Monday, June 7, 2010

lucky number seven

the weekend
very exciting - full of painting (a lot of which should have been done 4 years ago when i bought the house. i would start painting a room and then get tired and quit.... so yeah, still not done). getting closer though!

sucks for some reason. i/my body feels tired. my legs don't want to move. the pace is slow and everything feels like crap. sunday's "long run" was a whopping 4.95 miles. i'm just frustrated 'cause i don't know why my body feels like crap - my mileage has been reasonable, i eat decently, i drink water, i get sleep...

my dress came in a couple weeks ago while i was still in kentucky. i tried it on a few days ago and thought "man i didn't know i lost this much weight!" then i read the tag size... yeah they ordered it *three* sizes too big! awesome. the store claimed it was because dresses aren't made for your specific measurements and that it's normal for them to be a little big. sure i can see that, but 3 sizes off? bring on the m&m's -- i have 50-60 lbs to gain!

i had all of last week off and it was awesome. sleep in, go for a (cruddy) run, do a little painting, read, lounge around, pile up stuff for the goodwill. one evening i cooked dinner for josh and bought him some beer and said "see? this is what life could be like if you would let me quit working". 'cause you know, i'd be so willing to do that daily.... he didn't buy it. unfortunately vacation didn't last long and i'm back at work this week, in a real office, in real clothes. i definitely liked it better when getting dressed for work meant picking out a t-shirt i hadn't worn already that week. now i have to worry about whether or not i have to wear a real bra (yes i am that lazy - sports bra please), wrinkles (which are abundant in clothes that have been stuffed in a closet for over a year), and vpl's (the female version of course).

non-running workouts
almost non-existant since coming home from ky. strength training? pushups? yoga? nope. something about my house just doesn't motivate me to do supplemental workouts. i suppose i can blame it on my wedding weight-gain 'needs'.

got a bill from the radiology something-or-other for my mri: under $300. i was stoked it was so much less than i was estimating. then i got another bill from the hospital, just under $900. so much for that. i would, however, like to know why the radiology place is billing me when i went to the hospital for the mri? (yes, the actual vertigo has been fine recently).

being a grown-up
had a couple people come out to quote some tree work. the first guy was pretty good-lookin', but unfortunately the second guy was $400 less. those savings might help make my next credit card bill less painful with the mri charges. sorry, attractive tree guy.

i am loved. i was tagged 5 times with this award that's been circling the 'sphere recently. thanks olivia, jill, mandy, zoe and ana maria! (i hope i got everyone). consider the above points my 7 random facts to fulfill this tagging (further portraying my versatility, right?).


  1. sounds like you have a lot of really exciting stuff going on! 3 sizes too big?? yikes! and don't worry, i totally wear sports bras whenever i have the opportunity too...hello comfort!

    sorry to hear that running isn't going great...then again you did just make a pretty big life change so maybe that has something to do with it. hope the legs get some snap back soon!

  2. yeah, I have turned to this darkside where I have "sports bras for exercise" and "sports bras for the rest of the time."

  3. I'm finally crawling out of the wood work to stop by and catch up. You've been just as exciting as I knew you wouldn't be. :P J/K I missed you!!! I promise you I'll start becoming a regular again! Love you long time!

  4. I'm reading your blog as I sit in my bed with laptop on my lap occasionally looking to the right at my half painted purple wall, and then to the left at various shades of yellow. Those samples were administered 2 years ago. Yep, I get the paint thing totally.

    3 sizes??? You lucky M&M girl!!!! Guess I'd better get busy and get to the store for more pink guys!

    Eh, no worries on the'll come back to ya (and me!!!), let's just hope it's sooner than later....

  5. I totally LOL'd at your solution to your wedding dress problem. Some people might get their dresses altered. You? Bring on the M&Ms. Haha! So funny!

    Great news about your vertigo thing. I'm glad it's gone away. Cruddy runs are due to the hot weather. Believe it!

  6. I can't really touch the wedding dress (except congrats on getting married) or the bra thing.

    Tree guy..that was 3 weeks ago for me. the middle of doing my living room over now.

  7. You cannot be 100% all the time, good sensations will come back and you will be again a road killer. Regards

  8. You maje me laugh! "have 50-60 lbs to gain!" It's a good joke! I hope you can repair that disaster,yeah! I didn't know you're prepare your wedding! Excellent!

    Congratulations by your award! You worht it. Believe me.

    Congratulations for your vacations and I see you have setteled down... You'are in a lot of things! Wowww... you're brave and honest and I like so much persons like you.

    I follow you Linday. Thanks for your blog.

  9. Bring on the M&Ms!!!! I tried that "I could make you dinner every night" thing too. I am still gainfully employed. Bummer. Maybe it was my food....

  10. Glad the vertigo is gone. The wedding dress being three sizes too big is a bit strange. Enjoy all those M+Ms.

  11. My wedding dress was huge too. It cost a fortune in alterations... I think they do it on prupose so they can make more $$ on alterations.

    So thrilled the vertigo is gone, so much for being free of it when the bills arrive.

  12. In regards to your MRI bills. Most hospitals "contract" out their other departments. Like ours, the entire Xray/MRI depts are a separate company inside the hospital. Our lab system is a separate company also inside the hospital. There are like 3-4 others also. It's crazy. Just a bunch of bullshit reasons to get more money out of our pockets!
    If you decide to go hog wild with those M&M's and add on that extra 50-60lbs, I just might have a shot of beating you in a marathon! lol-yeah right!
    I think you need to just give your body a break. So what if your long run is under 5 miles. Take time to enjoy being back home. It will all come back and when it does, those will be some of your best runs!
    In the meantime....find a kb instructor in your area and have at it!!

  13. I don't know I might have sucked up $400 to watch some eye candy cut down trees!! haha just kidding! Glad your feeling better! Damn radiology places get you every time!

  14. Clever with the versatility. ;)

    Glad you had a nice week off... definitely deserved after the PROLONGED stay in KY.

    Ahhh, painting... we have been in our house 2.5 years and only 2 rooms are done... the 2 smallest ones!

    I hope your running starts to feel normal again soon. Wonder what's up?!

  15. Man, I'm glad your vertigo is getting better, but sorry it's still taking such a toll. I had vertigo once, it wasn't fun at all.

    But you got your dress!! How fun!! A little advice: take it to a place off the beaten path for alterations. I was getting quotes of over $500 for alterations to my dress, but I called around and ended up taking it to a seamstress in the boonies who primarily worked on prom dresses. She charged $80, steamed it and altered my rehearsal dinner dress too. She was fabulous.

  16. Funny about the wedding dress. I rented one that was a bit too small (only one close to my size) and had to really suck my tummy in to fit in it.

    Good call on the tree guy ;-)

  17. Well, with 3 sizes to big, it looks like you need to get on to bakeing some fresh cookies my friend! :)

  18. Are they going to reorder your wedding dress? That sounds like a lot to take in. Of course, M&Ms are a good, valid alternative.

    Have you been tested for anemia? You probably had a ton of tests when you were dealing with the vertigo, but I thought I'd mention it just in case.

    Good luck with the rest of the week back at work!

  19. 3 sizes too big? That's a lot of dress to take in! Of course, M&M's would be much more fun, and 60lbs of m&m's is still probably cheaper than a dress alteration.

    I can definitely appreciate your loss of the former "field work" attire. One of the best things (and only good things) about my job is that I get to (have to) wear a uniform. No decisions as to what to wear, and no one knows if I wear the same thing two (or more) days in a row. Plus, when the company provides work clothes every year, the old ones make great painting/oil changing/housework clothes.

  20. Oh your dress! How exciting!!!!

    I bet it feels nice to be home even if things are crazy!

  21. Maybe you are tired because you haven't been eating enough m&ms? Ha!

    V. cool that the dress came in. Hope they tailor it well!

  22. they just want to take all your money in alterations... sheesh THREE sizes?

  23. Yay for wedding dresses! Enjoy those m&ms. :o)

  24. 3 sizes too big??? seriously? That seems whack!

    I get into running funks too! It will come back but dont start eating m&m's!! Dont do it!!

  25. Oh no! They better get you a new dress!

  26. HA! I had the exact same story with my dress. I also lost more weight before the wedding. The dress felt large!!! But it looked great, and I had room to breathe, so it all worked out!

  27. I'm not surprised that your running is suffering with so much going on. Or maybe it's just the paint fumes? :)

  28. Woo hoo for the vertigo taking a hike:) Bummer about the wedding dress...hopefully it will be easy to fix. Good luck with the rest of your wedding plans! Take care of yourself and stay positive!

  29. Glad to hear that the vertigo is fine! Good job on the painting. I hate painting! I hope your running gets back on track soon, although the M&Ms may be working against you on that one, but hey, at least your dress will fit.:) Have a good week back at work!!

  30. I really love your writing. Thanks for the honest posting, Lindsay!

  31. Sorry about your sucky running. We all get into a funk. Believe me, I know. Good luck with your wedding plans. I hope that dress situation gets figured out.

  32. I just got my MRI bill too. I was not happy!!!



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