Wednesday, December 15, 2010

little full, lotta sap

sorry to disappoint, but my tree is not really covered in gu.

(in case you missed it - tree disclaimer here)

our tree has a bit of a ba-donk-a-donk.

i was going to make an ornament for every marathon i did.
so far i'm only behind by 7.

our cake toppers have been reincarnated into ornaments.

finisher "medal" from the 2008 paris mtn 20k

my mom gets us a few ornaments every year - usually tied to childhood memories.
this one was for all the gingerbread houses we used to make.

"my first house" ornament.

the other marathon-ornament i actually made - baltimore.

hop on my "christmas blog-meme", show off your favorite ornaments (or holiday decor)!


  1. I wanna play but we still have NOTHING up! The house is still in post-painting shambles. (hence no "after" photos. Not enough hours in the day...... bah.

    I love your ornaments! So cute. :)

  2. The Santa topper rocks! I was worried about your GU tree. Glad you have some ornaments!!

  3. Oooh, I'll have to take pics of my tree to post up, even though my tree has no @$$ whatsoever & would probably get even greener with envy if it ever saw the ba-donk-a-donk on yours.

  4. My wife collects Star Wars and Barbie Ornaments. Strange treefellows.

  5. Aw how fun! I might have to do that. What's really lame though is the I have a few of those hand painted ornaments that are supposed to be for couples with your names on them --- only mine say Beth and Lloyd. LOL! Sad.

  6. Love your ornaments. Ive been getting my children a new one every year. So far this year I havent found one.

  7. I thought runners covered their trees with medals? LOL!!

  8. I really like the tree... It's something so really look at and discover ornament by ornament.

    We have zip Chistmas decoration at the house... I am not big on decorating to start with, but since we'll be gone for over 2 weeks over the holidays, it's just didn't make sense in my book...

  9. I have a blank tree, Not much to show off! Best I can tell, it's going to stay that way, too!

    Look at how crafty and resourceful you are! You didn't need to shop for your secret blogger gift!!!

  10. I like your ba-donk-a-donk tree! Cool idea to make the cake topper into an ornament!

  11. So nice that your treetopeer celebrates the reason for the season, the birth of Santa.

    (Yes, stolen from the Simpsons.)

  12. Aww I'm loving the ba donk a donk tree!

  13. Pie- we are kindred spirits...I made yur tagline my FB quote of the day and then came over to read this. Two of a kind, I tell ya!

    As for being behind on the ornaments...I hardly believe it! ;)

  14. i showed off my tree last week but i love yours :) and the ornaments, glad you have something to put on the tree :)

    although i think a gu packet or two is appropriate hahah!

  15. Love the idea of home-made ornament for each of your marathons!
    I'm working on my "picture-filled" post right now!

  16. LOVE the ornaments and the Santa on top is AWESOME. I don't have a tree this year so I will just stare at yours when I get sad:)

  17. I think the "reject" mini-tree with it's badonkadonk is fantastic, and your ornaments are great. But how disappointing that your super-reflective cap is not, in fact, the tree topper! It had a lot of star power! Reconsider. :)

  18. Your ornaments are great. I love it when ornaments have meaning. We have one in my family that one of my grandfathers carved. He dated it, and we've had it since 1976. It's impressive because part of the carving is an egg with the insides blown out.

  19. Cute tree! We just got ours last night and so far we only have the lights on it. I think ours is a little smaller than yours. Personally, I think the small ones are super cute!

    I love the running theme to your tree!

  20. I can't wait to have my own place and get a Christmas tree! My shoebox apartment is much too small - though, I could probably fit a charlie brown tree in here ;)

  21. I'm with Marlene. I want to play but my ornaments are not out yet. I need a day off work to do stuff at home! I love your marathon ornaments. Good idea. Funny comment about your status of them!

  22. What amazing ornaments! Seriously, I don't think we have even three different ornaments. We just went to IKEA and got their bulk pack o' ornaments for, like, $5.

    Also, yes, I'm sure those other bloggers only found me through your site, that email I forwarded was just the first hard proof I had that you were the spark behind the click.

    You are awesome and I don't tell you enough. Thank you, Lindsay!

  23. Great ornaments! I may try that marathon one too!

  24. I liked the gu tree!! :)

    We got our tree up, but no outside lights.

  25. I like the marathon ornament idea, at least i'd only have to make 3.
    Know what I learned today? Paris Mountain does not appear to be in Paris.

  26. I love the "tree-butt" - it's so awesome! Your tree really was cute, in person.

    And by the way, I've been eating chocolate chip cookies that I've been nuking to make warm in the microwave, today, in your honor. Thought you'd be proud of me. Those were SOO good last week - Simply was the name, right?

    I think my favorite ornaments are the cake toppers.

  27. I love it! I liked the Gu Tree though too!

    Your idea of marathon ornaments is awesome! I just bought a Honolulu Marathon one at the expo.

    We lucked out and got our tree for free this year! That is what happens when you wait until the 19th to go to the tree lot. I'll post pictures as soon as it is decorated :)



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