Thursday, December 2, 2010

everything's bigger in texas

whoops, wrong matty. but let's admire my mistake for a second...


a few weeks ago, i was emailing with my pal matty and casually tossed out an offer to guest blog. i appreciate his sense of humor and light sarcasm in his daily bloggings and thought cha-ching, free entertainment.

i don't entirely remember who found who first, but i did get a ton of wedding-planning ideas and inspiration from his beautiful wife, sara. it was weird-but-cool to find out two blogs i read are married; it's a small, blog-world!

so without further ado ...

I would like to say, “Thank you” to Ms. Lindsay for allowing me to post on her site today. In many ways, my writing on her blog is the equivalent to a coffee shop leaving a mason jar on the counter with a little sign reading, “pay if you can”, or a bank allowing people to enter and exit the vaults at will. She is trusting me to leave her establishment better than I found it and I hope to do so!

Lindsay has built a site that’s as much fun as it is scientific in that she has the innate ability to generate her own running stats from one week to the next, from the current season to the previous one, and from the make and model of what she was wearing this time this last year to what she’s wearing today. She makes a very compelling and confidence-boosting case for her being a runner, inspiring other runners, who go on to inspire other runners. I worry that I’m that JV to her varsity, the Jr. Bacon to her Quarter Pounder with cheese, the Hobbes to her Simba.

My name is Matt Bradford from the blog, Matty, Run, Run. Lindsay has been an amazing reader of mine since I started “following” her six months ago (mind you: not that kind of following, I live in Texas she in South Carolina), and so I asked her if I could, please, write a couple paragraphs for her blog allowing her to go that extra 30 minutes on a run, or to allow her that little extra time to kick off her heels and relax your feet as I woo you and your readers into a blissful running/meditative state.

If you were to ask me, “Matty, what are the themes of your blog”:
I would say, “Over at Matty, Run, Run, I’m a Scorpio and sometimes a Cancer (my birthday falls in that strange in between); I am in the midst of attempting to qualify for the Boston Marathon for my 18-34 age group, my PR is 3:13:52; my wife and I are getting ready to have our first baby in February and the woman who took our ultrasound said that our baby is already endowed with a “Texas-sized pen*s” (though we’re not sure how long that will last); I love music and running news; and my brother has a once weekly advice column where he answers everything from how not to be the “weird one” in your running group, to what to drink on your run.

If you were to ask me, “What makes you interesting and worthy of time on my blog reel?”:
I would say, “Define: Interesting. Is it the Dos Equis man? Or, is it the Old Spice guy? Or, is it this Russian man jumping onto cars and getting into fisticuffs?

I’m all three of these men rolled into one mildly handsome, often poorly put-together and unassuming package. Love me.

Again, I want to thank Lindsay for this fantastic opportunity to parade myself and therefore my blog in front of you all. I do hope you’ll stop by for just a bit and check out the wares. I hope that you have a fantastic week!
-Matty B.

matty's running his second marathon this weekend (he just ran his first in late october, typical nutty runner). go visit and wish him luck!


  1. Awewome post entry! And It's a real fact... Everything's bigger in texas. I love Texas blues too!!

    Good luck!

  2. Hilarious guest post! Hi Matty!

  3. Thanks for introducing a new "dude runner" to add into my reader! Good luck this weekend Matty!!!

  4. Totally heart Matty B! It makes my day when I see him on my blog. Thanks, is GREAT to know the little dude is going to be well-endowed! He needs to stop by Kovas' blog so he can get the little guy something to keep that warm!!

  5. nice to meet you matty! love the ultrasound comment :)

  6. great guest post! very funny :)

    whoa to a small blog world though!

  7. Loved the guest post...hilarious. Everything really is bigger in texas:)

    I am going to hold out to I we are really similar, cracked screens within a week of each other.

  8. Great sense of humor! Nice to meet you Matty!
    Best of luck at the marathon!

  9. Matty sounds pretty cool. I am even going to check out his blog. But isn't as if he is PIE or anything!

  10. Hey Matty....nice to have met you.

    And everything in Texas is bigger which is why the POTUS asked me to move here 3 years ago. Not sure why, but here I am in the Dallas area.

    Stop by the blog and if you are in the area let's run....

  11. Hey there, Lindsay and Matty! I'm Lindsay's Blogging BFF, LOL. I will check out your blog (although Lindsay may have to be honest with you and tell you that I've fallen out of the habit of reading blogs over the last few months, but the fact that I'm commenting on this the same day as everyone else, says I'm making a comeback.)

    Great guest post, and Lindsay, great idea to have a guest blogger.

  12. Great post, I'm going to go check out your blog now!

  13. Hey Lady,
    Fun post:) I have not yet been to Matty's blog but I am pretty sure that I have seen his comments floating around...will have to check out his blog later! He sounds pretty funny and we all need to laugh and smile:)

    Have a great one Lindsay!

  14. hey lindsay, are you running thunder road next weekend?

  15. Ah, one day I'll have a respectable shirtless photo. Until then. Photoshop.

  16. Matty always cracks me up..he is one of a kind. What a neat tribute to Matty, his wife, his peanut and his blog! Thanks, Lindsay
    Oh, and go clean your shower!

  17. Very funny! And I love an invitation to see another great blog :) . I didn't find out the gender for my 3 boys, but I can only imagine what the RN was thinking...ha ha!

    Lindsay- thanks for stopping by my blog today. I h o p e I don't have to do 18 miles on a TM to get ready for Boston. heh. I'll take it outdoors if I can too =D

  18. heh... that h o p e posted funny!