Monday, November 29, 2010

is your house on fire, clark?

week in review (11/22 - 11/28)
total miles: 37.55
time spent running: ~ 4 hrs 57 min
avg pace: 8:58
off days: 1
  • mon: easy 5mi
  • tue: weights, yoga; 1mi in vibrams
  • wed: 3xmile at the track
  • thu: easy 3mi before dinner #1
  • fri: weights & abs; easy 3mi on xc course
  • sat: hike 3.5mi with the fam
  • sun: 12mi with tempo
boss let us leave work early on wednesday (because he wanted to leave), and i took advantage of the afternoon daylight for a medium-long run with speedwork. typically i am unfaithful to warm-up and cool-down miles so i made myself run to the middle school track (2.5 miles away) for mile repeats.

as i write this, i'm looking back on the last few times i did mile repeats, and i almost started feeling like i didn't run hard enough. i quickly reminded myself that i am still "rebuilding" and only recently started enjoying life without daily nausea.

anyway, the repeats went well. i haven't obsessed over the calculators to see what paces i should be aiming for so i set the bar low (out of fear/disbelief, i think). i surprised myself by putting together three strong miles and probably could have gone harder, but we'll "save that for next time".

wednesday (11/24) afternoon run: 9.5 miles, 1:20:27 w/ 3xmile (7:10, 7:05, 7:02), 67*

as for my thanksgiving weekend, here's a brief summary:
  • slept-in; short runs.
  • ate dinner #1 around 1pm.
  • watched a james bond movie.
  • went to my parent's for dinner #2; ate too much.
  • played a game of quelf.
  • slept til 10:30 on friday (yikes).
  • late-afternoon run.
  • went back to my parent's for dinner (too lazy to cook).
  • watched the new version of karate kid.
  • hiked saturday morning.
  • met up with bailey/irish (and wilson) for coffee!
  • went back to josh's house to watch the clemson/carolina game (tried to convince him it was a waste of time).
  • slept-in yet again sunday; late-morning long run.
  • raked *some* leaves.
  • hung christmas lights, blew a fuse clark griswold style.


  1. i like running to and from the track to get the warm up/down in. but i don't need much encouragement to run lots and lots and lots ;)

    sounds like it was a great mile repeat session. you totally have a strong base to go from the next time this workout crops up

    it also sounds like you had a great weekend. love double turkey dinners :)

  2. I have a feeling this is going to be a war of the NLCV lines!!!!

  3. Those repeats sound veeery promising! And yes (well the oven at least) was on fire...and we had the charred side dishes with raw interiors to prove it!

  4. I just Google'd this "Quelf" business. From the description, it sounds like Cranium's long-lost weirdo sibling, which means it must be pretty fun. Mile repeats are lookin' pretty niiice!

  5. Nice workouts! I'm trying to be a little more responsible with the warm-up, cool-down. I'm VERY impatient! WTH is quelf? We only know of UNO and Skipbo in this house. Oh yeah-and strip poker (texting edition) but we don't let the kids play yet-ha! Sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving!

  6. It sounds like you need a vacation from vacation like me. :)

    Am I allowed to give you crap for hanging up your Christmas lights now? Or is after Thanksgiving the appropriate time to hang them?

    Solid runs and workouts!

  7. um please explain quelf :)

    howd you like the run in your vibrams?

  8. I'm impressed I didn't see you ate any pie at T'giving :). Hahah, you're getting more comments on the word quelf than the blog itself. You need a post dedicated entirely to quelf!

  9. See I told you you should try out those chocoturds Lindsay. You will fly, but I still couldnt catch you even now. Looks like your training is tripling mine. I feel like such a slacker with my post marathon yucky yuck. lol. I did watch the new version of Karatee Kid and loved it. How but thaT KICK at the end. Whhoohaaah. So, did you do the tarp thing with the leaves? Just burn em'

  10. The holiday weekend was so perfect for sleeping the others, I haven't the slightest clue what quelf is. I'm going to have to go google now.

  11. That looks like a solid week of workouts... Nice job!

    I can understand not wanting to bike on Sunday... It takes a whole lot of gear to fend off the chill.

  12. My husband is putting up more Christmas lights as we speak! It is always interesting to see how many fuses you have to go through :) Great job on your pacing!

  13. I can't wait to watch more Christmas time movies! As soon as this semester is over (Dec 16th, ugh), I am all over it!

  14. Not a bad week at all, missy! So jealous of the long weekend. Sounds perfect... except for the leaves.

  15. great job on the workouts. I chuckled at your blog title...can't wait to watch this movie over the season...

  16. Great workouts! Sounds like a great weekend!

  17. Awesome runs last week. I am glad your boss let you go early...that is like the best thing ever!! Oh I slept in and ate way too much. Have a great Tuesday.

  18. you had a great week of running! nice job on your repeats too, those things just suck and you nailed them.

    sounds like a perfect thanksgiving weekend to me :)

  19. Hey girl! Sounds like you had a nice Thanksgiving:) I also got up late a few of my days off from work....loved it!!

    I would love to try running in the vibrams. I think I could do it:) I am not really ready for barefoot running yet.

    Have a fabulous week!

  20. Christmas Vacation! Always a must-see holiday film around the Nitmos home.

    P.S. The little lights aren't twinkling.

  21. If I was rich the first thing I would do is hire a cook!

  22. Having low expectations of speed work is a great way to get back into it. Being intimidated is not. Hit your paces, feel like you could go a little faster, then go a little faster next time. Rinse. Repeat.

    Soooooo, 5.5 weeks til Ragnar. Are you planning on coming with us? LOL. I think I have like 5 vans reserved right now at various places in Florida.

  23. Quelf? Now you have me googling...