Friday, September 24, 2010

entries to the nyc marathon

i had a great experience last year running the nyc marathon, but it is a tough one to get into with the lottery and qualification standards. there are still a few charity spots left for anyone who didn't get selected in the lottery or who would like to run nyc.

the fresh air fund is still looking for runners and sponsors to join their fresh air fund-racers team. you can sign up with them until 9/30; hurry, time is running out! i've mentioned the fresh air fund before - they are a worthy organzation with a great cause.

another organization with open spots is team continuum. they've even created a "crash training plan" in case you haven't quite been running all along. kind of a good idea, but kind of also a bad one! not that i've ever not-trained for a marathon before...

anyway check out either of those organizations to get involved and run nyc!

these are random, but thought i'd share in case anyone is interested:
  • 25% off zing bars - enter coupon code "amazing" at checkout (exp 9/27)
  • free shipping from macy' - promo code "X58B2Q8MBY1S" (exp 10/10)
i was emailed these coupon codes and am not being paid or perk'd to share them; simply sharing.

i also have a coupon code for a csn stores discount but then i checked the exclusions page... wow. so what exactly does that leave to buy? should you find something that works - use "80112912388" for 20% off one item, or "BE112912389" for $25 off a $100 order.


  1. Oooh, thanks for the zing bars tip. My mom is wheat-free so I like to experiment with yummy gf stuff for her.

  2. Ooh, free shipping from Macy's...gracias!!

  3. I think Team for Kids - the NYRR Foundation charity running group also still has a few spots open. It's great for people who live in NYC especially because they provide SO much support! Both for training and fundraising.

  4. Sweet! I just won Kovas CSN gift card...double score!!

    Which reminds me, I got the email for the fresh air fund - opps.

  5. Seeing all these NYC posts is killing me! I think I'm going to throw my name in the lottery...

  6. Hey, have a great weekend! It's gorgeous here.

  7. These are great tips! I have to say, though, the idea of a crash training plan for a marathon is a bit scary...I wonder if they're warning people that it's best to start with a certain base of running first?

  8. I really need to be more-deliberate going into the fall races which marathon I want to sign-up for... I would have loved to get in to NYC but since I didn't make the lottery I thought that that was the end of it.

    Also, thanks for the suggestions. Products that I've not checked-out before.

    Have a great weekend, Lindsay!

  9. Don't know if I would ever run the NYC Marathon. I had to work in Manhattan for 5 years, and the buildings make me claustrophobic. Maybe if I experienced it differently like doing a marathon, I would love it. I think I will make that a nice long term goal - say 3 years or so. 2015 sounds like a good year to me. Thanks for the info on the charity thingies. Take care (Dork)! BTW, I am thinking of a new site called! lol

  10. I think NYC is on my bucket list, just not sure when. That is indeed a good cause--we have friends who bring a child to their house each summer from Fresh Air Fund.

  11. I love the idea of doing the race with a charity. Especially those races that are on your ultimate list! I was cehcking out team Continuum, so wish I could work it out this year, NYC would be awesome. I had seen their accelerated plan a few days ago, pretty cool for those minute crazies ;)

  12. I got excited about the CSN discount code, since i recently won a gift card for them. But yeah, the exclusions. Seriously? Why even have a discount code?