Monday, October 4, 2010

september 2010

week in review (9/27 - 10/3)
total miles: 21.40
time spent running: ~ 3 hrs 37 mins
avg pace: 10:22 (includes walking)
off days: 2
  • lunch-time 3.4mi, with 1mi 'tempo'
  • evening 4.1mi, easy
  • evening 3.75mi, with 1.5mi 'tempo' before having to walk with clenched-cheeks
  • evening 5k run/walk with sisters
  • mid-morning "long" run 7mi, easy

september 2010
total mileage: 101.60
time spent running: 16:35:09
days off: 13
abs/yoga: 7 ab workouts/3 yoga sessions
avg temp: 77.67*

september goals: whale fail
  • lift 8 times (4x)
  • do core at least 12 times (7x)
  • do yoga 4 times (3x; close...)
  • go for 3 bike rides (3x + 1 trainer ride)
  • do 5 speed workouts (3x)
  • run 10+ miles 7 times (per training plan) (3x)
  • run 150 miles (101.6)
  • get my sleepy butt back in a morning-run routine with at least 6 early morning runs (0.5x)

during my time in kentucky, i heard a good bit about the world equestrian games since they were being held in lexington this year. they're going on right now and i actually watched some this weekend. so... it's like the olympics for horses? i saw some of the "dressage - grand prix freestyle" competition. it was about as exciting as floor routines in gymnastics; "(horse's name) shows lovely bend and flexion and elasticity in his body" - the announcers sure set the mood. i did learn that there's an "endurance" competition where the horses race 100 miles. i wonder if the jockeys consider themselves endurance athletes like nascar drivers do?

from the weg website


  1. Horse gymnastics? Weird!

    Nice stats for September! You're getting out there.

    But you need to add a stat for M&M's consumed. ;)

  2. whale fail? maybe you didn't hit what you targeted but i still think you had a great month :)

  3. Well Tony Kanaan of the Indy League is a triathlete, so maybe the Nascar guys are too. Whale fail? Like it.

  4. C'mon. Whale fail? Pleeease.

    See, I avoid whale fails by neglecting to make lists of goals in the first place. By keeping my standards low to non-existent, I can be supremely pleased with myself every time I accomplish the unforeseen! It's a great trick. Har har har.

    Really though. Nice September stats and as always, I admire and envy all your ambition.

  5. And I was so excited over my "near" 40 miles of running for the month!
    Nice job on the numbers!

    Since Jeff and I are Nascar fans, I have to comment! Try driving, continuously turning left, at an average speed of 150+ mph for 3-4 hours straight. Plus it's usually over 100 degrees in the car and they tend to lose 10-15lbs per race during the really hot weather. They truly are athletes and I wouldn't trade 'em jobs for a million bucks.

  6. Your whale fail is still more running miles than I have ever managed in a month. I have to fill mine in with walking just to come close!

  7. I think "whale fail" is a bit extreme. It's not like you had any goose-eggs on your goal list.

    Tempo runs with "clenched-cheeks" suck! We've all been there.

  8. LOL at Whale Fail. think you had a great month.

  9. I went to ice dancing in Vancouver, sounds about as exciting! :) I never manage to get the strength in and I desperately need it.

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  11. I bet a human could beat a horse over 100 miles.

  12. Sounds like a great month to me! 100 miles for the month is my idea of success. :)

  13. Great job for the month of September! Keep it up Lindsey!

    Thanks for your comments and support regarding my marathon:) Hugs!

  14. Yeah, dressage is fairly dull. I kinda like jumping, though. Although, if I really think about it, that's dull, too.

    Nice month!

  15. Nice September, no really.
    My goals include catching up on your hyper frequent blogs.

    Dude, what is with the frequent references to poop?
    I've considered maintaining a little sign, perhaps outside the bathroom. Along the lines of those "Days since last factory accident" signs. Like, "Days since last crapped pants." But, who would really want to know that?

    Hmmm, maybe it's just yet another column for my training log.