Tuesday, June 1, 2010

goin' to carolina

hello south carolina! it's nice to be home. it's especially nice to be home for more than 1.5 days!

the end of kentucky...
friday morning i got up for one last super early morning run. i haven't had the nausea/vertigo in awhile so i've eased back into morning runs over the past couple of weeks. i definitely prefer them over evening runs because i'm lazy after work and it's getting hot out there. i got in my second quality workout of the week with a short threshold run. my goal pace is currently 7:17-7:25, but i knew i probably wouldn't hit it. i need a few tries to get used to the effort level for threshold pace.

friday was my last day of work out on the jobsite/in kentucky and what do you know, it rains. they called for a "rain out" at noon! i ended up hanging around a little longer visiting with some work buddies one last time. technically since we work in an "office" (trailer) we're not really rained out but it's a holiday weekend (and the boss is out of town) so everyone peaced out early. i went home to stare at all the stuff i needed to pack and later went out for dinner with my apartment neighbor at eddie montgomery's. i wish we had hung out more often - turns out she is filipino too! she was relocated here from los angeles - slight culture difference.

saturday i got up for one last long run on the bluegrass pike. i could've left town friday but i hadn't had a chance to run on the pike in awhile and i wanted one last run. it's a great road for running - scenic, no traffic and you can easily get in up to 18 miles if you want. i went 12 miles, and definitely felt a little emotional as i crossed the bridge over the railroad tracks back into town for the last time. after the run i loaded up the car and met up with some co-workers for lunch before pulling out of town. for the first time in a long time i didn't get moody on the drive home. i am sure this is because i knew i would not be having to make the drive anymore :) i met up with krystyn at a starbucks in knoxville for a quick visit while i was passing through town.

settling in back home...
sunday i started trying to clean and organize the house. what a nightmare. living without a lot of stuff for the past year made me realize how much i can (and should) get rid of. some of my tasty finds were a half-eaten can of chocolate icing and a mostly-full bag of starbucks coffee. i'm still mourning those losses. i also found a bag of 2-year old m&m's that i ate anyway. since i had been diligent logging miles all week, i didn't feel guilty taking the day off from working out. i should've done yoga or something, but oh well. my parents came over with some welcome-home banana pudding, my favorite.

monday was not a very exciting memorial day. i got up early to run and it was thunder storming, back to bed for me. it was still t-storming later in the morning, but i did finally get out for a short run around 2-ish. hot, muggy and humid. yum. happy belated memorial day america!

may 2010
total mileage: 143.55
time spent running: 20:16:04
days off: 7 (hopefully i'll quit slacking now that i'm not traveling as much)
abs/yoga: 12 ab workouts/4 yoga sessions
avg resting hr: 60
avg max hr: 180.16
avg temp: 69.52* (don't let that fool you, it was ~65* with 95% humidity)
pushups: 951

hmm no more kentucky... what will i talk about now??


  1. I set my alarm for 4:30 this morning and I was out running by 4:45. Now that it's light out by 5am, I really wanted to give this "early" morning run a try. Not bad, even though the temp was 58 degrees with a dew point of 56 degrees! Heavy to say the least. Other than freezing while sweating, it was a decent time to run. However, going past our little town local bakery when the door opens is scary. The smell was phenomenal, but the line to get in was huge! Really people? A doughnut by 5am? Sheeesh!
    Welcome home!
    PS/ I would have eaten the 2 year old M&M's too!

  2. A whole new chapter for you--fun! Glad things went smoothly.

  3. Oh how you'll miss the Bluegrass state!?:) I've never been to S Carolina, but I've heard it's beautiful. Great month of may, too Lindsey!!

  4. Glad the vertigo's gone. Hope it is gone for good. Great workout month! Glad you're back home.

  5. Glad the vertigo is gone and that you're back home! Now you can spend more time running, instead of driving. Enjoy it!

  6. Sounds like you were ready for this move. The old M+Ms must be a sign it was the right thing to do.

  7. How exciting to start a new journey! Good for you...I am thrilled for you:)

  8. Good luck Lindsay and you'll love S. carolina!

    Great numbers in May -- way to crush some push ups!

  9. It sounds like "Welcome Home!" is in order. :-)

  10. No more Kentucky? Does it mean more running or less? Hmmm....

    I'm glad you're home and back to your element!

  11. Oh I'm so excited for you. Yay no more Kentucky! It must be so nice. Enjoy!

  12. More than the leaving Kentucky, I'm in awe that YOU didn't consume those M&M's two years ago. HUH??? Were you sick with fever and hid them and then when you were better, forgot you even had them??? Well, never-the-less, I'm glad they didn't go to waste!! :)

    And now for your next chapter....

  13. Well Lindsay you never stop! Move, run, work... so you ar now in Carolina? Wowww, I have to see the maps to see it's far from Kentucky!

    I hope you can do anything you want in your new location!

    Good luck for you

  14. South carolina, Huh? I recently found Myrtle beach. I know, I'm late on that, especially considering it's a 8 hour car ride away from me. But anyway, I went there during summer vacation last year and vowed to go back every year.

    Not sure how far that is from you as SC is a big state. But if it's close, I'm hitting you up for a run this summer. And by running with you, I mean, eating your dust, you fast thing, you!

    enjoy HOME!!!

  15. Hope you adjust easily to being home again! I did my first am workout today and am feeling more energized than ever ... maybe there's something to this afterall? lol...

  16. Glad you made it home safe and sound. It will be nice not to be hitting the road constantly and closer to family/Josh/etc.

    Nice job on the runs!

  17. Woo hoo! In my early career I spent a lot of time living in hotels and out of suitcases. It got old real quick. But like you, it also taught me how to be a minimalist - how much I really didn't need.

    So now we get to read about the beauty of South Carolina? At least I've been to South Carolina. (FWIW - Charleston is beautiful!)

  18. filipino....whooohooo! lol. Had to say that. Welcome back to S.C. That is the state in which I was born...Orangeburg. My family there calls me a yankee for being in PA now, not by my choice though. I will surprise them one day of not moving back down south, but to AZ or something. As far as bloggin, blog about what you write about the best......running. I love seing your stats that you share and when you talk about your tempo and thresh hold runs. Look forward to the posts from SC, or should I say.....from Lindsay. Take care.

  19. yayayayayayay!!! you have no idea how happy i was for you when i saw you were DONE with KY!!!! it will be so nice to be home for more than a weekend :)

  20. Welcome home!

    Random things I thought when reading your post:

    1. Dude you left for KY and did not take the coffee? You can drink 2 year old coffee.

    2. She is right I can get by with a lot less shit too. I need to de-clutter this summer.

    3. 2 year old m&m's also totally acceptable

    4. Your definition of slacking and mine are TOTALLY different.

  21. Welcome back to SC! I'm glad to know that MnMs are edible after 2 years, although I don't usually make it 2 days without devouring them all:)

  22. Home sweet home...enjoy :)

  23. I am going to miss hearing about Kentucky, but am so glad you are back home now!

  24. Oh how I have missed this blog. Welcome back to SC. I reside in NC. Got to love a Carolina Girl!

  25. Glad you're back in SC!
    I'm now craving some banana pudding :-)

  26. Wow, u were actually emotional about leaving Kentucky? :-) I guess I could see that after all that time there. I'm glad for u that you're home now though. I'm sure Josh is too. (whose pics I'm still waiting for by the way... LOL, just teasing you!!)