Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 report card

allow me to fill your google readers with more posts about 2010 report cards and reflections. i'm sure we haven't quite seen enough of them yet. eventually i'll figure out my 2011 goals too, but i'm never on time with those.

first up - the goals of 2010. i feel a bit like i am tossing my dirty laundry into the washing machine and ridding myself of my not-quite-met 10 goals of 2010. i'm looking forward to a "clean slate" in a couple of days.

running/fitness goals B+
  1. run 3 marathons, for real this time. B-. again i only ran two (boston and kentucky) in the same week at that. i really had no excuse for not fitting a 3rd one in, other than the fact i was nauseous all year 'til september.
  2. pr in at least 3 distances. A+. granted, they were all automatic pr's in distances i had never raced before.
  3. do 5,000 12,000 abs and 120 150 minutes of planks. A++! setting a concrete goal really helped and i even had to up the anty halfway through the year. i exceeded on both counts (13,500 and 171).
  4. lose 15 pounds. trust me, i need to. whale fail. blub blub blub.
  5. beat my '09 miles (2025.10). B-. i failed, but at least i never got upset about it in july when i realized i would fall short. i'll end 2010 with 1500+ miles.

non-running goals A-
  1. get some stamps in my passport. A+. hello french poly. still working on convincing josh to move there.
  2. figure out how to plan my wedding and be a good maid-of-honor for my best friend's wedding. A+, if i do say so myself.
  3. pay off a solid chunk of the mortgage. A+. well i only did this for half the year, but i still paid off 10.52% in those 6 months.
  4. continue to spend quality time with friends/family. A? i guess. still suck at picking up the phone and talking, but i'm a good texter.
  5. renovate the master bathroom. another whale fail. did not even begin to attempt.

like the rest of society does with kids these days, i graded myself leniently. i did use red ink though, gasp! i can just feel my self-esteem decreasing!


  1. I"m a teacher. Why didn't I think of grading myself? I whale failed at losing weight. Still gaining!! i'm also not beating myself at not meeting my mileage goal. It couldn't be helped. I didn't remember that you did 2 marathons in the same week. That is amazing.

  2. b+/a- is a good score. yay. especially on the pay off part of mortgage! that's HUGE and must feel really really great

  3. I think you've got a pretty good GPA there! Running doesn't always go as planned, especially when you have health issues, so cut yourself a bit of slack there. And it looks to me like all of your life is in a good place--way to balance it all! Happy new year.

  4. I love the grading. It looks like you still qualify for AP running so don't let your self esteem get too low :)

  5. I should do planks. I like that goal. Overall you did well! Laughing at the whale fails though... :D

  6. Nice work!

    How much biking/cross training did you do? That should count towards your total running miles to some degree.

    10+% off your mortgage! Great job!

    I need to do my 2010 review still, so expect one tomorrow or next month - whenever I get around to it :)

  7. I give you an A+ for awesome blogging :)!!!

  8. I dont know, I'd say you got straight A's.

  9. Great job! I'd say you graded yourself pretty fairly. Not all items should have been weighted equally!

  10. 10.52% of the mortgage in 6 months? Holy pay off debt batman. The rest of society should take a cue from you. Damn that is impressive....not that the planks and miles and PRs and Marathons isn't but Wowzer. Great job.

  11. So I wasn't aware of your texting skills.....interesting...

    I highly doubt you need to lose 15 pounds! Nice work on the abs! Great job on the goals overall. My goals for 2010 went something like:

    Pay for at least 5 races that you don't run-A+++

    Break your hip and be a b*tch for 4 months A++++

    Go to the pool and run in place D-

    Happy New Year!

  12. Dude,
    If you paid off 10.52% of your mortgage you're friggin' rocking it!

    I LOVE that you set these goals and hold yourself accountable. This, as I've told you, is one of my weakest skills and I hope to become a lot more connected to the practice this coming year.

    Have a fantastic New Year's Eve!

  13. Wow those planks! Wow!!! I'd say you had an A+ year. I'm looking forward to watching you for 2011!!

  14. Hahaha I'm an excellent texter/emailer when it comes to staying in touch also ;)

    You nailed most of your goals though - especially the ab work + planks one!

  15. I'd say you have some good grades. :) When I was a kid my parents gave me something for every A I got. One year (4th grade) I got straight A's and got a nintendo. ONly thing was, I didn't have a t.v but my brothers did so they tried to convince me to share so we could all play nintendo. Instead, I used it as an oven and the controllers were my play phone...this really pissed them off.

    Love your blog. It has been too long since I've visited! Sorry for that...having a hard time keeping up.

  16. Can you send me your stomach and do an exchange for mine after all those planks and stuff. I need core exercise or something like that. lol. I love the whole whale fail thing. blub blub blub. lol. Congrats on the non running goals. I need more strength in the financial realm of things lol. Believe it or not, I did good at the losing weight thing. Up until AFTER the marathon and after Christmas (in NC no doubt, thank you collard greens with bacon crap and gravy mash potatoes, pecan pie, gravy, more gravy, it's in my blood stream now, sweet potato pie, mac and cheese casa roll out the door, need I go on) I did not think it was even possible to gain 10 pounds in one weekend. lol. Thank you NC. lol. So, here's to NOT making any goals in 2011. Just kidding. Is a plank cool if you are eating a donut at the same time? lol Take care and Happy New Years. Whether you are happy or not, it's still coming. lol.

  17. Looks like a good year to me. Even if the running was quite as expected, your non-running goals were all great!

  18. So about an A- average! Not bad! I know you've had a tough year in terms of health, but still, you accomplished a ton! Really! About the 15 lbs, I think that's a bit excessive. Why not say 5lbs and then reevaluate? You look great in all your pics! Have an awesome 2011!

  19. Good job on the report card in general and also that you followed up on your goals. I wasn't this brave this year!

    Have a great start into 2011!!!

  20. Having your bloggie weight-loss friend make you accountable for not failing: Whale Fail! Sending 5 lbs of pink M&M's after Boston certainly didn't help and well, I wasn't very motivating when all I could do was talk about my sucky heel. On the plus side, next week at work starts my Biggest Losesr at work for 12 weeks, you can certainly join us, virtually. It actually crossed my pea-brain for a microsecond that I could do something similar on the blog world...but I'm still manic from the gift exchange so organizing a massive weight loss challenge online would probably do me in. Anyway, just a thought if interested!

    I was angry when I realized my goal of 2010 miles in 2010 was never going to be reached ... but I know it would have been obtainable had the heel not decided to be bitchy so I'm at peace with it. Sometimes we have no control over these things. But you CAN control the husband and you just keep nagging him you need a house on the vast blue tropical ocean! :)

  21. Way to get in done in 2010! Thanks for being such a great blog buddy too! You didn't grade yourself, but youndeserve an A+ there too!

    Wishing you a healthy and prosperous New Year lindsay! Keep working on Josh. I need pot know I have a place to stay when I visit French Polynesia.

  22. Looks like a banner year to me! Just think this time next year, you'll be adding "learned just how much a kettlebell can kick my ass" to your posting!!!!

    We're giving our living room a makeover this next month or two-ugh, I hate painting!!!

  23. Great job in 2010!
    I suck at picking up the phone, too. What's up w/that?

    Happy new year!

  24. Yeah, I didn't tackle my master bathroom either!

  25. Oh Linds...I think you gotta cut yourself some slack on some of those running goals given the fact that you were on the DL for most of the year! Given all of that, you still did I give you an automatic upgrade in the report card by at least one letter grade! Holla!

    Happy New Year :)

  26. I like your report card format!! You made some goals, didn't make some and almost made some. I think you did a great job! Happy new year!

  27. Well I give you an A+ on your humoUr, wit and *cough* charm.

  28. B+ and A- are both very good grades! Congrats on a great year!

  29. I was a whale fail for the year pretty much so no worries. You had a great year. You forgot to grade yourself on talent- A+++ for that one! Oh and a pr is a pr is a pr!