Thursday, December 23, 2010


for the life of me, i will never understand why two similar runs can be so polar opposite.

well you know my name is simon
and i like to do drawerings.
i like to draw all day long
so come and do drawerings with me.
come and do drawerings with me!

this one guy used to say that alllll the time in studio. i was a landscape arch major before making the boring decision to switch to business (zzz). although i'd probably be unemployed right now if i was in the larch field...

guess i had to keep with my bi-polar theme by totally sidetracking there. back to the running...

yesterday i was plodding along, feeling pissed, upset and about to cry for no reason. i felt like i was running hard, but every glance down at my wrist showed i was barely hanging on to the low-9:00's. the pace definitely felt faster than it appeared.

yes, i decided to give myself clothes this time.
that is the new sugoi souchi tuke on my head,
a christmas present to myself.

today, my run-mute home from work felt slow and i figured i could blame it on the gusty wind (up to 20mph). however, garmin would tell me i was maintaining an 8:30-8:45 pace. what the heck? it felt slower than yesterday, yet somehow was faster. it's highly likely that my legs were just happy to not be at work. i also had to wear my glasses because i forgot my contacts; i haven't run in glasses since 7th grade, but luckily they didn't annoy me.

wednesday (12/22) pm run: 6.5 miles, 59:07 (avg pace 9:06), 55*
thursday (12/23) runmute: 7.5 miles, 1:05:30 (avg pace 8:44), 42*

(don't worry amber, i pre-drew these at work before runmuting home. typically getting out of work early + running = a good mood, so i was assuming i'd enjoy the run. the gamble paid off, i can use this drawering. yes i am aware it is supposed to be drawing.)


  1. gahhh my running had been so bi-polar lately too! i either have the greatest run of my life or the worst run on my life. no in betweens. blahhhh

  2. Next time I'm running I've got to remember the Yeah I'm not at work. Especially on the treadmill! But Tuesday I had an amazing workout on the treadmill. Go figure. Love your Christmas present to yourself. I am bad about that too.

  3. Please stick to the drawerings particularly if you're building the concept on company time. I'm sure you're putting in more than your share anyway. Um. I hope.
    A good reason to be bipolar is the perception that an ordinary run is going great, just because it's not going crappy.

  4. Hating running one day and loving it the next? Yup, sounds about right!

  5. Happens to me all the time. We all have good and bad days...Merry Christmas.
    P.S. Love the NC weather

  6. I was totally #2 picture today!!!

  7. Love the drawings!!

    Do you read Hyperbole and a Half?? She has similar drawings. If not, here is a good one to get you started

  8. I love it!
    Please tell me you are stealing post-its and finding any reason to use muti-colored highlighters and we are best friends. ;)

    In all seriousness: You run girl!

  9. Yippee! My boggie gift arrived today. Love IT! Thank you! Lovin' it, that i have one of your pieces of art work. SWEET! Love the towels, and the creativity. Thanks my friend!

    Merry Christmas!

    Yep, good days, bad days. Thank the Lord for the good ones.

  10. oh, you forgot my CD. I was totally expecting it to arrive in the mail.

  11. That's how I felt the last two days too - yesterday I felt like I was dying the whole way, today felt great. I even smiled at people as I was finishing and they were cleaning off their cars, looking at me, like "you freak! how can you be happy running in this shit?"

    Love the drawings. So that's the hat you just got!!

    I wore the orange and grey one today, it was about 18 out, and it kept me warm. Just case Josh gets it for you too ;-)

  12. Love the drawings..

    I know that when I think how "poorly" my run is going that it tends to be worse.. so I try to stay positive and it seems to help!

  13. Hey, did you know your right quad is slightly longer than your left? I wonder if that causes your bad days in the mix of good; it just gets tuckered out trying to be longer!?!? Just a thought!

    Um, I'd be super happy to get the heck out of the 10's so I officially hate you right now. Oh darn, tis the season and all, no hatred. I dislike you! :)

    I can't remember the link you sent me that night in chat to get a video going, do you have that by chance still? I think I had to reboot my computer and lost it.

    Nice hat to yourself - PINK!

  14. Never mind, gmail saved our chat - lookie at that, it is so smart!!

  15. You bipolar munchkin. I was actually into Arch but thought I would be unemployed to so now I am a driver. WTF. lol. That is the beauty of runs. They are, in essence, like a box of chocolates. You just never know what you are gonna get. Yes, I can mimic the voice too. lol Merry Christmas. Have you used up all the GU stuff yet? Have a Happy New Year

  16. Oh, I love the draWERings. Very cool. You have talent...

  17. Landscape architecture is so cool. I especially like the work you did in NY's Central Park. Happy holidays!

  18. ha ha! we call them Christmas balls and ornaments....that's what I meant. (going to edit now so that it's clear.) :) :) Thanks again!

  19. Your drawings do so much to add to the story... love them!

  20. Oh, girl, I am bi-polar every day! (did you mean in the psychiatric sense or the running sense? Ha ha ha...) LOVE the drawerings. Quality stick figures!

  21. LINDSAY, I'm LOVING your art, girl. It puts a smile on our faces(BS's face, too). "I want to draw just like Lindsay when I grow up, " I told him.

    I think running bi-polar is probably better for our bodies, don't you? If you always ran amped up and feeling strong, you'd never give your body a break. Call it a recovery run and move on, it'll be strong again soon!

  22. hey chica!
    Don't stress over the blah run...they make the great runs feel so much better! You will have a great run soon and wont even remember the blah! I hope you have an awesome holiday weekend!

  23. So here is what I noticed and maybe why your second run was better than your first.

    You grew hands!!!!! Yeah!!!!!

    Now if you grow feet your 3rd run is going to be even better. Just think about that.

  24. lmao, i absolutely love your drawings!! the sad one pretty much PERFECTLY illustrates my feelings on running like...half the time. and then other days it's all frolicking and ponies and happiness. who knows why?

  25. You are the best drawerer ever!!

    I hear you on the bi-polar runs. Sometimes I think my Garmin is drunk... or maybe it's me.

    And oh yeah, forgot to mention on your last post... thanks for the metric-style conversion, but we speak in "pounds". Weird, I know.