Monday, December 20, 2010

raise your 'ade

jillian laid out a challenge for this week's mbe to do a 2010 wrap-up in poem form and left the definition of "poem" wide open. since my original rap was a flop (only 27 views on youtube? not the viral takeoff i was expecting) i've taken a slightly different route this time.

disclaimer #1: i am well aware that i cannot sing, even though i was selected for an easter duet when i was 6 and a solo in the church play when i was 13. i attempted to doctor it as much as i could. please don't hold it against me.

disclaimer #2: i do not yet know how to upload to youtube without losing so much photo quality :(

in case you want to drown out my awful voice sing along:
right, right course turns right
i'm gonna lose my gu tonight
what's the dealio?

i love running so much
4am turn the radio up
time to rock and roll

morning running, makes me stunning
call me up if you are coming
don't be lazy
just get crazy
why so serious?

i raise my 'ade 'cause i ran long
and ran a 5k
all my marathons, they will never be never be
anything but loud
making me a dirty running freak
won't you come on and come on and
raise your 'ade
just come on and come on and
raise your 'ade

run run love to run
green valley 10-mi was blazing fun
wish i wasn't nauseous
can't stop chasing the clock
i "ran" boston t'was more like a walk
then ran kentucky

dizzy summer; 5k bummer
three runs one night, burned some blubber
not enough though
still have fluff so
need to get serious


oh crap my gatorade's empty...
that sucks.

so if you're too school for cool
and you run like a fool
you should choose to let it go
'cause i always, i just always
run long on my own

so raise your

so raise your 'ade if you ran long
or ran a 5k
all my running nerds, we will never be never be
anything but loud
and nitty gritty dirty running freaks

won't you come on and come on and
raise your 'ade
just come on and come on and
raise your 'ade

special thanks to my blogging buddies for participating; i hope i didn't let you down.

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disclaimer #3: they are all awesome and should not be penalized for associating themselves with my grammy-winning vocals. in case you didn't get it, they were all "raising" their {beverage of choice}.

amber - 1 life


  1. OMG- I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. This was BETTER than I expected.

    I expect to be your date to the Grammys. And they best not be seating us with a Simpson.

  2. OOOOOOMG that is so awesome!!!!!!!!!! everything! from the song/ poem to the video itself to including other bloggers. amazingness. i loved the scrapbook/photo album approach. BAM= you rock. way to go. you hit this out of the park.

  3. Oh- and not to get picky, but WHERE IS MY MARGARITA photo????

  4. Hey, look at me, my name's in print!!! :) I was dying laughing, and crying at the same time. Oh Boston and all our Boston issues getting there. But there we got and was an honor to meet you (why didn't we hang out more there??? 2012 for sure, ok??). The pick of you and Meg and I just brought back a flood of great weekend! This was a great video, Lindsay totally made my day!!! I MUST learn how to do a youtube video. Hey, don't judge - you know me well enough by now!! :)

  5. Loved this! It blew my crappy poem right out of the water. :) Well done.

  6. clearly your talents are wasted at your current job :) too funny!

  7. Ok that was seriously awesome and hilarious!!! I frigging love it!!!!!! If there were a prize you would totally win!

  8. I'm so upset with myself right now...

    Hanging my head and crying.

  9. LOVE it! haha i actually just found the original version of that song and have had it on nonstop ever since...and this version is even BETTER!!

  10. That was awesome! really great! loved the lyrics and great video too. very creative.

  11. Despite your attempts to sandbag, this is really entertaining!! What do you do for work? I hope it's something that makes use of your multiple creative/tech talents...

  12. That was cool, in a weird sick way.......... LOL

  13. AB-SO-LUTE-LY Loved it....that was awesome.

    Made me laugh out loud multiple times.

    This will definitely get more than 27 plays. Will have to promote it tomorrow on the blog and get the word out.

    I am thinking Grammy (that is what they give away for music right) or maybe Oscar is a video!

  14. AWESOME. this was a hoot and a holler to watch. i expect more videos from you in the future :)

  15. OMG you are a hoot! That was fantastic! That should get a nod for sure. Thanks for fitting in my last minute submission!!

  16. Maybe you CAN quit your day job! Lots of fun.

  17. And did this challenge have a big prize? You must have spent a lot of time on this. That is why you had to send your bloggy gift whatever you call sped up post! I am braind dead.

  18. The Grammy is on the way!! This is the best year in review video/poem/song EVER!! You rock Lindsay!

  19. That was pretty good. You are officially van #1 entertainment. I'm sending the rest of the team to this post to "get to know you" before they actually meet you. :P.

  20. Wowww just awesome!!
    Happy holidays!

  21. OMG!! I loved this!! What a great little video filled with awesome pictures from your running! You are so creative:)

    Hugs to you!

  22. Aw LOVE IT! Well done, Rockstar!!

  23. omg - hilarious and awesome!!!

  24. you are a nut! awesome songwriting/video.


    I'm so bummed I wasn't able to participate!!! You did a great job with it though!

  26. Well I thought your 40-mile week in the cold was pretty awesome, but yeah this trumps it a little. This video is bound to go viral (like more than 27 views).
    You've set yourself up for some pretty high expectations from Jill, I hope you can handle the pressure.

  27. Hello from Orlando!

    Love it, love it, love it! Found you via One Little Tri Girl. Seems we share some blogging buddies ~ The Redhead taught me about running when I first got started, One Little Tri Girl is my sweet, sweet friend, ajh and I can swap 'senior moments' - though she kicks my butt, and of course, The Ms. Jill in Colorado. I'm sure I missed someone. Just want to make sure there's a seat for me at the Grammys. :) :) :) ~ with all our buddies. GREAT JOB!

    So much fun!

  28. OMG! This is uh-ma-zing! Loves it!

  29. I love, love, LOVE that. Seriously. That totally made my day and has made me excited for my upcoming races (and Christmas, LOL).

    Amy Lauren

  30. Oh my God, Lindsay, where do you find the time to do all this and keep blogging almost every single day? That was awesome, i loved all the Boston pictures!!

  31. Loved it lindsay! The only problem is there way too much cold weather running going on there! Come join Meg and me in Southern California!

  32. Just catching up with posts and discovered this!

    LOVE IT!

    Hope you had a great Christmas and the snow is not keeping you from running too much! ;-)