Monday, November 22, 2010

let me google that for you

i have been envious of many of you for some time now, but i finally have random searches for my blog. for the longest time i had standard, boring, running/lindsay/kenyan related searches like "gu chomps" and "mile repeats". here are some folks i am sorry to have disappointed:
  • aren't u tired of chasing pretty
  • maternity giveaway 2/23/10
  • fat man doing a snow angel in a speedo
  • cret uro own fish baet - i'm not sure what language this is
  • lindsay eats after how many days
  • given choice between possible death and inconvenience - i think i'll take inconvenience.
  • crack cocaine crescent city florida susan - it doesn't sound like susan is in a very respectable career.
  • old sunbather wearing thong - a frequent topic here on ctk.
  • how is lsd on the streets if it's so hard to make - good question! i'll let you know once i get my lab going.

it appears i need to stop talking about my addiction to m&m's.

week in review (11/15 - 11/21)
total miles: 33.06
time spent running: ~ 5 hrs 1 min
avg pace: 9:10
off days: 2
  • mon: easy 4mi
  • tue: easy 6mi with josh
  • wed: insanity - plyo cardio circuit
  • thu: runmute 7mi
  • fri: bike 18mi, yoga & abs
  • sat: easy 10mi with josh
  • sun: 0.8mi in vibrams, 4mi easy in mizunos

photo from thursday's runmute

see jenn? not everything i run by is scenic. here we have some lovely kudzu, the south's finest landscaping. no it's not dying, just hibernating for the winter. this stuff is impossible to kill.


  1. Those are great!

    I look at my searches every once and a while and am usually surprised by some of them.

  2. lol it is great isn't it? :) i have some pretty terrible runs now that there is construction on some of my go-to routes. grrr.

  3. I have looked in my google reader, but obviously I am an idiot because I cannot find where I find those searches so I have never been able to figure out what people search to get to my blog. Add that to the list of things I know nothing about in blog world. Or real world. Nice mileage :). I think I ran 11. Total. That's just shredding the pounds off, let me tell you!!!!

    Have a great week, girl!!!

  4. OMG-I just laughed SO hard! I'm with Jill and have no idea how you check that. "Crack Cocaine Crescent City Florida Susan" TOO funny!!!

    Nice work on the workouts-you wear the Vibrams-eh!

    Nice try but still much more scenic-ha!

  5. hahaah i LOVE good google search terms. i haven't gotten a good one i'm hoping that today's the day hahah

  6. lol. love it. mine are mostly related to shin splints and knee problems. BORING.

  7. Yes, how do you do the searches? I'd love to do it for my blog!!!

  8. That is FUNNY! I don't have anything close to this ever coming up at my searches! ;-)

  9. Best rando searches I've seen in a while!

  10. Hilarious! Thanks for sharing those! And silly me thought the kudzu was scenic!

  11. Those are some doozies! Bahaha, love it. Definitely making up for all the standards.

    Awesome workouts!

  12. I haven't looked at my search strings for a while... I should do that. Although, sometimes it kind of scares me for humanity by some of them!

    My "runmute" is so much more boring... across the hall from my bedroom to my office! :-)

  13. Too funny - my fave is fat man doing a snow angel in a speedo! Mine are still boring.

  14. That is really funny! It seems when people find my blog via google they like naughty chubby chicks. hahahaha

  15. I love funny searches! You got a lot of drug related ones. Hmmm...

  16. Those are great search terms. Those truly crack me up when I see them. And how big is your following in Japan? Mine is huge somehow. USA, Canada, Japan.....really?

  17. Kudzu: the vine that swallowed the south... dun dun dun! I always picture kudzu as having a personal vendetta against us: "Are these humans carelessly throwing an exotic ornamental plant like me into their compost piles...? I'll show THEM." Total domination.

    Are you sure you aren't running a drug lab of some kind? Those searches are beginning to seem incriminating...

  18. lol! those are some ridiculous searches..i especially like the one about the fish...bait? i'm guessing? and poor susan...sounds like she could take a hint or two from this blog on living healthily!

  19. Maternity huh? haha- I am totally doing this- been working on it for a while but I have to get it posted!

  20. LOL. I think you should definitely continue to post about your addiction to m&m's. Those searches can only get more interesting and funnier! That's a good week's worth of running too!

  21. Ah, kudzu. You've gotta love a non-native invasive species!

    I love those search terms. Maybe some day I'll get to do a post like this. Looks like you had a great week in running, biking, and everything else! Way to go :)

  22. WOW. Those all top the best-ever random Google search for my own running blog, which was simply "butt massage." Thanks for sharing—those made me laugh!

  23. Hey we've got lovely kudzu up here in the north too! If it makes you feel better, some of my most looked at posts are the ones where I talkl about running topless. hee hee hee

  24. So funny! I get wacky searches on my blog, too.

  25. Pretty funny post! My fave has been something like: I just ran X miles, how many ice cream sundaes can I eat?