Tuesday, December 21, 2010

secret santa

my run with jill secret santa gift is in the (priority) mail as of 12-o'something pm monday! get excited oh secret recipient of mine!

jill has lost some weight from the stress of
coordinating this gift exchange

normally i am tardier than tardy at giving gifts but i worked really hard to be a good blogger-santa and mail mine out on time.

want to see what i picked for my secret santa?

there was a $5 limit right? i sent an empty box, as the shipping was $5.95. so i'm gonna need you to pay-pal me $0.95 when you get a chance m'kay thanks.

just kidding. i sent my newly released cd with #1 hit "raise your 'ade". my agents and i are still tabling offers from a few record labels.

in the mean time... i'll just keep walking down to my mailbox every hour.


workout: lazy monday. copped-out. "i have a cold; i need to rest". blah.


  1. Ha ha! Jill is smokin' in a pink sort of slutty way...

    You are probably at the mailbox as I type this...Good luck with that record label!

  2. Oh I wish I had joined in on this but alas I'm a new blogger. Maybe next yr!

  3. Hahaha I am frantically checking my mailbox lately too because I ordered some new lulu running crops and I want to get my hands on them before I leave on vacation TOMORROW!

  4. hahah. i bet you can get lots of exercise walking to and from your mailbox! i got my gift today and i feel bad that i sent mine this morning. i was promised it'll get there before christmas but...i'm hoping that my bloggy buddy gets it in time!

  5. I blieve those mail box walks count as intervals. Record it!

  6. Ummm....agents? Plural??

    Shall we discuss? You have some splainnning to do!

  7. Can't wait to see what I'm getting. Oh wait, I already got a great gift.

  8. Hope is being delivered to my box with an autograph on it!


  9. That Jill is just getting hotter and hotter...
    Ha, I just mailed my SS Package on Saturday and I felt so guilty....hope it makes it to *()(*()&*&( on time!!

    I'm not sure about the tri stuff. I just need to swim and swim and swim to get stronger and use it as cross training for when I start running again. If I can swim a 1200m workout by February, I'll think about a little sprint tri near home. I didn't realize how much crap I'd need to invest in to do a measly little tri so that's a factor too!!
    Still gulping water...

  10. Do I get some sort of royalities since I'm in the video? I don't recall signing a wavier of any sorts. YAY - racing money. Oh wait, I don't race anymore. YAY - money to get an MRI on my heel so that I CAN someday race. :)

    I happen to know your gift is on the way so keep checking!!

    I thought about you a gazillion times today and I ran part of the Pikes Peak Marathon trail. I'm grateful I am alive!!

    My kids thought that video was awesome - they're even showing me how to do something similar (I do not have a la-ti-da Mac though so mine wil be lame) - I need to bribe them to get some music on it.

  11. Oh, and thank you, Jenn - I try my best to be slutty pink in every way!! :)

  12. I was feeling all tardy(ish) and embarrassed since I mailed mine out Saturday. Now I feel better.
    I do hope your agent(s) work you some nice deals as your video rocked hard!

  13. That's why I was lame and didn't get in on the secret santa action. It costs me $20 to send ANYTHING across the border! Merry Christmas, here's an envelope!

  14. Well your workout today is walking to the mailbox multiple times. YOu are totally not skipping it. I want royalties too so I can retire and race all over the world. Win big money so you can support all of us supporting role winners.

  15. Yes, the $5 dollar limit. Ha, ha, ha. I did mail my secret santa package, but I confess I still have to mail my last giveaway....oops!

  16. I love/hate waiting on the mailman.

    Pretty soon you are gonna be getting a record deal in your mailbox so watch out!!!

  17. Wow, Jill is looking great! :) Can't wait to get my secret santa gift. I'm also hoping my person that I sent a gift to, talks about it soon because it should have been there last week.

  18. You are hilarious! The whole pay pal thing made me laugh so hard! Hope you get your present soon! P.S. it was my bro-in-law taking the picture!

  19. Very funny! Jill looks like she could be the newest Victoria's Secret model:)

    I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas! Hugs to you!

  20. Believe me, living here in South Africa I know all about waiting for the mail to get here. I sit with a map of the USA when I read blogs so that I know who is where and what race is where. Have a wonderful Christmas!

  21. I missed this whole bloggy secret santa thing. Fail. Hope your gift arrives soon!

  22. How fun! Wish I could have done that!

  23. I hope he/she likes the gift!!

    I am very impressed with how quickly you sent it!



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