Thursday, December 16, 2010

oh, firetruck!

look! more actual running-talk.

monday (12/13) pm "run": 4.05 miles, 41:47 (avg pace 10:19), 26*

the pace is incredibly skewed thanks to needing a pitstop. i had to squeeze the cheeks and shuffle for about a mile until i made it to the "woods" (two trees on the side of the road). i found a reason to like winter running.

you may not believe it, but i was selected for "art visions"--
a special art class for the 'gifted and talented' in elementary school.

why i can appreciate winter running:
less daylight. two trees on the side of the road can be considered "secluded".

downside to winter running:
pit stops are awfully cold on the cheeks.

tuesday (12/14) mid-day run: 6.15 miles, 50:22 (avg pace 8:11), 30* ("feels like" 18-22)

on monday night i decided i'd run during lunch tuesday. i was late for work because i forgot my running shoes and had to turn around. while working wandering around the building i discovered the locker room and shower (we just moved offices before thanksgiving). there is hope for my co-workers yet - i might not always smell like a gallon of bath and body works spray.

anyway. i went for a lunch run with 3-miles tempo. i am definitely better at tempo during daylight than in the evenings.

right around 1-mile i almost got hit by a firetruck turning into the fire station. all i could think about was how some people use "firetruck" as a substitute for a shorter version of the word. i also had the cold-weather runny-nose going on which i'm sure they found attractive.

yes there was a guy sprawled out in the back window like that.

i continued on, and after 2-miles i picked up the pace. about a quarter-mile into the tempo portion i glanced at garmin and saw i was running a 7:09. firetruck! yeah that was my mile repeat pace a few weeks ago, not sure i should start out a tempo run at the same speed. slowing down was not a problem though.

eventually i arrived back at work where i sort-of rinsed off in the newly discovered shower and dried off with the quality paper towels provided. i'm thinking my secret santa from jill's gift exchange could send a bottle of abercrombie or hollister perfume. i'll just pour it all over the floor of my cubicle like they do at the mall, everyone loves that subtle smell.


  1. HAHA!! Those pics are AWESOME!!

  2. Those pics are works of art my friend! You should have put copyrights on them! LMAO!!!!

    Glad you held it together til you made it to the bushes!

  3. Nice EMZ action on the run. Funny, the "art visions" group at our elementary school was the slower kids. Hmmmmm...

  4. i love your illustrations. they totally capture what you're describing perfectly!

    and i'm sure your co-workers would just adore your bloggy buddy if he/she sent you that hahah!

  5. I can't run during my lunch, because I smell so bad after my runs. I have to wait until after work. I wish we had showers at my work! Good job on the run!

  6. Holy crap girl...first you are all crafty with the ornaments and today you're all artsy with the drawings. I am totally thinking your blog buddy is in for a major treat!!! JEALOUS!

  7. It stinks reading this and knowing that my butt hurts, my knee hurts, I haven't been running "seriously" in over a walk and a half and I just ate two brownies with a chocolate sauce that was 1/2 butter.

    Thanks, Lindsay.

  8. a "squeeze the cheeks and shuffle run" that's funny!

    Love the art! True talent!

  9. Are those pics to scale?

    If so, you either have very small firetrucks and men by you or you are GI-NORMOUS.

    Way to hang in there though until those trees showed up. Hope that blue car didn't see you.

  10. And it never fails, the minute my body hits this cold weather, my bladder says "HELLO", I gotta pee!!

    In the words from Frank Zappa...don't eat that yellow snow!!

  11. AAhahahahaa! How many runners can relate to this post?! I have definitely had to dash into the woods on several occasions and have thanked god that it's winter and dark. That's definitely one upside to the dark winter running.

    Fab artwork. Darn those snooty gated neighborhoods.

  12. next picasso ;)

    you should buy baby wipes that are 'powder scented' or 'fresh scent'. i used it after my lunch run last week and i smelled amazing. much more conducive to an office environment than perfume :)

  13. Please tell me you did those illustrations at work.

    If so:
    "Did you ever know that your my hero.......!!!"

  14. Consider this a formal request for more illustrations with your blog posts. Very funny.

    Nice job on the tempo pace, speedy.

  15. Great runs! Those pics made my day!
    P.S. I am going to try a golf ball!!!

  16. You are a true artiste!! (that's artist in Canadian)

    Who needs trees when there are perfectly good snowbanks to deface?

  17. Those pictures made my day!

  18. Strong ass cheeks you got there. I can tell from your drawings.

    That and the 7:09 pace you can hit without dying ;)

  19. HILARIOUS! Especially the cold cheeks! Not that I have any idea what that feels like ... :)

  20. Definitely another great reason to love winter running!
    Beautiful artwork, by the way.

  21. My cheeks never get cold. Of course, if my tights were down to my ankles for a pitstop then maybe so :)

  22. Ah pit-stops in the woods. Don't you just love nature???? So are those drawings U did in Elementary????? HA

  23. very xkcd

    I was selected as a gifted writer in high school...yeah right!

  24. Lindsay, you are my new HEROE. Your art made me laugh out loud and it kind of reminded me of my students' artistic expressions. I can see why you were labeled GIFTED and Talented. I've always known that about you!
    I'm sorry your cheeks are cold. You should buy one of those running masks, they are the NEWEST "it" in running fashion.

  25. AHAH I love your illustrations! They are 100% awesome!

  26. More illustrations, please. That needs to be a regular feature.

    Maybe I'm the only person in the world who'd never heard of using firetruck for a shorter word that begins with f (fart, obviously)...I'll have to adopt this one.

  27. Love the pictures! You should enter the fire safety calendar contest!

  28. oh my God, you are drying off with paper towels? Girl, you make me laugh! But in such a good way, believe me.

    Love the drawings, they are almost as good as what I could draw on my own! (When you come in April, I'll show you just what an artiste I can really be...)

  29. Custom illustrations sure beat cheap intellectual content theft, er um, stealing pics off Google.
    They are funny pictures.

    I'd suggest not mentioning the shower anymore or it might not stay a secret.

    And I'd be hard pressed to put in the effort to substitute "firetruck" for the real thing.