Wednesday, June 2, 2010

something extra

running has felt weird ever since recovering from vertigo back in march. i used to cruise through easy and long runs at an 8:30-9:00/mile pace. lately it seems i'm slowing down, as i've seen a few too many 9:20-9:30 splits and my avg heartrate is higher than the norm too. i've been sleeping 8-9 hours a night now that i'm back in sc and my body/legs feel even more tired than usual. i know it's possible that i need to readjust to a less intense schedule and the extra rest (averaged 5-6 hrs sleep in ky).

it's getting warmer of course, which takes some getting used to, and i was spoiled by pretty flat terrain in kentucky so i have some rolling hills to get used to again. a little disheartening to think i once powered up these hills at a 7:30-7:45/mile pace, and now am a solid 2-minutes slower with death chasing me down. :)

left - sc; right - ky
not the worst hills ever but still, gonna have to readjust!

i'm a little frustrated by it all - no one wants to feel "off" for weeks on end, but i know things will eventually "click" again.

it takes something extra to be a runner. to willingly subjugate ones self to daily punishment for seemingly no reward. that honest defiance of today's "i want my results now" mentality is what sets us apart.

there is no magic pill.

as runners, we know we won't be better tomorrow from what we do today (in fact, tomorrow, we'll probably be worse than we are today). tomorrow is not the goal. the goal is weeks from now, months from now, years from now. the acceptance of deferred gratification is what sets us apart and makes us unique. (the fact that the overwhelming majority of us do it without ever being paid a penny just makes us weird)

[quote from ultra brad]

happy national running day!

wednesday 6/2 am run: 8.4 miles, 1:18:00 (9:17 avg pace)
avg/max hr (169/186), 76* (85% humidity)


  1. It is really humid here today!!! I am so glad I did my bike ride in the morning. There is no way I would have been motivated to run later :)

  2. Very well said Lindsay. Awesome post. 3 months ago I thought I had improved quite a bit. Now, I am doing worse these past couple of weeks (2nd week of marathon training) then what it seems when I first started out. We don't get paid to do this, and I think that is what makes us elite from the get go no matter one's pace or looks or whatever. The fact that we get our asses out there and exit the house is what sets us apart from the rest of the world of do nothing's. Thanks for sharing, it gave me a mental boost. I stubbed one of my damn toes last night. I can not believe what an impact that has on my running today, which sucked ass burgers. Take care. Sorry for ranting. I needed to vent. lol, sorry for using your blog to do it. lol

  3. I've slowed down, too, but honestly it's been hot and I am not training for anything so I don't do speedwork. trust the process, Lindsay, you'll get your speed back!

  4. the heat DEFINITELY plays a roll. GAH not looking forward to it :( you will get your speed back!

    love the quote. so so so true.

  5. "daily punishment for seemingly no reward".........

    There is always a reward for what we do. SHIT, do you think I swing/snatch that damn kettlebell thousands, literally, thousands of times for no reward? It may not make itself known right from the start, but at some point in time while doing something else, it all falls into place. Sometimes it's when I'm leaning over a patient performing chest compressions during a code-every swing comes right back into play.
    Sometimes it's when I'm out biking and I see that big ass hill coming my way-all the squats with those damn heavy bitches laying on my chest come right back into my mind.
    We all totally know why we do what we do.
    One) we love it!
    Two) we have to or we become bitches!
    Three) because we frickin' can!

    I will never be a speedy runner, but damn sure, I'll always BE a runner!
    I have strict instructions for the family to bury me with my kettlebells, my running shoes, a part of bike and in my swimming suit!
    I can't believe I missed "national running day".........son of a b....!
    Happy National Running Day to you!
    I'll see you in May in Green Bay! We'll talk!

  6. Thanks for sharing that quote, it's really good for me to remember that now! I know you'll be back to speeding up those hills before you know it.

  7. It's definitely frustrating to feel like you are going backwards in progress. Stick with it... you will find your mojo and be rocking those hills again in no time!

  8. Hang in there Lindsay! You're just a little rusty... I know, I know, easier said than done... It's hard enough to go through a week or two of running funk let alone months...

    Us runner's have a short term memory which can be a blessing and a curse... a blessing because if we truly remembered the pain we suffer through during some of our workouts it would be pretty hard to get out the door next time around... but a curse because we're only as good as our last workout which leaves the door wide open for the frustration and self-doubt to creep in...

    There's no doubt in my mind you're going to get through it though... and hey, even on your "slow" days you're still wicked fast!

    Just try to relax, get in some easy miles, and have fun with it... and then once you get your mojo back do what a wise runner once said: "make yourself hurt and then push harder!"

  9. Lindsay, you are super awesome! Just keep at it, and the rewards will come pouring in. IT's a transition, and you'll get used to it at one point or another. It just can't stay the same - this thought always comforts me :)

  10. I have no doubt you'll get your speed back, don't be too hard on yourself, let your body adjust. Good to recognize it...but don't let it get the best of you!

  11. i've read a lot about how the heat affects our running.

    at least you CAN run! Just enjoy it!

  12. Heat is the worst. Good luck getting your mojo back. You will do it.

  13. It must be the humidity. That much of a climate change must be a tough one. But you'll adapt for sure.

    quote = radness btw.

  14. happy national running day!

    I know you had your brain checked, but did you also have your iron level checked?

  15. Maybe you just need some more M& M's! Seriously though, down time is good, your body is speaking and it's the LONG term training that bares fruit in the end, not the day to day stuff...I think our bodies and training are cyclical and we can't bust 7:30 hills 100% of the time(well, we wish we could but...). You'll be back in full force soon, I have no doubt!

  16. Hi Lindsay! Have you got a good National Running Day? I hope you do!

    By the other hand, you have to be patient like a marathon runner! (I do a joke!), at your new location and about your run machine. If you can run nothing more is importan! Don't believe you?

    Good luck!

  17. I feel your pain. Ever since the L.A. Marathon I've been on the big slide going back down. It's to the point where I'm satisfied doing 11:00 on long runs these days. It's part of the reason that I decided no goal marathon tis time around.

    Has your vertigo at least resolved?

  18. I like the quote- ALOT! Especially the part about tomorrow not being the goal. LOVE IT!

  19. Ugh the humidity is killing me here too and it's just making the hills seems longer and steeper. Hope you settle in and get back your normal pace soon!

  20. I think the heat and humidity is affecting you more than you think. I certainly like to blame the weather. :)

  21. I guess after so much time out from running it will take an equally long time to build up your base mileage again, as you say it will come

  22. Thanks for walking me through your mentality; it's good to know that I'm not the only one struggling to make everything "click".

    Also, great advice on your post on my blog: suck it up and wake early; sleep later. It's a hot weekend coming and an early run is forecasted!

  23. Welcome back to the heat and humidity. Give yourself a chance to get acclimated (a few weeks) as the temps keep going up. I’m 30s – 45s per mile slower in the summer time compared to the cooler temps because of the heat factor.
    Brad’s comments are real. It’s funny how non runners see us as crazy for paying to run and make our bodies suffer. I think they are crazy for not running and enjoying the benefit from being healthy and the sense of accomplishment it gives you. To struggle with the bad days of training knowing you survived and feel better for it. It’s the bad days which gives the good days character.
    Good post.

  24. Aww, I like the quote :). It's definitely humid here but it's SC, so you kind of expect it, bleh. Sure it slows you down but at least you're still running and still getting out there, that's what really matters :).

  25. Yeah, I started getting slower..right before my marathon! I'm sure it's because of the heat. You'll get used to it soon..or you could always go back to Kentucky!

    Love the quote by the way, stealing it for my Quotes page! :)

  26. My running last week was really off thanks to illness and heat. Way to stick to it. Indeed, there is no magic pill.

  27. What a wonderful quote: "Tomorrow is not the goal. the goal is weeks from now, months from now, years from now. the acceptance of deferred gratification is what sets us apart and makes us unique." I, too, feel like I haven't fully gotten my "groove" back post-wrist-surgery, and am trying to maintain that long view of running, health and fitness. Good for you for listening to your body—respecting it now will pay off later, whether it's months from now or years from now.