

  4. I love how you have tracked your workouts/miles/abs etc over the years...I started doing this in June for doing crunches/pushups (semi-fail). I can't wait to see what my final numbers are...I'll post it on my blog.

  5. Looks like you are definitely progressing well in all of your goals...you planned a pretty jam packed 2010!!

  6. Way to go on the goals. I think I need to look at mine again. I love the non-running goals, especially the mortgage one. Well, for your mileage, good thing your internet is acting up, so now you can get your ass out the door and run. Good luck with the wedding stuff (whatever that is, lol). Take care.

  7. You are so cool. Seriously, why do you talk to me?

    Great job on knocking the stuffing out of your 2010 goals! 2010 is knocking the stuffing out of me, so that is almost the same, right? We are practically twins!

    IMHO, you can't lose 10-15 pounds without cutting off a limb, and I personally do not recommend that.

    And on the PRs just do a bunch of weirdo distances: 5 miler, 15k, 21k, etc. Voila! Guaranteed PRs!

  8. This makes me want to set more goals. As for PRs, that's easy, just find distances you haven't run before!

  9. You can pull all this stuff off, Lindsay. It sounds like you have a lot going on but it's all FUN! Please tell us which marathon will be your third AND Europe? Passport stamps? Curious readers(ok, nosey readers)want to know!
    Weddings just happen, really.

  10. I think you're doing quite well! Good mileage base to launch your marathon training. I hope your dead legs liven up for you...I know the feeling, believe me!

  11. you are doing great in your goals girlie! why don't you come out to CA for your "fall" marathon and run CIM :) then you still have a bit before you have to start training for real... just saying ;)

  12. Check on the not losing weight...I've like to think that marathon training will bring your weight down, but I guess it's the lack of attention to my diet (and maybe M&m's in your case?? ;)). Looks like you're just getting things done in the midst of "living"...nothing wrong with that!!! :)
    Enjoy the rest of the week!

  13. Good goals. You are making forward progress! Lots of miles last year! Wow!

  14. Nice job on the miles, but bummer that they continue to be a struggle. I hope those legs get their pep back soon so you can nail your running goals.

    Oooh, planning a trip?!

  15. Seeing your goals laid out is extremely motivational for me ... I think it's time I lay out some specifics! That said, it sounds like two of your number-based goals (weight loss, mileage) might require some tweaking to be sure you're not shortchanging your body by cutting back on food as you're trying to amp things up mileage-wise. Just a thought. Whatever the reason, I hope your legs get their groove back soon!

  16. I haven't looked for a contractor for my bathroom yet either. I'm hoping I'll go to bed one night and wake up to the perfectly renovated bathroom!

  17. Love getting stamps in the passport!

  18. How about doing the year's third marathon abroad in a new country? Check off two goals in one?

    Just make sure it's somewhere with clean water so you don't end up losing the 10-15 goal pounds from some kind of awful infectious disease-induced dehydration! Ooof!

    I'm interested in how you break up your planks too. I love that you have abs-y goals. Might take a leaf outta your book there!

  19. great goals, great progress. and if you get ahead even a little on priciple now it will pay off in the long run!

  20. Great goals and amazing job blasting through some of them! You're a machine!

  21. Hi Lindsay, I celebrate you go for your 3d marathon this year. I still will do two more (2 down, 2 to go), just to celebrate the 2500 aniversary of the marathon battle. Good that you get some stamps on ypur passport, just hope that you are not only getting to Mexico to have a party weekend ;)

  22. nice job putting some goals out there and re-visiting them mid-year...i need to do that...

  23. Travel on your calendar? How cool!

    I'm afraid to look at my goals. Can we just say mega fail?

  24. Your 2000+ miles are completely insane! I'm nowhere even near that! But didn't u also have a crazy high number of days during which you ran nonstop last year?!

    You've only had your house a few years - that is a great amount of principal that you've been able to pay off. And the bathroom - too bad we can't send our guy down to you in SC, because he was good and not super uber expensive!