Monday, September 27, 2010

look mom, no running

you may have noticed a lack of running-jibber-jabber on here. it's a combination of nothing to talk about + minimal running.

week in review (9/13 - 9/19)
total miles: 21.30
time spent running: ~ 3 hrs 44 mins
avg pace: slow/as molasses
off days: 3
  • a slow 5-miler where i almost crapped my pants
  • a slow 7 on the golf course
  • another 6 on the golf course
  • an incredibly slow 3-miles, and three hours later - a 23-mile bike ride

week in review (9/20 - 9/26)
total miles: 10.45
time spent running/walking: ~ 1 hrs 56 mins
avg pace: slower/than molasses
off days: 4
  • a hot lunchtime 4
  • a boredom-induced mile walk at work
  • another 2-mile walk later in that same day
  • a rainy afternoon 3

see, nothing to write home about.

about those september goals...
  • lift 8 times (3x; improvement!)
  • do core at least 12 times (7x)
  • do yoga 4 times (3x)
  • go for 3 bike rides (3x outdoors for 89.5 miles + 1 trainer ride)
  • do 5 speed workouts (1x)
  • run 10+ miles 7 times (per training plan) (2x)
  • run 150 miles (94.10, not looking too good)
  • get my sleepy butt back in a morning-run routine (does 7am count as early?)
it kinda seems like a cop out, but i'm favoring rest over mileage until i "feel normal" again. i haven't slept well since june; sleeping through the night about once/week. so, when i don't wake up for a morning run/workout i can't be too upset - i obviously need the rest. i have prescription sleepy pills, but i'm trying to not use them. i've been feeling easily and overly fatigued when working out, and had a bit of a panic attack one night worrying that i'll die from not-sleeping. even though i don't get enough sleep, i'm still not tired during the day - not even during boring work meetings. yes, i went to have bloodwork done; no, nothing came up abnormal.


  1. 7am counts as early in my book. I think you are doing the best thing and listening to your body. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. I think waiting to feel normal is a GOOD thing and that you should wait as long as need be. This is your health!

  3. i think it's sooooooooo smart to be waiting until you feel normal! i wish i had that sensibility sometimes haha!

  4. that is def not a cop out. sleep always comes first in my book. it seriously affects everything. i hope you feel better soon- that is the #1 priority.

  5. You're doing the right thing by letting yourself rest. The lack of sleep would be killing me! Even if you feel okay during the day, it must be so frustrating.

    Still hoping you figure out what is up and getting better soon.

  6. I do hope you get the sleeping thing figured out.
    The fact you are able to chase such well balanced goals is admirable.

  7. Yeah. I hit 10 miles last week. But I have an excuse - I'm lazy!!!

    Hey - you had been hitting it hot and hard for several months with a great effort in Boston. How can you top that? A little time off is good for the psyche.

  8. Hello Lindsay ..!! I see that you are a authentic lover of the running and in addition you have a few magnificients races times..!!It's alright..!!
    Also, as you say, certainly that is very important to rest and to sleep correctly to recover our organism of the demanding sport that we practise, but I agree with you in whom the sleepy pills for sleep have to be always the last resource... That you have happy dreams and good trainings ..!!

    Regards from barcelona, Spain...!!

  9. Gahhhh. Not sleeping is miserable -- I'm so sorry. Take all the rest you need and listen to your body, otherwise running becomes a chore instead of the escape/joy it should be. Good luck figuring this weird non-sleep stuff out. I'll send you some sleepy rays...

  10. Not sleeping sucks!
    I get you about not wanting to take sleep meds, but maybe taking 1/2 dose for a while would help you to normalize your sleep? One of the tough things about not sleeping is that you get into a vicious cycle where you can't sleep, you worry about not sleeping, then you have even a harder time to sleep...
    As far as running goes, how about going after work for short easy runs, or during your lunch break? No expectation type runs. Or running with Josh or other people? Just some suggestions, sorry you have to go through this!

  11. Oh, Lindsay, you are doing just fine and this appears to be a case where one step backward will equal two steps forward in the future.

    The weather is cooling here, so I do hope that it's feeling nice in Virginia (right?)!

  12. I agree that if you haven't tried it yet, short, easy evening runs might actually help you sleep. In any case, running without sleep is great training for Ragnar!

  13. I'm so sorry that you're feeling fatigued and dealing with the sleep issues.....Please take care. And i hope you feel much better very, very soon. Till then, I think it's smart to back off the running :O

  14. Like many above have already mentioned: giving your body a rest is definitely the wisest decision you can make right now, especially as you have been struggeling for a while now. Clearly your body needs a rest! I am a big believer in listening to what your body is telling you!
    Just roll with it!

  15. UCK, girl! Well, if it's any consolation, my weight was up 2 lbs on weigh-in this at least you don't have that issue to contend with.

    I don't sleep well at all...and I AM tired at work all day but I do think our bodies need the rest otherwise they'll crap out on us right in the middle of a nice, long run. And I don't want you (or me) stuck 10 miles from home and not able to get back. So rest up and run when ou feel good and hopefully soon all this yucky stuff will go away and you'll be back on the road flying with your 6min/miles soon! Everytime I think of you running, I think of that 6:05 mile race you did and I'm just in awe. You'll get there again soon!! :)

  16. I hope you figure out what is going on. Not knowing is hard. I wouldn't worry about the running. Do what you feel you can and no more. That is neat about running on a golf course. I think I would like that. Is the course not open when you are on it? The 23 mile bike ride sounds the best. I don't blame you for not wanting to take sleeping pills but could they break the no sleep cycle? Good luck!

  17. It sounds like rest is definitely what your body needs right now. I haven't been sleeping well for a while now, so I can certainly relate to your sleep-related woes! I hope things start to get better soon! Keep taking care of yourself :)

  18. Lack of sleep can wreak havoc on your body...take the rest that you need and when you feel like you again you'll be good to go!

  19. Hang in there LIndsay, this too shall pass! Lack of sleep and rest is tough on the body and brain. Nice job listening to your body and trying to be patient.
    Positive thoughts and hugs are being sent your way immediately...
    I don't like to take meds so I just let these phases pass and they always do but it isn't easy. Hugs.

  20. Frustrating to say the least! But, you're body is enjoying the rest. Let it ride-we have time!

  21. Listen to your body... It takes a lot of patience, but it's going to be worth it in the end...

    You have to tell me all about the The Keys Ragnar. My team was talking about it, but was very unsure, about how this is going to play out, since there is just one road going down there and it's basically a major highway and no shade/ shoulder to speak of. It's going to be interesting to see, how you and your team liked it and maybe, just maybe it can become a contender for 2012! ;-)

  22. Hey Lindsay, Sorry you're going through all this. Not sleeping is awful and has strange effects on the body and the mind. The only thing that helps straighten out my sleeping pattern is avoiding anything with sugar and caffeine after about noon. Anyway, don't give up and don't beat yourself up either. You'll figure this out. I'm sending you many positive thoughts your way. Take care!

  23. BTW, about your question on my blog. I run 4 or 5 days a weeks. The 5th day is usually a 2nd recovery run. During down weeks, I still run the same number of days, I just reduce the mileage. I could probably do more, but I'm not sure I want to or can commit much more time to running (work keeps me too busy).

  24. We all need downtime once in awhile. And hey, you still have a couple days left in September to spend lifting and doing core.

  25. So you are resting for awhile, so what. Stop beating yourself up, just enjoy it. Really, get your mind off running for awhile. Don't keep telling yourself that you have to run. In six months you won't be looking back thinking "Damn, why didn't I run that extra week at the end of September?"

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  27. You should start running more now that the weather is cooler. Running cures a lot of woes.