Monday, November 15, 2010

simple math

less cals; less sugars; more proteins

don't forget to enter the honeymilk giveaways! (see rules here) ends wednesday!

you can still get 50%-off the online shop with code "KENYANS". already cashed in on the deal? what did you think?


  1. simple math indeed. i bet the honeymilk is tastier too

  2. I really have to try this stuff now... Simple visualizations work wonders with my brain!

    If you decided to head out to Croft again, let me know.. Just in case you need a slow runner to slow you down! ;-)

    Both feet squishy? That's probably better than just one... It kind of feels unbalanced to just have one soaked foot! ;-)

  3. ahhh.....math and running don't mix well. You can see that from this post:

    And I used the coupon code and ordered two cases for the price of one. I will say that I am liking the acai-pom now after giving it a second shot.

  4. Can I get a bee hive too with that honey milk? I actually just made some honey milk. hahaha. really I did. Taste great.



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