Tuesday, November 9, 2010

bike 'n hike (and run)

week in review (11/1 - 11/7)
total miles: 19.70 (pathetic running-wise)
time spent running: ~ 2 hrs 23 mins
avg pace: 8:48
off days: 4 (!!!)
  • mon: yoga
  • tue: easy 4.3mi
  • wed: 6mi w/ 4mi tempo (a bit off goal pace), had to use inhaler
  • thu: weights and abs
  • fri: easy 6mi, had to use inhaler 3 times
  • sat: spectated xc meet; biked 30mi
  • sun: went hiking up mt. vesuvius; 3.4mi
i'm aware this is no big deal to a lot of you, but it was a hard hike!

while i'm doing decently at my 30-minute rule, i still need to step it up a bit and run more mileage. this week i chose to tell myself that the bike ride could count for another 10 miles into the total.

because i don't have much to say about the workouts (other than maybe using my inhalers too many times) - here are some pictures from the bike ride and hike:

gotta love iphone camera quality

typical country road, makes for a nice quiet ride

hiking falls creek falls (jones gap)

at one point, the trail forks - you can go left (flatness)

or you can go right, and climb up a wall
we went this way of course

yes i know, my shoes need to invite my pants down to the party
(shirt from patrick!)

falls creek falls, about 100ft high per the trail map

view from the waterfall


  1. Like the hiking pictures! Any hike with an uphill is hard as far as I'm concerned!

  2. "My shoes need to invite my pants down to the party!" LOL!! Yeah, I'm not really jealous. You might have beautiful trails and paths and waterfalls but I have a treadmill that faces a little kitchenette so there! Nice work on the workouts!

  3. beautiful pictures! and hills are no joke. sure i have them all around me buttttt hill = no fun. no matter how much you train on them or see them!

    great week

  4. Vesuvius....isn't that in Greece? Your mileage wasn't huge, but your average pace is looking good and the bike really does make up for running....especially if you're riding uphill. How else does Lance Armstrong run sub 3 hours in his first marathon? Don't say "EPO".

  5. Cool hiking pics. Only you and my husband hike in jeans...
    I hear that hiking is great for building endurance. And yoga? Do tell! I tried a few times but could not do it..

  6. Haha "my shoes need to invite my pants..." Too funny!

  7. Solid week! Coming from a mainly running only background, how are you adjusting to the different types of cross training (biking, hiking, etc)?? Do you like it better, the same, not as much??

    Love the pictures of the hike especially the floods picture :)

  8. I enjoy that this place is called "Falls Creek Falls."

    Once the season changes, you can tell people, "I hiked Falls Creek Falls last fall." Bahahaha!

    Average pace seems to be steadily making it's way down -- that's something to celebrate! All the inhaler use sounds frustrating - wonder what's going on?

  9. Hahah, the pants to shoes party comment cracked me up. At least you have jeans that fit, unlike myself.

    How's the sugar-free month going?

  10. Beautiful hiking pictures! I am hoping to get out there this weekend for some hiking, it's been too long but it's one of my favourite things :)

    And hey, you're getting some good cross-training in so I wouldn't be too worried about the "low" mileage (says the girl who hasn't ran in 6 weeks!!)

  11. It's funny how we look at stuff, you did something physical every day and yet you feel there is nothing to say! Don't be so tough on yourself, that's for us! ha

  12. I agree with TNTCoach-don't be so hard on yourself! You're still doing stuff that others only dream about! Some never make it off the couch!

  13. You change your bike for your trainers!! Or maybe you're practicing photograher?

    Good pictures and landscape!

    See you

  14. I should incorporate the 30 minute rule into my life! 19 miles is more than I've ran this entire month! So, in my book, you still rock. :)

  15. Any running patheticness (?) is forgiven by the hiking photos.

  16. Nice hike! Jones Gap is so beautiful, I really have to put that back on the list for hike to do this fall/winter. Have you ever done Rainbow Falls there? Very pretty as well.

  17. What a gorgeous fall you've got on your hands! In Texas our trees just turn brown...

    I liked your line about shoes inviting your pants down to the party; you're very witty.

    Again, if you want any help embedding your Garmin information I'd love to take you through the steps!

    Hope you're doing okay!

  18. Beautiful! I love hiking to waterfalls. We try to go as much as possible. Waterfall season is almost here (for us in ca)!

  19. gorgeous photos!!!! i love fall hiking. i feel like i'm out there just looking at your pictures :)

    have you ever been to vermont??

  20. Oh my goodness, what a gorgous day! I love the waterfalls! Seeing these pictures makes me want to get out there and go for a nice hike:)

    Happy Wednesday Lady!

  21. Oh crap....I mean gorgeous:) See what happens when I type freaking fast and don't edit!!!


  22. Even if you aren't running much, this is hardly a slacker week!

    Pics look great! lol at the pants/shoe comment.

  23. Beautiful pictures! It must be so nice to be able to access such gorgeous places :) In other news, I want your average pace!

  24. I'm surprised you didn't eek out those extra .3 on the run. I guess 20 miles would still be pathetic, but I think it's a good distance including your weekend activity.

    Where the hell do you people find these waterfalls? Our best local waterfalls (to my knowledge) are created by downspouts. Weak.

    And I would pay money for that view from the waterfall.

  25. "yes i know, my shoes need to invite my pants down to the party"

    My co-worker uses this line all the time! You crack me up!

    Great photos!

  26. I've come to right a wrong. The photos are awesome, especially the 5th one down. Definitely miss the fall colors here as well.

  27. Ha ha, I thought Bill was the only person who says "why don't you have a party and invite your pants down?" when I wear some of my running pants that have been through the dryer (I know, I know you are not supposed to dry them), one too many times.