Friday, October 1, 2010

moonin' my honey: early morning swim

i really can't believe these have taken two months; are you bored yet? i think i left off with saturday's polynesian dinner and show.

the strong wind woke us up early (6am) sunday morning rustling the palm-leaves of our roof and josh randomly happened to look outside to find that my lounge chair had been blown off the lower deck. it must have just happened as the chair wasn't too far away. josh jumped in and swam after it.

the tiny black speck is josh swimming; the larger blob is my lounge.
somehow the neighbor's chairs didn't get blown away.

since we were up (and josh had already gotten a little workout in) we went to an early breakfast. afterwards i was feeling nauseous and gross so i went back to bed. when i woke up again, we relaxed around the bungalow with more snorkeling. we hit up rotui for a healthy late lunch of mango sorbet. i loved my tropical mangos on this trip.

my snorkeling treasure.
(you might recognize this photo)
after our regular afternoon coffee, we caught the sunset (it was 'winter', afterall) from the pier and then watched the moonrise over another crepe dinner with our new friends chef claude and vanessa (the bartender).

sunset from the bungalow pier
my new buddy claude
claude told us how he ended up on the island of moorea. he used to live in eastern france and worked as a shoe factory manager, but then the factory executives decided to relocate the business to another country (germany? can't remember). claude was offered his same position, but he thought if he has to move anyway why not move somewhere he wants to go. he and his wife decided to move to moorea, even though the job market is obviously scarce on the small island. he got a job at the hilton (with no prior formal cooking experience!) and learned how to make crepes. i immediately tried to convince josh that we should be adventurous like that... still working on it.

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  1. The snorkeling photo is great, especially seeing the de-fatso'd version. What did you find, a seashell?
    Well, the best part about gradually sharing all of these pics and stories is that you'll have stronger memories of the trip.

  2. They know how to live! I love that story. I love crepes as well.

  3. I thought you were gong to say you were trying to convince Claude to come back to the US and make crepes for you. haha. That'd help the diet for sure! Anyhoo, love those pictures...I'm still onboard for moving there in the spring when it's allergy season for our training!!

    And how do you make those cute little borders around your pictures? I'm so blog retarded!!!

    Happy weekend. Eat well ;)

  4. i love claude even though i don't know him at all. is that weird?!

    love the snorkeling picture too. i've never been before but it sounds fantastic. especially in moorea

  5. How sweet of your hubby swimming after the lounge chair!!
    Cool pics-fantastic scenery, both above and below the water I'm sure!

  6. I'm all for people doing the adventurous thing and moving someplace exotic (as long as it's not me).

  7. hooray! another paradise post :)

    it makes me think about what i want to do on my honeymoon. if i ever get there :)

    love that snorkely picture of you!!!

  8. i hope to one day be as adventurous as claude and drop everything and move to a tropical island and make crepes!

  9. Thank you for relinking to those cookies and reminding me what I need to spend my time baking this weekend. Oats, banana, chocolate = FAVORITE FOODS.

    Also -- moving to paradise and making crepes? Doesn't sound like such a bad way to live...

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  11. love that story - gah i wish i could do something like that :)

  12. Living through you never gets old, can't wait for your next vacation.

  13. There are times I'd love to pack up and do something like that!

  14. Heavenly! I've often dreamed of just taking off and heading for some island to wait tables and chill...mmmmangoes...crepes!

  15. You are such a cutie, I love that snorkeling picture. Still, my favorite wedding/h.moon/event picture is the one with you sticking your tongue out. I'll never forget that one!
    I really want to take a vacation right now, thanks for the motivation :) !

  16. It looks like you had fun snorkeling! I went on our last cruise and liked it, even though it was hard to get used to breathing while underwater. Hope you have a fun time!

    Amy Lauren

  17. Your pics are AMAZING, gorgeous gorgeous!!

  18. I think I should be more like Claude. My life could definitely handle a little move o a tropical island paradise...

  19. Lindsay, well done. I know I've said it in the past, but you're honeymoon just looks awesome; almost dream-like.

    If you have a Flickr set available I would love to explore, though I know some people want to keep the batch private.

    Sorry, I've been so out of contact again this week!

  20. Wow. Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing.

    I had a chance to be a Claude when I wasyoung. Could've would'e should've......

  21. Nope, not tired yet....keep the pics coming....

  22. Wow, that is an adventurous thing to do. You would do that? Just up and move to an island and hope to get a job there?

    I think I actually did some things like that when I was younger and before I had kids. Now I tend to enjoy the "boring" stability. (at least the perception of it..ha..ha is anything really stable?)

    Cute snorkeling shots and absolutely AWESOME sunsets and moonrise shots.

  23. It takes quite some guts to just pack your stuff and move to an island... I don't think I would have something like that in me. I am just to much of a planner personality and that approach to life would probably make me nuts! ;-)

  24. I am thinking that Claude and his wife might have been on to something!



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