Friday, June 25, 2010

i choose...

well, really chooses you --

marcia of running off at the mouth!

email me your mailing address marcia and i'll pass it along to the american cancer society folks so that *they* get your package to you in a timely fashion. (we all know how well the post office and i get along)

thanks to everyone who entered and shared their personal health-endeavors. turns out i don't have to blame a crappy moh speech on you guys since no one really offered to write it for me :) (sorry chris, your 'joke' wasn't happening!) haha.

here's a tally of what you guys admitted to working on/need to work on:
  • soda/diet soda - 6
  • fruit/veggies - 4
  • sunscreen - 6
  • drinking water - 2
  • giving in to dessert - 3
  • eating healthy/portion control - 8
  • stretching - 1
i enjoyed reading all the comments! i'm surprised only 3 people admitted to desserts/sweets. i am definitely bad at all of the above though, well, except soda. (still soda free for 7 years!)

hmm running. still (sorta) chugging along. took a good chunk of days off as mentioned around the wedding and am realizing i need to ramp it up soon for a little 50k in november! yep, after my double-marathons (and some advice from johnny) i took the plunge and signed up for an ultra :)

anyway i'm just plodding along for now. most days running still feels awkward and i'm slow. i've been wondering lately if i need to seriously revamp my diet (ie: not just cut out/cut back on m&m's). i've been having a bit of troublesome health issues for awhile (other than the vertigo) that my doctors haven't been able to help with (i've been trying their suggestions and prescriptions for over two years now), and figure a cleaner diet sure couldn't hurt. i'm just so bad at enforcing healthy eating habits lately.

then i conveniently read about my hawaii friends cutting back on gluten and noticing a change in how they feel/perform athletically, so i'm more-seriously considering a clean sweep of the diet. we'll see... i mean, i have to eat up the rest of my delicious cookies first anyway right?


  1. Just keep chugging along. It'll come around. Or not. But whatever it does it's better than not chugging along.

  2. I have heard a lot of people say the same thing about the gluten. It is very interesting! I hope you have a wonderful weekend ;)

  3. My mother-in-law has dabble with gluten free diets and she felt that it helped a lot with some issues she was having... not sure if clean diet and exercise are the end all cure for all malidies but it does put your body into the best possible position to deal with whatever's wrong.

    Also I get so frustrated with doctors... it just seems like so many of them just don't care at all and the ones who do don't seem to have the time to actually solve any medical problems that aren't text book cases...

  4. I've been considering the gluten thing too. I Googled "gluten intolerance symptoms" yesterday and was supprised to find several of my own ailments listed: hypothyroidsim, rayauds, dizziness, psoriasis, stomach pain and bloating. Who knew?

  5. I read those too, but I'll take my suboptimal running over giving up my gluten.

    Wait - unless cheetos are gluten-free?

  6. An ultra---wow! Good for you! Can't wait to hear about your journey.

  7. Wow, an ultra! Good luck with the training--I had a lot of plodding in there. It took a while to come back, but it's much better now. I'm thinking of cutting back on gluten too. It can't hurt, right?

  8. Bah! What did I miss? Another contest...damn!

    Umm, ooh, a medical quandry? I wonder what your problemo is, other than the vertigo? Hormonal in nature? Hmmm...

    Gluten-free is a hard diet to keep, and not really good for running because a lot of carb choices have gluten in them.

    In my humble medical opinion, most people who are on it probably don't need it (because it's only indicated for celiac disease) and there are many who are supposedly on gluten-free diets that are taking gluten that they don't know about (because it's not usually found on food labels...)

  9. Did Marcia pay you big bucks to randomly pull her name?? Hum...

    I can't remember if I admitted to actually having any bad habits I needed to change...I probably didn't cuz it'd have taken an entire page. I do know that when I eat cleaner and healthier, I run better. Why I can't get myself to do it all the time is beyond me.

  10. Whoops! I had bookmarked your post to comment, but forgot. Oh well, I'm sure Marcia will enjoy it.

    Congrats on signing up for the ultra!

    I have a couple relatives with celiac disease and are on gluten free diets. It is miserable for them and have an incredibly hard time finding gluten free food. After seeing their problems, I don't think I'll voluntarily give it up!! :)

  11. Yeah, I don't think I could ever give up gluten. There's not really much I could give up (granted I did give up meat, but I'm trying to eat it sometimes now). It's probably just the crazy heat and humidity affecting your running... and we all have those days anyway :). I wouldn't give up anything unless I talked to the doc, tho.

    Amy Lauren

  12. I'm sure you can find a raw cookie recipe when you need to get your fix. Good luck with cleaner eating. I hope it solves your problem. Happy ultra training! Chug along, sista.

  13. I was intrigued by Frayed Laces post about the gluten. Can't wait to hear your experience with it. But, I've definitely discovered that what we eat affects how we feel and how we perform. It's so elementary, but it's something that most of us never paid any attention to.

  14. I'm addicted to suger!! I need help!:)

  15. Great to hear that you're chugging along. Nothing wrong with that, and in fact - better than he alternative!

    Exciting! An ultra! I'm planning on doing my first next May up in the Sierra Nevada.

  16. An ultra?! That's impressive. I'm intimidated by the mere thought of anything longer than a marathon. Good for you for giving it a shot!
    About my trip to SC, I went to Lugoff, SC which is just northeast of Columbus. We were there for all of 3 hours, so I really didn't see much.

  17. I think it would be great to experiment with a different diet. If the docs can't figure it out, maybe you can. Off of soda for 7 years - VERY impressive! I think about giving it up sometimes and then I go get a drink. In fact, writing about it gives me a craving now.
    Please keep us updated if you decide to experiment.

  18. Oof. That gluten-free life seems tough. But... my mom recently found out she's allergic to wheat, so she ran with the diagnosis and never looked back. She feels so much better that she claims not to even crave/miss wheat at all -- the tradeoff of feeling "on" is worth it to her. Good luck figuring out the health weirdness, whatever it is! Congrats on committing to the ultra. Can't wait to read about it! :)

  19. Hey Lindsay!
    I'm back!! Betcha can't wait to read my half race report, can you?! I'll keep you in suspense, but I will tell you something you already know-not training for a half=a half assed effort! Ha-Ha, since this post of yours is only about a giveaway winner, then I don't feel obligated to comment...TTYSoon!!

  20. I am so not giving up gluten, no matter what they say!

  21. I'd last 5 minutes without gluten. You're way tougher than me though. :o)

  22. I've been hearing a lot lately about people 'clean sweeping' their diets. I can't imagine giving up my bread (and cookies), but it might be worth it if it's going to make you feel better.

    There's no gluten in M&M's, right?


  24. Jeez I'm asleep at the switch and here I won!!! WOOT! Emailing you now!