Wednesday, December 8, 2010


brian of a runner's blog is looking for some feedback regarding running and online tools/community. i have no idea what for, but i know you are all looking for an excuse to slack off at work anyway.

you can visit his blog to give your input, or i've copied the questions here in case you're lazy and i'll forward them to him.

1) What online tools do you use now?
2) What online tools would you like that you don’t have access to now?
3) What is the biggest obstacle to your experience as a runner online?
4) With regards to running, what is your favorite type of content to view online?
5) With regards to running, what kind of content is missing online?
6) Do you have any other comments?


  1. Opinionated??? Time waster??? ;)

  2. I'm too lazy to even answer the questions, sorry.

  3. there is an amazining new social network called You should check it out :)

  4. Thanks for the shout out! The more opinions, the better.

  5. I'm lazy too and I found something else to slack off with........ I loved when my log would sync the weather report. I loved going back in the history just for the weather.

  6. I will visit his blog!