Wednesday, August 11, 2010

moonin' my honey: three coconuts pass

on our first island excursion, we went hiking with our guide heinrich in the opunohu valley and up "three coconuts pass". the views were beyond gorgeous.

heck yes i wore my garmin.
i'd zoom in, but it'd just be a green blob, this way you get to see the island.

looking down to the southern coast

moua roa/mt. bali hai
no one has yet to climb to the top

cook bay off to the right

we saw a tree, "aura", that was like aiwa (the tree from avatar) except people/avatars don't live in it obviously. roots grow down from above and the polynesians will "feel" the tree as they walk by it by grasping the roots for a second (according to heinrich anyway, and he always grabbed them). we also saw flowers that were very similar to the avatar tree angel things. i wasn't a big avatar fan, but at least james cameron knows where to vacation!

in front of the aura tree

an "avatar" flower

we learned about the kava kava drug plant (he related it to the indians and the peace pipe) and many different types of ferns. heinrich whacked off a vine with his machete and we drank it's fresh water. then he pointed out a vine right next to the one he cut and said "but don't drink this one, it is poisonous" (not deadly, but you won't be feeling good). we saw an endangered green pigeon of sorts and a humongous red centipede.

bamboo forest

mad photography skills
this looks like a 5 yr old took a picture of weeds, but it's a kava kava plant

heinrich having some fresh water

big red centipede

garmin stats: 4.35 miles, 3:23:17 (we stopped to look at stuff a lot)

later in the afternoon, we rented bikes for about $38US that you could have gotten for free on craigslist. mine was pink with a basket, and the seat swiveled with every rotation of the pedal. we tried to find somewhere to eat off-resort but most places were closed (it was around 2pm). we rolled up to le martinez in the town of pao pao and they stayed open a little longer for us.

pricey (but delicious) tuna lunch at le martinez

after lunch we picked up a few “necessities” (aka wine and potato chips) at the pao pao supermarche. i couldn't resist some anana (pineapple) juice. after the previous night's confusion, we figured out when the crepe bar (la toatea) was open and had crepes & cocktails for dinner – i had la toatea (pineapples, coconut, chocolate) and josh had one with bacon, egg and cheese. so began my love affair with crepes...


  1. Very well captured, Lindsay! Super-jealous! Just an FYI (that you probably already know), on Garmin Connect you can press the "Embed" button and paste the code into your blog post.

    If you didn't know this or are having trouble just let me know and I can walk you through even more.

    Continue rocking.
    Matty B.

  2. Spectacular! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wow those pictures are gorgeous!

  4. That avatar flower looks really pretty. I finally figured out the James Cameron allusion. I think this pregnancy is slowing my synapses.

  5. ahhh that hike looks AMAZING and love all the avatar references :) my friends went there on their honeymoon but didn't do any hiking so i really had no idea - so pretty!!!

  6. Beautiful pics, but no coconuts?
    Well, they made up for it with those Avatar flowers, awesome.

  7. Wow, those really do look like the avatar flowers -- so cool. Outstanding pics of an outstanding place!

  8. You two look SO young in that photo. Love that you brought your Garmin on the trip.

  9. out of control AWESOME. ahhhh the land of avatar. i cried over that movie. and then wanted to move there. and then realized it wasn't real.


    what a great trip you had!

  10. And you two came back! What an amazing trip, and love the pics. More, more, more...

  11. Love crepes, but grossed out by centipedes...ewwww! Looks like a great hike, such gorgeous scenery!!

    And I haven't emailed you back yet but I hear you on that sleep thing...omg, we are two peas!! Hope you're doing better this week!!

  12. Why do I have a big feeling that Heinrich knows a lot about peace pipes and things?!!
    That picture of him drinking water? I could really come up with a much better descriptive (dirty as hell) caption than what you did!!!
    I was NOT a fan of Avatar either, but the boys absolutely loved it!

  13. Wowww amazing pictures!!! You are a real runner...with the Garmin everywhere!
    Thanks for sharing your wedding trip!

  14. Great pics! Thanks.

    I never saw Avatar.

  15. Thanks for sharing the pics and all that. Very cool. I believe that I would love to go there some day.........soon, and not come back. Hope all is well now. Take care.

  16. Awesome hike! I love the little avatar-esque tree.

    LOL at the Craigslist bikes!

  17. Not only are your pictures awesome, I love your narration that goes along with made me feel like I was on the trip w/you....although I wouldn't want to go on anyone's honeymoon...awkward! :) Looks like you guys had a great time though and you are super cute together!!

  18. The pics are amazing. WOw, you guys picked an amazing place!

  19. You keep up these posts and I may have to temporarily remove you from Google Reader... you are making me jealous!!! haha.

    It is really making me look forward to our trip to Hawaii.

    Those "avatar" trees are awesome. I didn't realize that they were "based" on an actual tree.

  20. Loved the "Avatar" themed post, sounds like a fun hike. Oh and I can't believe you just started liking crepes!

    Not sure how much of a fan you are, but if you like Nutella, you'll love a Nutella crepe. I mean, how could you NOT?! But I had mine in Vegas, probably good anywhere though..

  21. Funny about the Garmin - but I have to admit, i would have done the same thing, lol.