Monday, December 6, 2010

stats, race & goals

clearly i've been in a bit of a blogging slump, but i also couldn't compete with matty's guest post.

after three decent weeks in a row, it was time for a cutback. i didn't really want to, but i forced myself to run less (showcasing some of the maturity i gained in 2010, woot).

week in review (11/29 - 12/5):
total miles: 29.16
time spent running: ~ 4 hrs 42 min
avg pace: 9:53
off days: 2
  • mon: weights & abs; yoga
  • tue: 70min on the trainer watching "coach carter"
  • wed: easy 6mi; weights & abs
  • thu: easy 6mi
  • fri: easy 9mi w/ hrm, crappy*
  • sat: 5k with sister**
  • sun: easy 5mi

*friday i gave my heart rate monitor a second chance. back in the summer it was annoying to wear and frustrated me to see a high hr when i ran an easy pace (by feel). apparently it's still being frustrating. i ran slower than my typical easy pace to keep my hr from creeping up, but that made my legs ache so bad i cut the run short. i'm certain that had i not listened to the hrm, my legs would have felt fine and i would've had a better run. the hr-forced slow pace was a solid 30-40 seconds/mile slower than what typically feels like an easy pace to me.

race - reindeer run 5k

**a couple weeks ago my sister asked if i wanted to do a 5k with her. i said sure, as long as it did not take as long as last time. i was excited that she wanted to do another run, and tried very hard to not bore her with my running nerdiness. for the most part, we stuck to a 6-min run, 1-min walk and she pr'd by 10 minutes, even though she didn't know what a pr was :o)

christmas-lights update: josh replaced the fuse and re-hung the lights to prevent future fuse-blowage. now they all work except for these 4 strands, which worked fine previously. whatever.

december goals:
better late than never

  • 40-hours of exercise - i think 25-30 hrs has been the "norm" so 40 should make me stretch
  • 8 early morning runs - classified as any run started before 7am. seeing as how i've had 2 since july, this is definitely a stretch
  • 4 long runs - 10-15 miles
  • 3 tempo runs; 3 speed workouts
  • abs - 20x; yoga - 4x; weights - 8x
  • purchase all christmas presents before christmas this year - last year i gave a friend her present in february, or was it march?

guess i just cleared that writer's block with this wordy post. now you can go visit matty and perk him up after his dnf this weekend.


  1. Glad to be catching up with you again!

  2. good goals for december

    and it's nice that you ran with your sister again :-)

  3. I am scared of the heart rate monitor. My Garmin has one which I never used. I feel like it is going to mess with my head.
    Great goals! As far as getting Christmas presents on time...hmm, you are way ahead of me!

  4. Fun racing with your sister! Where are you big blow up Christmas decorations?

  5. Bummer about the HRM. Hope it works better for you next time.

  6. Glad to have you back. Must be that time of the year b/c I wasn't feeling very creative and now my mind's eye has posts for this week all planned out.

    Christmas lights and fuses blowing = total madness for me. I tend to stomp on them after a while and buy new ones. No patience for that stuff.

  7. You're such a good sister!!!!

    And I'm totally LOL at your xmas light situation. :P

  8. Lookin' good. Nice to see you taking a smart step back week and getting into the groove again. Now go to bed, so you can get up early :).

  9. That HRM thing sounds like it made for a frustrating run. As much as I adored my heart rate monitor, I was a little relieved when it finally died after eight years of faithful service. It definitely drove me a little batty when my HR wasn't where I thought it should be. Congrats to the sis on a PR! :)

  10. Love the specific goals!

    Oh and Xmas lights!

    One word


    Seriously it's the way forward!

  11. Hahahahaha I love the "purchase all Christmas gifts before Christmas" goal. That's a good one. I had such good intentions of finishing my shopping early this year and then whaddya know, December is upon us! Ugh!

  12. Great training week all days!!!
    As you say better late than never, great! I hope you get all your dec goals.

  13. Don't they have a Christmas in March thingy? Hey if you need any ideas, you can give away chocoturds. Ill ship as soon as I get them in production. Nice goals for Dec, and give your sister a break, then again, I don't know her like you do. lol. I have never ran with a HR. Do they work? I might be blowing up my Heart and not know it. hmmmm. Take care and Congrats on the win.

  14. finally youre back!

    you trying not to geek out with your sister reminded me of a conversation with my little brother who told me he started running around campus and i asked him what kind of shoe he was wearing and he said his skating shoes and i just gave him a lecture of why he should have real running shoes and his come back was....well you wear those stupid barefoot things so you cant really tell me what to wear....touche

  15. Ha - I gave up on Christmas lights years ago. They never all work at once!

  16. Oh how I long for a run longer than 1/2 mile!!
    All in due time.....
    PS/I can't wait to pull up a chair and listen to your running nerdiness!

  17. GOod luck with your December goals!

  18. We didn't even get our Christmas lights up this you're ahead of us! Glad your sister PR'd and good sis award goes to your for running with her!

  19. How nice to run with your sis! It's weird to see christmas lights that aren't snow/ice encrusted.
    FWIW I have the same experience with HRMs. Makes me think I'm gonna go into cardiac arrest but yet that's where I feel like I'm running easy.

  20. Great goals!!

    Congrats on getting your lights up/working. I declared the other day that quite honestly, I don't have the energy for lights this year... ugh. At the rate I'm going, I won't get them up until after Christmas.

  21. Clark, is your house on fire?

  22. That's exciting that your sister wants to do another race with you!

  23. You've expanded my vocab, 'run nerdiness' and 'fuse-blowage'.........HA

  24. Yay for another race with your sister! And congrats to her on the big PR. I remember the days of not knowing what that meant...

    See, I think your lights look more "natural" that way. What are the chances that ACTUAL icicles would form in a perfect line allll the way across the eavestrough?

  25. Awesome week of workouts and I LOVE your goals for December....I may just have to copy you:)
    Love that you got to run with your sis again.

    P.S. So glad we are sweet tooth twins:)

  26. Sooo... The big question is... Did you get up this morning??

    It was so crazy cold, I wouldn't blame you if not!

  27. Yayyy good job. HR monitors are just so weird, I don't find mine particularly useful except for calculating calorie burn.

  28. good luck in December. I dont even attempt xmas lights.

  29. I really love your December goals. Their not as rigid as a training plan, but still give you something to strive for. I may try something like that this month since I'm in desperate need of some motivation.

  30. Look at you, running so much you need a cutback! Back on the bandwagon!

    I wish my sister wanted to do a 5k. Nice job to your sister.

  31. december goals look great!! so fun you ran with your sister again :)

  32. Big time woot for maturity! Now that you're running slightly fewer miles and getting more cross-training in, do you feel any different? Better? I'm such a slacker with XT that I need someone else to tell me what it's like :P

  33. I love how you have your month planned....I could learn something here! It's good to see you back in the groove!

  34. I don't think it's fair to say that you're in a slump or that my post was something you couldn't "compete" with. I think you should have said that you needed the dust to settle from all the readers that I lost on your behalf before you posted again!

    I love your goals exercise at the beginning of the month. It's a wonderful re-focusing that I would like to make a part of my life.

    Also, lights look good. That Josh is a good fuse-replacer!

    Hope you're having a great Wednesday morning.

  35. couldn't resist the $99.00 Garmin 305 last wk so I updated mine and now I have the HR monitor again (mine had died). So 2011, I would REALLY love to know how to train by HR. Any good tips?

    Loved the part about your sister. My sister is very familiar with what a PR is because I blab, blab, blab about running. (not because she's ever run a race)

  36. haha! love your goals. i purchased x-mas gifts in november, and i feel very, very strange, because normally i give those out in spring, haha!