Monday, September 13, 2010

bike bonk

sunday late-morning i dragged josh out the door for a bike ride. it's my birthday week, so i coerced him into a long ride. i imagine you're supposed to gradually move up with biking distance just like running because i bonked hard long before the ride was over.

recent bike rides:
7/11 - 27mi
8/29 - 10mi
9/5 - 21mi
9/12 - 46mi, totally normal progression right? i certainly don't do this with my running...

we rode a nice little 46-ish miler through the countryside with rolling hills. i did pretty well on the hills in the first half with dropping down the gears (like you all recommended) and pedaling steady, but eventually i just plain got tired and even the "granny gear" felt hard. i took a gu at mile 15ish, devoured a pack of gu chomps at mile 27ish, and took my only other gu at mile 29ish because i felt myself turning in spaghetti. unfortunately we were out in the middle of nowhere and there wasn't even a fruit stand, let alone a gas station, to grab a snack. we did ride through a vineyard and the smell of grapes was delicious. i was semi-tempted to stop, but warm grapes still aren't very appealing even in mid-bonk.

fellow biking friends, what do you fuel with and how often do you 'eat' on a ride?

sunday (9/12) ride: 46.5 miles, 3:36:25 (~12.9 mph), avg hr (151), 88*
initially i had thoughts of making this another brick, but i barely had energy to unlock the door. i did do yoga after i had something to eat, if bike+yoga counts as a brick. i might also count it as a lifting because there were so many chaturanga dandasanas that my arms are sore. i also feel like adding a disclaimer to make my avg speed not sound so bad - i just have basic platform pedals, not fancy clips or cleats. i'm telling myself that part of my slowness is from not being able to pull up on the upstroke.

week in review (9/6 - 9/12)
total miles: 38.35 (50 planned)
time spent running: ~ 6 hrs 14 mins
avg hr: 162.00
avg pace: 9:45/mile
off days: 2

running wasn't too exciting this week. technically i did a "speed" workout - 4 minutes hard/3 minutes easy for about 4 miles, but my 'hard' didn't seem very fast. once again i took an unscheduled lazy day early in the week and biked instead of ran on sunday so i was a little short on miles. i felt tired most of the week (not sure why) and my runs were sluggish.

september goals:
  • lift 8 times (...erm. workin' on it. sorta)
  • do core at least 12 times (2x)
  • do yoga 4 times (1x)
  • go for 3 bike rides (2x)
  • do 5 speed workouts (1x)
  • run 10+ miles 7 times (per training plan) (2x)
  • run 150 miles (62.35)
  • get my sleepy butt back in a morning-run routine with at least 6 early morning runs


  1. I have a love/hate relationship with my bike, but we stop every 10 miles or so for nutrition of some sort. And I try to drink every 5 miles. So on a long bike ride I eat a lot...

  2. Where did you go riding?

    I tend to really fuel up before a ride, something I would NEVER do before running, but I just don't seem to get stomach issues on the bike. So my nutrition plan is a good breakfast and then I take a bag or two of Powerbar Gel Blasts along and have maybe half a bag per hour. Not very scientific plan hmmm? ;-)

  3. Way to go on the riding. 46 miles. Hey that's to work and back for me. lol. As far as fueling, what about that gu brew, or cytomax? I don't really ride much, but that is what they suggested on They do talk about riding and tris too. Yes, progression is the same on riding as running, but I know you. lol. We all want to push the envelope to see what our bodies can do right? That is what sets us apart from the couch sitters right? Your word verification suits your post - new Lindsay word - exhatio; who knows, it might be in the urban dictionary. lol

  4. Impressive bike ride! I think 4 miles is worth something in the missed miles column....

  5. Nice goals for Sept. I'm with you on those chattarunga things. Full body workout for sure.

  6. I'll east something every 45 mins to an hour but I think the trick is don't depend solely on packaged nutrition. banana, half a sandwich, things like that work much better for me, usually in combination with what you already brought.

  7. That is one huge ass bike ride! When you go for it, you like to go all out, don't you??

  8. Don't worry about biking speed for now, just work on developing endurance. Honestly, I was as slow as you when I started (not that I am fast now, but I am faster). I don't eat much during training (but I do when I race). During bikerides I eat cut up bananas with peanut butter (individually wrapped), pb@j sandwhich bites, cut up cliff bars, etc. I have a little bite of something every 30 min. Also, caffeine helps - sometime I stop for a diet coke. Biking is very safe, so it is OK to bump the mileage quickly.

  9. If you're a fan of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, those "smuckers-crustables" are PERFECT because they're frozen. I put one or two depending on how long of a ride in my bike bag and by the time I'm ready to eat 'em they're thawed! Not warm either, just right. Actually I hate PB&J, but when you're in the middle of tim-buck-two, they're like steak!
    I usually drink every 5 miles, eat every 10-15ish. I consider 2 chomps a snack at every 30 minute mark. I take banana's, raisins, granola bars and the PB&J sandwiches along with me!

  10. Normally I don't eat much on a ride maybe one bar or something. But my ride last week was unusually long so I had a bar at about 22 miles, another at 35 and then a few candy bars at 40 or so.

    The cycling shoes would definitely help out but on a ride like that when you haven't gone near that far for (ever?) such a long time, don't even worry about your speed.

  11. That ride sounds so nice! What great goals for this month!

  12. Completely normal progression there! But you did it, right? I have a policy about rides and fuel--always have something with you b/c rides have a way of turning into something longer than expected. Take along a Cliff bar or something easy to stash.

    Are you planning a century next weekend? ; )

  13. I don't eat much pre-bike ride, and I don't eat at all ON the bike, except GU during a race.

    Do you have 2 water bottles? I didn't even know that 2 would FIT until last year. I fill each with Gatorade (or the equivalent) and that would be enough fuel to cover 50 miles on country-side riding.

    Then, I deplete our entire food reserves upon my return.

    Good luck with your goals!

  14. I love the outrageous "progressions," endurance nut. Interested to read more about how you experiment with mid-cycle fueling -- I don't do many longggg bike riees, but I find that it's easier for me to get stuff down than during a long run. Which... probably means I don't ride hard enough.

  15. Way to celebrate the birthday week. Hey, I did yoga this week too (quite rare for me). Raffi was very persuasive in getting me to skip my 6 mile run in favor of the yoga...

  16. That's a long bike ride. Nice job! My bike got stolen and never replaced because I just don't use it very often. I'm guessing it would be easier to eat on a bike than running. Less bouncing for the stomach.

  17. That's a hell of a mileage progression... I'll probably have to incorporate it into my marathon training if I have any shot of running Chicago!

  18. When I rode centuries a few years ago I only ate banana powerbars during the ride, nothing else. Since you don't have the bouncing from running when you ride a bike they are easy to chew and swallow with a bit of water or Gatorade. During the summer I also used to freeze my Gatorade bottle the night before. I drank water first and by the time I was ready for Gatorage it was still chilled.

  19. That is a lot of miles. I am going to do 30 next weekend and I am worried about that and here you are jumping to 46! Wow! No wonder you were exhausted.

  20. Your "speed" workout - 4 minutes hard/3 minutes easy was like one I did today - 3 min hard/2 min easy. I liked it because 3 isn't too long, but I wished I was faster, too. I blame the heat.

  21. Great job on the ride! 46 miles is mondo impressive.

    For fueling, I generally eat right before going out on the bike. I manage pretty well on a full stomach on the bike (unlike on the run). For on the go food, I avoid Gu and gel as much as possible. My favorite snack is trailmix (peanuts, raisins, and your favorite - M&Ms). Otherwise, I'll carry a granola bar or two.

  22. So when did you start rockin the bike?? Is this a newly married woman's thing?? You are so strong! Take more M & M's next time, that's my advice!
    Lindsay, I need you to give me some major advice for NYC!!

  23. Congratutations for your bike workout Lindsay. I can see how you train and for me it is an extra motivation!

    I like your goals, don't forget you're special.

    See you. Good luck!

  24. Yeah, those pedals definitely are a pace slower. No upstroke with your awesome running quad muscles is totally sucky on the bike. Oh heck, what do I know...I don't bike. But nevertheless, you got out there and got in a great ride, girlfriend. Nothing wrong with that ... other than maybe gradually build into that long ride. Not that I use that tactic when running...I mean, I take a few months off and then go run 15 miles. Isn't that how it's done??? Haha. Ok, that burned a lot of calories anyway, right? Right!

    I'm rambling. Don't you love long comments? They rock!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, again! :)